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  • The Gospels’ Accounts Regarding the Call of the First Disciples

    The Gospels’ Accounts Regarding the Call of the First Disciples

    So which is the correct Gospel account concerning the choice of Jesus’ first apostles? The following Bible contradiction was extracted from an unpublished thesis entitled Ibn Hazm On The Doctrine of Tahrif which cites Kitab al-Fasl fi al-Milal wa al-Ahwa’ wa al-Nihal and insha’allah this will be part of an ongoing series to reproduce extracts of Ibn Hazm’s criticisms of the Bible and Christianity.

  • On The Reliability Of Luke As A Historian

    On The Reliability Of Luke As A Historian

    One of the most popular argument often proposed by missionaries as “evidence” that Luke was “inspired”, or at least someone who we can blindly trust without second thoughts, is as follows: he was an excellent historian who conducted a careful investigation during the course of composing his books.

  • Resolving The Christian “I-Know-Nothing” Multi-Problem In Textual Criticism

    Resolving The Christian “I-Know-Nothing” Multi-Problem In Textual Criticism

    Occasionally, we come across Christians face-to-face and, more frequently, on the Internet, who, when informed that the text of the gospels underwent corruption during their transmission, often react with the following type of questions: “When? Who did the corruption? In what country? Before or after Muhammad? Why was it done? How come no one noticed it?” These type of seemingly “innocent” questions merely reveal the incalculably colossal ignorance of the person in question.

  • An Eye-Opening Biblical Narration

    An Eye-Opening Biblical Narration

    Many Christians like the whale Sam Shamoun, Craig Winn and others simply love going around bad-mouthing the Qur’an, saying that it contains “perverted, nonsensical teachings”. Let us have have a glimpse of their “sensical” Bible. Before I proceed further I would like to state for the record that Muslims are utterly shocked and offended that the Bible portrays great messengers of God as low-live drunkards. Coming back to the story, notice how the story says Ham, THE FATHER of Canaan. This is rather interesting. Seems like its trying to prove or lead to something.

  • Contradictions On Jesus’ (Alleged) Trials, Death And Resurrection

    The Christians are fond of celebrating the death of their man-god (whom they claim to be Jesus, peace be upon him) every year, although it does boggle the mind as to why would someone accept the fact that their god can actually “die”. However as Muslims, we believe that the claim concerning Jesus (P) is false and full of conjectures. A mighty Prophet of God (as we believe Jesus certainly is) would never had to bear the agony of being crucified at the hands of his enemies. As it stands, we would also like to note that to substantiate our claims, there are various contradictions regarding the accounts on Jesus’ trials, death and resurrection which appear throughout the New Testament.

  • Was Sarah The Sister of Abraham?

    Was Sarah The Sister of Abraham?

    Was Sarah really Abraham’s sister? Ibn Hazm questions the status of Sarah as being Abraham’s sister, as accepting that viz., from the Biblical perspective would result in various disagreements with other passages in the Old Testament concerning moral and theological issues. This is in reference to the stories of Sarah’s seizure by Pharaoh and Abime’elech which was narrated in Genesis 12:10-18 and Genesis 20, Genesis 17:17 and Genesis 20:1-18. We cite the related passages on the story of the seizure of Sarah as follows.

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