Jay Smith: Response to “Is The Qur’an Corrupted? Biblical Characters in the Qur’an”

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A response to the Christian missionary and polemicist, Jay Smith’s video, “Is The Qur’an Corrupted? Biblical Characters in the Qur’an” by Iqra Productions. This video, explained eloquently by a Muslim brother, will show the viewers that the sources that the Christian missionary Jay Smith uses and relies upon are at best dubious, deceptive and have been dealt with extensively by Muslim scholars of the past. It also exposes the weaknesses of the Bible narratives and challenges the missionary to explain the similarities of the Bible narratives with earlier sources and the author(s) behind the gospel texts.

The video is hosted on YouTube.

Overall, this was a very good response. We agree with the observation that similarity does not necessarily suggest literary dependency, particularly when the proposed underlying source postdates the supposed borrower. Similarly, the video was correct in noting that it is primarily Christians who deny the traditional authorship claims of many New Testament writings, such as 2 Peter, Pastorals, etc.

The problem is that Mr. Smith is aware of these facts, but chooses to ignore them. When it comes to the Qur’an he will transform into a liberal but when it comes to the Bible he will transform into a right-wing, conservative inerranist. This shows his own inconsistency in dealing with the issues present. If he was serious in the things he has to say about the Qur’an, then we wonder how he can still believe in the Bible as in inerrant document.Endmark




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