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What then is hajj ? In essence, hajj is man’s evo­lu­tion toward Allah ; his return to Him. It is a sym­bol­ic demon­stra­tion of the phi­los­o­phy of cre­ation of Adam (AS : alay­his salam), the first man. To fur­ther illus­trate this, it may be stat­ed that the per­for­mance of hajj is a simul­ta­ne­ous show or exhib­it of many things. It is a show of cre­ation. It is a show of his­to­ry. It is a show of uni­ty. It is a show of Islam­ic ide­ol­o­gy. It is a show of Ummah, the com­mu­ni­ty of Muslims.

The Ka'aba And The Abrahamic Tradition 27

The sto­ry of Prophet Ibrahim’s migra­tion from Baby­lo­nia to Syr­ia-Pales­tine (Kan’an), then to Egypt, then his return to Pales­tine and sub­se­quent­ly his com­ing with his wife Hajar and son Isma’il to Mak­ka is well-known. These epoch-mak­ing trav­els took place rough­ly at the begin­ning of the sec­ond mil­len­ni­um B.C. Ibrahim had at first called his own peo­ple to aban­don the wor­ship of idols and oth­er objects like the heav­en­ly bod­ies and to wor­ship the One Only God. They, how­ev­er, instead of respond­ing to his call, put him to var­i­ous vex­a­tions and ulti­mate­ly to the test of fire from which God pro­tect­ed and saved him. Only his wife Sarah and nephew Lot believed and accept­ed his call. Under God’s direc­tive Ibrahim, accom­pa­nied by Sarah and Lot first migrat­ed to Haran (in Syr­ia) and then on to Kan’an (Pales­tine). At both the places he preached God’s mes­sage and called the peo­ple to wor­ship Him alone. 

Do Muslims Worship The Black Stone of the Kaaba? 28

I believe that it is time that a response to this rather annoy­ing polemic about the nature of the Black Stone (al-Hajar al-Aswad) and its sig­nif­i­cance in Islam by those who have an axe to grind about Islam (or oth­er­wise known ten­der­ly as the Islam­o­pho­bics”) is final­ly need­ed. We will look at the com­mon alle­ga­tions about the Black Stone and then seek to address the mat­ters con­cerned, insha’allah.

C. Snouck Hur­gron­je (18571936) was a famous Dutch ori­en­tal­ist as well as the main archi­tect of the Dutch colo­nial pol­i­cy towards Islam in Indone­sia, which, under his direc­tions, was much…