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  • Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017), Some Critical Thoughts On His Death

    Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017), Some Critical Thoughts On His Death

    Nabeel Qureshi died at the age of 34 years old in 2017 from a “rare and deadly form of stomach cancer” on 16th September 2017 with mixed reactions.

  • Missionary Activity in Kosovo and the Causes of Muslim Conversions

    Missionary Activity in Kosovo and the Causes of Muslim Conversions

    After the last war in Kosovo, the overall economic situation of the country has deteriorated in a drastic way. As is well-known, the end of war meant that Kosovo became a target for many Christian organizations, a phenomenon which seems to accompany every war-emerging country nowadays. The same happened to post-communist Albania, as well as Bosnia, Rwanda and several other countries in the world involved in different conflicts. Needless to mention, great poverty is a gate to disbelief, as man is continuously in search for the provision granted to him by the Almighty and frustration seems to cause all kinds of incongruent decisions. In order to elucidate the bitter reality in Kosovo, we are presenting the case of the conversion of an entire Muslim family to Christianity.

  • The Politics of Christianization in Albania

    Since 1913, when the state of Albania came into existence, the only Muslim state of Europe has continuously been attacked by virulent Christian missionary organizations which aim to Christianize its population. The worst waves of Christianization has been after 1991, when the communist regime collapsed in the country. The communists, who destroyed Islam very badly in its religious and cultural infrastructure, created all the needed conditions for the Christianization of de-Islamized Albania. As Miranda Vickers points out in her book Albania: From Anarchy to a Balkan Identity, Albania of 1990’s became a battling ground for many Christian fundamentalist organizations, whose aim was to evangelize the lost Muslim populations of the Ottoman Balkans.

  • Proof of the Christians’ Covert Crusade in Malaysia

    Today, we see Muslims being propositioned by Christian evangelical groups and missionaries relentlessly with a zeal that astounds us. Day by day, they seek out the weak, the poor, the sick, the destitutes amongst the Muslims of Asia and work their way in. Many of these missionaries work under guise of charities and relief effort workers. By doing a bit of research, what do I find? Countless projects by the Christian Global Missionaries out with a purpose…to convert the Muslims to their creed.

  • Al Siratul Mustaqiim: The Missionary Book of Deception

    It is known that the Christian missionaries are desperate to resort to the tactics of Paul by using guile and trickery in order to dupe Muslims uneducated in their religion to their worthless cause. Such tactics have been exposed when they attempt to imitate the Islamic calligraphy of Qur’anic verses by applying that calligraphy to the Arabic verses of the New Testament.The missionaries have now resurfaced with their latest underhand tactics. They have published a small booklet, entitled “Al Siratul Mustaqiim” (The Straight Path) with Qur’anic verses and Islamic imagery on its cover to dupe Muslims into buying it. The title of this booklet itself is taken from Sura’ al-Fatihah, the first chapter of the Qur’an.

  • Arabic Bible “Calligraphy”: Expression of Art or Evidence for Deception?

    The Christian missionaries are well-known for their deception in order to spread their so-called “God-given” purpose to spread the Gospel to the world. This approach is not alien to the missionary agenda, for it is founded upon the very words of Paul, who laid down deception as the missionary approach. It is with this “mission” in mind that they have started to infiltrate countries where the majority of Muslims do not habitually read or speak Arabic. The missionaries have begun selling images which mirrors the calligraphy often found in Qur’anic verses, but instead of the usual Qur’anic verses, they cite verses from the Arabic Bible instead. This truly displays the deception of the missionaries in order to dupe gullible Muslims to their cause.

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