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For Muslims

Bismika Allahuma aims to be the premier source of information by Muslims to counter anti-Islamic propaganda by the Christian missionaries and their allies over the Internet.

We are also keen on presenting Islam in its true picture as well as fostering cooperation and knowledge with other Islamic websites which has similar objectives to ours.

If you have a valuable article in your possession or have a written piece that meets the standards and objectives of this website, please send it to us, we are interested in publishing it. With your help, our pledge is to effectively stifle and destroy their lies about Islam on the WWW, insha’allah.

Contributing Articles

If you have a valuable article in your possession or have a written piece that meets the standards and objectives of this website, please send it to us, we are interested in publishing it. Details on how to submit articles are available here.

In order to increase the likelihood of the acceptance of your article for publishing, we require that they be in accordance to the general theme of the website, as well as having the proper referencing standard. We generally use the Havard Referencing standard, although other standards of referencing are acceptable.

Download Harvard Referencing Guide [.pdf format]


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Much of the work on this site is done by a small team of volunteers but nothing comes completely free. So there are also costs involved and if we were to get a steady amount of funds we could greatly expand our service, insha’allah. Therefore, we hope that the Muslim ummah, no matter where they are, will be able to donate the funds badly needed to make BISMIKA ALLAHUMA a great success. This is because, without the donation support from Muslims, we would have difficulty in our operations. See the fatawa of Sheikh Faisal al-Mawlawi [in .pdf format, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader] which classifies the existence of da’wah websites such as ours as a form of jihad fi sabilillah.

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We encourage all our Muslim readers to lend their aid to not only us, but also to all Islamic websites on the WWW, insha’allah. With your help, we pledge to effectively stifle and destroy their lies on the WWW within the next ten years, insha’allah.

Financial Expenditure

Estimated cost needed: About USD200,000.00 per year
Current finances: Statement available upon request

Your donations would be used for:

  • Cost of purchasing/renewing domain names and web space.
  • Cost of maintaining the website and anything related (including PC maintainence and purchase of new hardware or software).
  • Payment of bills related to BISMIKA ALLAHUMA activities.
  • Cost of promotion and advertisements (car stickers, posters, etc.)
  • Purchasing books/references related to BISMIKA ALLAHUMA and its activities online.

For currency exchange rates, please visit to convert your currency, whether it is USD or Euro.

There have also been requests by some of our visitors to send them a free copy of the Qur’an, but our current finances do not permit us to offer such services, unfortunately. If in the near future we could solidify our financial sources, we would be able to offer such services in the future.

Sending Donations

There are various methods of donating to the above causes:

  1. Sending cheque or bank draft (all countries), money order or postal order (Malaysia and Great Britain only).

These may be drawn (under the name: Mohd Elfie Nieshaem bin Juferi) and sent to

12A Jalan Suadamai 6/3A
43000 Batu 9 Cheras, Selangor

  1. By depositing directly to our bank account.

Please deposit your donation to the following Bank Account:

Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Bank Account Name: Mohd Elfie Nieshaem bin Juferi
Bank Account Number: 562384105806
Bank SWIFT Code (for Bank Transfer overseas): MBBEMYKL

Maybank account holders are also able use the Maybank2U service to facilitate transfer of donations to our account.

  1. We now also accept donations through Paypal, which support funds either through your Paypal account or charged directly to your debit/credit card securely. Click on the button below to donate through this service.
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No sum is too small and jazak allahu khayran for your efforts. Please contact us if you are interested for further details.

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