Sources of the Qur’an: Question for the Critics

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It is known that the enemies of Islam, most especially the Christian missionaries, are unable to accept the reality of the Qur’an and its divine existence. Hence, they try to make excuses and their frequent clarion of despair is that the Qur’an was “plagiarised” from Judeo-Christian sources. This claim was repeated by Orientalists in the likes of SaleGeorge Sale, Preliminary Discourse (1899), BellRichard Bell, The Origin Of Islam and Its Christian Environment (1926) and RodinsonM. Rodinson, Mohammad (1977). Needless to mention, these rabbles did not provide any proof for these accusations. Their claims, however, are happily picked up by the Christian missionaries who are still living in the past.

Questions for the Critics

The following questions are adapted from Muhammad Shabri Abd Madjid’s Orientalis Barat Iri Hati Kebesaran Al-QuranThe online document of this text may be found here. For the benefit of our readers who do not habitually read the Malay language, we have hence loosely translated the relevant portion of this article:

    Looking at the personality and the background of the life of Muhammad(P) from childhood until his death, it is easy to refute these baseless and illogical allegations with logical reasoning (dalil aqli) as follows:

  • Firstly, Muhammad(P) was known to be a truthful person (al-Amin) and this is acknowledged by both his friends and enemies. Therefore it is impossible for him to lie or to be untruthful about his revelations.
  • Secondly, if it was true that Muhammad(P) was not honest and sincere in conveying his message, why did his closest friends and ardent followers obey him, much less adhere to his teachings, in the face of such opposition and difficulty during the earlier stages of his mission?
  • Thirdly, if it is true that Muhammad(P) had formed his own revelations from some Jewish or Christian teacher(s), then why is the name of that teacher(s) not mentioned in history and known to all?
  • Fourthly, the Jews and Christians referred to as the ‘People of the Book’ by the Qur’an vehemently opposed, ridiculed and openly insulted Muhammad(P). They hid the knowledge contained within their scripture from Muhammad. How is it possible that at the same time, they were teaching Muhammad(P) their scripture?
  • Lastly, Muhammad(P) was an illiterate, and hence how was he able to write a complete Book (al-Quran)?


It can be seen that to claim that the Qur’an was composed by a single Arab nomad, in this case Muhammad (P), who decided one day to reform his people’s long-held pagan idol worshipping and other practices, is a theory that is, amusing as it may be, fabulous in its absurdity and does not stand up to the scrutiny.

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  1. shadowofears Avatar

    The most important prove is that the last prophet was unlearned how can it is possible for him to write such a miraculous book which is in complete accordence with modern day science.

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