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Sources of the Qur’an : Ques­tion for the Critics

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It is known that the ene­mies of Islam, most espe­cial­ly the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies, are unable to accept the real­i­ty of the Qur’an and its divine exis­tence. Hence, they try to make excus­es and their fre­quent clar­i­on of despair is that the Qur’an was pla­gia­rised” from Judeo-Chris­t­ian sources. This claim was repeat­ed by Ori­en­tal­ists in the likes of SaleGeorge Sale, Pre­lim­i­nary Dis­course (1899), BellRichard Bell, The Ori­gin Of Islam and Its Chris­t­ian Envi­ron­ment (1926) and Rodin­sonM. Rodin­son, Moham­mad (1977). Need­less to men­tion, these rab­bles did not pro­vide any proof for these accu­sa­tions. Their claims, how­ev­er, are hap­pi­ly picked up by the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies who are still liv­ing in the past.

Ques­tions for the Critics

The fol­low­ing ques­tions are adapt­ed from Muham­mad Shabri Abd Mad­jid’s Ori­en­tal­is Barat Iri Hati Kebe­saran Al-QuranThe online doc­u­ment of this text may be found here. For the ben­e­fit of our read­ers who do not habit­u­al­ly read the Malay lan­guage, we have hence loose­ly trans­lat­ed the rel­e­vant por­tion of this article :

    Look­ing at the per­son­al­i­ty and the back­ground of the life of Muham­mad(P) from child­hood until his death, it is easy to refute these base­less and illog­i­cal alle­ga­tions with log­i­cal rea­son­ing (dalil aqli) as follows :
  • First­ly, Muham­mad(P) was known to be a truth­ful per­son (al-Amin) and this is acknowl­edged by both his friends and ene­mies. There­fore it is impos­si­ble for him to lie or to be untruth­ful about his revelations.
  • Sec­ond­ly, if it was true that Muham­mad(P) was not hon­est and sin­cere in con­vey­ing his mes­sage, why did his clos­est friends and ardent fol­low­ers obey him, much less adhere to his teach­ings, in the face of such oppo­si­tion and dif­fi­cul­ty dur­ing the ear­li­er stages of his mission ?
  • Third­ly, if it is true that Muham­mad(P) had formed his own rev­e­la­tions from some Jew­ish or Chris­t­ian teacher(s), then why is the name of that teacher(s) not men­tioned in his­to­ry and known to all ?
  • Fourth­ly, the Jews and Chris­tians referred to as the Peo­ple of the Book’ by the Qur’an vehe­ment­ly opposed, ridiculed and open­ly insult­ed Muham­mad(P). They hid the knowl­edge con­tained with­in their scrip­ture from Muham­mad. How is it pos­si­ble that at the same time, they were teach­ing Muham­mad(P) their scripture ?
  • Last­ly, Muham­mad(P) was an illit­er­ate, and hence how was he able to write a com­plete Book (al-Quran)?


It can be seen that to claim that the Qur’an was com­posed by a sin­gle Arab nomad, in this case Muham­mad (P), who decid­ed one day to reform his peo­ple’s long-held pagan idol wor­ship­ping and oth­er prac­tices, is a the­o­ry that is, amus­ing as it may be, fab­u­lous in its absur­di­ty and does not stand up to the scrutiny.

And only God knows best.Endmark

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  1. shadowofears Reply

    The most impor­tant prove is that the last prophet was unlearned how can it is pos­si­ble for him to write such a mirac­u­lous book which is in com­plete accor­dence with mod­ern day science.

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