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  • The Story of The Goddesses

    The Story of The Goddesses

    The emigrants resided in Abyssinia three months during which ‘Umar ibn al Khattab converted to Islam. In their exile, they heard that upon ‘Umar’s conversion the Quraysh had stopped their persecution of Muhammad and his followers. According to one report a number of them had returned to Makkah, according to another, all. On reaching Makkah they realized that the Quraysh had resumed persecution of the Muslims with stronger hatred and renewed vigor. Unable to resist, a number of them returned to Abyssinia while others entered Makkah under the cover of night and hid themselves away, It is also reported that those who returned took with them a number of new converts to Abyssinia where they were to stay until after the emigration to Madinah and the establishment of Muslim political power.

  • Story of The Cranes or “Satanic Verses”

    Ibn Sa`d (d. 230) in his al-Tabaqat al-Kubra (reprint Beirut: Dar Sadir), vol. 1 said: [p. 205] Muhammad ibn `Umar(*) narrated to us: (1) Yunus ibn Muhammad ibn Fadala al-Zafari narrated to me: From his father who said: (2) From Kathir ibn Zayd: From al-Muttalib ibn `Abd Allah ibn Hantab who said: [(*) Muhammad ibn […]

  • “Those Are The High Flying Cranes”

    Ever since the publication by Viking/Penguin in the summer of 1998 of The Satanic Verses, by Salman Rushdie, interest in the origin of those so-called “Satanic Verses” was renewed. That episode, which was repeated by a good number of Muslim writers, historians and Qur’anic commentators (some accepting it, some rejecting it, and yet, some others […]

  • Those Are Their High-Flying Lies Indeed!

    The knowledgeable person may question: why raise an issue that have been discussed and put to rest by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars countless times? Well, firstly, the issue of the so-called “Satanic Verses”As the tradition of defamation against Islam demonstrates, it could only have been the Christian missionaries who fashioned the term ‘Satanic verses’, […]

  • Nursing of Adults and  Perverted Missionary Mentality

    Nursing of Adults and Perverted Missionary Mentality

    In accordance with classical missionary habits, the Christian missionary Sam Shamoun — who is notorious for his perverted and filthy misinterpretations — has taken the event of Sahla bint Suhail nursing an adult boy, Salim the ally of Abu Huzaifah, as an opportunity to assault Islam by calling it “shameful and disgusting to say the […]

  • Are Women Equal to Dogs and Donkeys?

    Are Women Equal to Dogs and Donkeys?

    Recently a Christian missionary by the name of “Lazarus” published the results of an e-mail dialogue with a misleading title of “Is Islam Women-Friendly?“. A plethora of wild imagination and false interpretations form the nuclei material for the above “dialogue”. Most of what was addressed have been dealt with before. However, what we are concerned […]

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