Response To "Muhammad as Al-Amin (the Trustworthy): How His Enemies Really Viewed Him" And The Christian Missionaries 2

Response To Muham­mad as Al-Amin (the Trust­wor­thy): How His Ene­mies Real­ly Viewed Him” And The Chris­t­ian Missionaries

It has become a habit for some to pub­lish respons­es to any paper deal­ing with the issue of Islam, its truth­ful­ness and the false­hood of oth­er reli­gions. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true of the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies as such peo­ple do not care whether they pro­vide an effi­cient respons­es or not ; all they care about is to respond, regard­less of the out­come. Is this reac­tion an idi­ot­ic one ? Well, we can­not claim that it is a stu­pid strat­e­gy ; because it is always use­ful to show your fol­low­ers that you are able to respond and speak loud­ly, drown­ing oth­er voic­es. The psy­cho­log­i­cal fac­tor is after all always impor­tant here. But what is glar­ing indeed are the con­tent of such respons­es” because the writer tries to show that he is com­pe­tent in the field when in actu­al fact he is total­ly unqualified.

mercy to all the worlds

In Praise of Muham­mad, the Mer­cy to All the Worlds

The Prophet Muham­mad, peace be upon him, was born into this world on April 9th, 570, Chris­t­ian era in the lunar month of Rabi’a al-Aww­al. His father, Abdal­lah died dur­ing his mother’s preg­nan­cy. And for the first four years he was raised in the rel­a­tive puri­ty of the desert by a Bedouin woman named Hal­imah. After which he returned to his moth­er, Ami­nah. But in his sev­enth year, his moth­er died leav­ing him in the care of his grand­fa­ther. At the age of twen­ty-five, he was employed as a com­mer­cial agent by Lady Khadi­jah, a suc­cess­ful wid­ow from his own clan. She soon rec­og­nized his hon­esty and good nature and pro­posed mar­riage. Although fif­teen years younger than she was, he accept­ed her pro­pos­al, and fathered six of his sev­en chil­dren with her.

A Rational Approach to the Prophethood of Muhammad 3

A Ratio­nal Approach to the Prophet­hood of Muhammad

It is gen­er­al­ly well-known that a per­son who claims Prophet­hood is either some­one of the best or the worst of mankind, and these two extremes can nev­er be con­fused. This is true indeed, due to the fact that he is either a truth­ful Prophet of God, thus it is accept­ed that he should be one of the best and most per­fect per­son, an exam­ple par excel­lence. Or, if he is a liar against God — and this is the most ter­ri­ble of lies — there he is one of the worst and most wicked per­son to ever walk the earth. This big dif­fer­ence is too great to be missed by any lay per­son, let alone smart and intel­li­gent indi­vid­u­als. It is tru­ly a very huge dif­fer­ence, indeed !

The Shiloh from Arabia 4

Muham­mad in the Bible : The Shiloh from Arabia

It is vir­tu­al­ly impos­si­ble to read and com­pre­hend the Israeli-altered Scrip­ture with­out tak­ing into account every­thing it says and iden­ti­fy­ing the prophe­cies that had not been ful­filled at the time of Jesus’ depar­ture, and know­ing what has since hap­pened in the Promised Land ~ includ­ing a thou­sand years, in Jerusalem and the Promised Land that came after Jesus had long gone, which are miss­ing from Euro­pean and oth­er West­ern his­to­ry books.