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Accept­ing Islam : A Young Man Affirms his Shahadah

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The above is a mul­ti­me­dia video of a young man who took his sha­ha­da (tes­ti­mo­ny of faith) and affirms that he is a Mus­lim before a num­ber of wit­ness­es. To be a Mus­lim is a sim­ple as sim­ply say­ing Ash­hadu ana illa­ha illa Allah, Muham­mad Rasul Allah (I bear wit­ness that there is no deity but God Almighty and that Muham­mad is His Mes­sen­ger) and he is imme­di­ate­ly accept­ed as a Mus­lim. Such strict monothe­ism is the fea­ture of Islam as the reli­gio nat­u­ralis of man and the reli­gion par excel­lence of mankind.

Cer­tain­ly, there is no oth­er reli­gion in this world that is accept­ed by God Almighty except for Islam (Qur’an 3:85); indeed, no oth­er reli­gious belief sys­tem will ever be up to the par or stan­dard of Islam which has already been per­fect­ed (Qur’an, 5:33), which seeks to reform the char­ac­ter of man and work towards an even­tu­al Pax Islam­i­ca, in this world and in the next. 

Once a per­son clear­ly pro­claims that he is a believ­er in Islam and that he accepts God Almighty and His Mes­sen­ger and the truth of that Mes­sage, he con­scious­ly and vig­or­ous­ly rejects the false­hood of poly­the­ism or asso­ci­a­tion with oth­er deities ; as he too con­scious­ly rejects the here­sies of pseudo-monotheism. 

Indeed, with such a sim­ple procla­ma­tion he affirms that God is not a man born out of the loins of a woman, that one is not saved” by a half-naked, blood­ied Roman crim­i­nal swing­ing from a cross ; or that there exists a group or an eth­nic race of humans who were God’s cho­sen” with a focus on eth­no-cen­tri­cism which implies that oth­er races are no bet­ter than sub-humans. 

This video is host­ed on YouTube. Accepting Islam: A Young Man Affirms his Shahadah 26Endmark


  1. I love the day i become Mus­lim, To the Real­i­ty to the real world.

    Please i advice you to real­ize and think. You will not live in this world for­ev­er, You have lim­i­ta­tions, You should look the life after the earth.


  2. As it has been revealed Islam is the per­fec­tion of faith. Judi­asm and Chris­tian­i­ty estab­lished the cor­rect wor­ship of God on earth, but unfor­tu­nate­ly, over time the mes­sage was dilut­ed and cor­rupt­ed. How­ev­er, fun­de­men­tal­ly a Mus­lim accepts all the prophets of the jew­ish and Chris­t­ian faiths. With­out this beleif a Mus­lims reli­gion is not complete.

    And Allah knows best

    Atif Darr

  3. shadowofears Reply

    Sup­pose that some­one observed Jesus two-thou­sand years ago, and he left this plan­et, or he went to sleep for two-thou­sand years an returned today to look for the fol­low­ers of Jesus, who would he find ? Who would he rec­og­nize ? Chris­tians ? I con­clude with just this food for thought : the Bible says very clear­ly that Jesus used to fast. Do Chris­tians fast ? Mus­lims fast ; it is oblig­a­tory on month every year. The Bible says that Jesus prayed by touch­ing his fore­head to the ground. Do Chris­tians pray in this man­ner ? Mus­lims do. It is char­ac­ter­is­tic of their prayer and no one on earth is prob­a­bly igno­rant of that fact.

    Accord­ing to Jesus, he told his dis­ci­ples to greet one anoth­er with the expres­sion, Peace be with you.” Do the Chris­tians do that ? Mus­lims do, uni­ver­sal­ly, whether they speak Ara­bic of not. The greet­ing for one to anoth­er is Assala­mu’ alaikum (peace be with you).

    The broth­er of Jesus in the Book of James, stat­ed that no man should sug­gest what he is about to do of high­light his plans for the next few days in any­way with­out adding the phrase if God wills.” Do not say I will go here and there do this and that” with­out adding the phrase if God wills.” Do Chris­tians do that ? Mus­lims do, whether they speak Ara­bic or not. If they so much as sug­gest they are going down­town to pick up some gro­ceries, they will add Insha-Allah, which in Ara­bic means, If God wills.”

  4. that one is not saved” by a half-naked, blood­ied Roman crim­i­nal swing­ing from a cross”


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