How the Qur'an Was Revealed and Compiled 1

How the Qur’an Was Revealed and Compiled

The fol­low­ing is a video lec­ture made by Hamza Yusof on July 14th, 1997 and in coöper­a­tion with Alham­bra Pro­duc­tions. The top­ic of the his­to­ry of the Qur’an and its com­pi­la­tion, and forms as part of a Foun­da­tions of Islam” series of lec­tures. Hamza Yusof gave a good his­tor­i­cal back­ground of the Qur’an, its his­to­ry and how it was Revealed in stages to the Prophet Muham­mad(P), its com­pi­la­tion after the pass­ing of the Prophet(P) as well as demon­strat­ing the tex­tu­al integri­ty of the Qur’an — as opposed to the tex­tu­al frailty of the Judeo-Chris­t­ian text which stands on shaky ground.

Also of inter­est is the Ques­tion & Answer ses­sion towards the end of this lec­ture which we hope our read­ers will find beneficial.Endmark

This video is host­ed on YouTube.
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