The above is a multimedia video of a young man who took his shahada (testimony of faith) and affirms that he is a Muslim before a number of witnesses. To be a Muslim is a simple as simply saying Ashhadu ana illaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah (I bear witness that there is no deity but God Almighty and that Muhammad is His Messenger) and he is immediately accepted as a Muslim. Such strict monotheism is the feature of Islam as the religio naturalis of man and the religion par excellence of mankind.

Certainly, there is no other religion in this world that is accepted by God Almighty except for Islam (Qur’an 3:85); indeed, no other religious belief system will ever be up to the par or standard of Islam which has already been perfected (Qur’an, 5:33), which seeks to reform the character of man and work towards an eventual Pax Islamica, in this world and in the next.

Once a person clearly proclaims that he is a believer in Islam and that he accepts God Almighty and His Messenger and the truth of that Message, he consciously and vigorously rejects the falsehood of polytheism or association with other deities; as he too consciously rejects the heresies of pseudo-monotheism.

Indeed, with such a simple proclamation he affirms that God is not a man born out of the loins of a woman, that one is not “saved” by a half-naked, bloodied Roman criminal swinging from a cross; or that there exists a group or an ethnic race of humans who were “God’s chosen” with a focus on ethno-centricism which implies that other races are no better than sub-humans.

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5 responses to “Accepting Islam: A Young Man Affirms his Shahadah”

  1. Noah Avatar

    I love the day i become Muslim, To the Reality to the real world.

    Please i advice you to realize and think. You will not live in this world forever, You have limitations, You should look the life after the earth.


  2. Atif Darr Avatar

    As it has been revealed Islam is the perfection of faith. Judiasm and Christianity established the correct worship of God on earth, but unfortunately, over time the message was diluted and corrupted. However, fundementally a Muslim accepts all the prophets of the jewish and Christian faiths. Without this beleif a Muslims religion is not complete.

    And Allah knows best

    Atif Darr

  3. musthafahyder Avatar

    may ALLAH reward you with good things

  4. shadowofears Avatar

    Suppose that someone observed Jesus two-thousand years ago, and he left this planet, or he went to sleep for two-thousand years an returned today to look for the followers of Jesus, who would he find? Who would he recognize? Christians? I conclude with just this food for thought: the Bible says very clearly that Jesus used to fast. Do Christians fast? Muslims fast; it is obligatory on month every year. The Bible says that Jesus prayed by touching his forehead to the ground. Do Christians pray in this manner? Muslims do. It is characteristic of their prayer and no one on earth is probably ignorant of that fact.

    According to Jesus, he told his disciples to greet one another with the expression, “Peace be with you.” Do the Christians do that? Muslims do, universally, whether they speak Arabic of not. The greeting for one to another is Assalamu’ alaikum (peace be with you).

    The brother of Jesus in the Book of James, stated that no man should suggest what he is about to do of highlight his plans for the next few days in anyway without adding the phrase “if God wills.” Do not say “I will go here and there do this and that” without adding the phrase “if God wills.” Do Christians do that? Muslims do, whether they speak Arabic or not. If they so much as suggest they are going downtown to pick up some groceries, they will add Insha-Allah, which in Arabic means, “If God wills.”

  5. Farouk Avatar

    “that one is not “saved” by a half-naked, bloodied Roman criminal swinging from a cross”


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