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  • King Abdul­lah I : As the Arabs See The Jews

    King Abdul­lah I : As the Arabs See The Jews

    King Abdullah disputes the mistaken view that Arab opposition to Zionism (and later the state of Israel) is because of longstanding religious or ethnic hatred.

  • The Pagan Christ(ianity)

    The Pagan Christ(ianity)

    Christianity is based on the mystery religions of the ancient world. The doctrines of the "Trinity" and "incarnation" were borrowed from the pagans. In fact, the whole religion was fabricated after the departure of Jesus. The legendary stories of ‘man-god’ saviors dying for the sins of their people (and rising three days later) were commonly…

  • Tac­i­tus’ Frag­ment 2 : The Anti-Roman Move­ment of the Chris­tiani and the Nazoreans

    In the well-known section of Annales 15.44, Tacitus refers unmistakably to "Christiani." We shall presently take a fresh look at another passage thought to be at least partly Tacitean and which also mentions a sect called "Christiani." In so doing, this will demonstrate how much historical data can be successfully concealed in one brief passage.…

  • The Sav­iors Were Real

    It is unwarrantably assumed by Christian writers that the incarnated Gods and crucified Saviors of the pagan religions were all either mere fabulous characters, or ordinary human beings invested with divine titles, and divine attributes; while, on the other hand, the assumption is put forth with equal boldness that Jesus Christ was a real divine…

  • The Apoth­e­o­sis of Jesus of Nazareth

    The Apoth­e­o­sis of Jesus of Nazareth

    A special "gift" for the Christian missionaries on occasion of Good Friday. I wish to show by an analysis of Wisdom Christology in Matthew’s gospel chapter 23, that the evangelist took the dramatic step of changing Jesus’ metaphysical status from creature to Creator by altering the Q tradition, and to reflect on the theological implications…

  • Sav­iour-gods Muti­lat­ed Through­out Antiquity

    Sav­iour-gods Muti­lat­ed Through­out Antiquity

    One of the big questions nobody has asked about Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ is this: If the crucifixion was a historic event and so central to the Christian Gospel, why is it that there is no evidence whatever of a man on a cross in Christian art and monuments for almost seven…

  • Bad Ruler Or Bad His­to­ry?: Mughal Emper­or Aurangzeb

    Bad Ruler Or Bad His­to­ry?: Mughal Emper­or Aurangzeb

    Of all the Muslim rulers who ruled vast territories of India from 712 to 1857 CE, probably no one has received as much condemnation from Western and Hindu writers as Aurangzeb. He has been castigated as a religious Muslim who was anti-Hindu, who taxed them, who tried to convert them, who discriminated against them in…

  • Hubal in the Wor­ship of Pre-Islam­ic Arab Consciousness

    This article scrutinizes the worship of pre-Islamic deity, Hubal, versus the concept of "Allah" in Arab society. Contradicting claims of their synonymy, it elucidates their distinct identities using scholarly evidence. It underscores the constancy of monotheistic beliefs among the Quraysh tribe, despite prevalent idolatry, and reaffirms Islam's alignment with Semitic religions.

  • Tony Blair : Islam the Stan­dard-Bear­er of Tolerance

    We present as follows a quote from Tony Blair, Prime Minister of United Kingdom, which was published quite recently in Foreign Affairs, January/February 2007.