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  • The Soul of Hajj

    What then is hajj? In essence, hajj is man’s evolution toward Allah; his return to Him. It is a symbolic demonstration of the philosophy of creation of Adam (AS: alayhis salam), the first man. To further illustrate this, it may be stated that the performance of hajj is a simultaneous show or exhibit of many things. It is a show of creation. It is a show of history. It is a show of unity. It is a show of Islamic ideology. It is a show of Ummah, the community of Muslims.

  • Refutation of P.N. Oak’s Claims Against The Ka’bah

    Refutation of P.N. Oak’s Claims Against The Ka’bah

    Some “researcher” known as P. N. Oak has come up with some ludicrous, puerile and absurd comments regarding Islam. His theory postulating the “impact of the Vedic religion on Islam” is laughable. Those acquainted with history will smile at the silliness of the assertions made by Oak. Among the fallacious claims made by Oak is […]

  • The Kaaba And The Abrahamic Tradition

    The Kaaba And The Abrahamic Tradition

    The story of Prophet Ibrahim’s migration from Babylonia to Syria-Palestine (Kan’an), then to Egypt, then his return to Palestine and subsequently his coming with his wife Hajar and son Isma’il to Makka is well-known. These epoch-making travels took place roughly at the beginning of the second millennium B.C. Ibrahim had at first called his own people to abandon the worship of idols and other objects like the heavenly bodies and to worship the One Only God. They, however, instead of responding to his call, put him to various vexations and ultimately to the test of fire from which God protected and saved him. Only his wife Sarah and nephew Lot believed and accepted his call. Under God’s directive Ibrahim, accompanied by Sarah and Lot first migrated to Haran (in Syria) and then on to Kan’an (Palestine). At both the places he preached God’s message and called the people to worship Him alone.

  • Do Muslims Worship The Black Stone of the Kaaba?

    Do Muslims Worship The Black Stone of the Kaaba?

    I believe that it is time that a response to this rather annoying polemic about the nature of the Black Stone (al-Hajar al-Aswad) and its significance in Islam by those who have an axe to grind about Islam (or otherwise known tenderly as the “Islamophobics”) is finally needed. We will look at the common allegations about the Black Stone and then seek to address the matters concerned, insha’allah.

  • An Opinion on The "Hajj"

    Asif Iqbal C. Snouck Hurgronje (1857?1936) was a famous Dutch orientalist as well as the main architect of the Dutch colonial policy towards Islam in Indonesia, which, under his directions, was much more interfering in the internal affairs of the Muslims than the British policy in the Indian sub-continent. In those days when colonialism and […]

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