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  • How the Qur’an Was Revealed and Compiled

    How the Qur’an Was Revealed and Compiled

    The following is a video lecture made by Hamza Yusof on July 14th, 1997 and in cooperation with Alhambra Productions. The topic of the history of the Qur’an and its compilation, and forms as part of a “Foundations of Islam” series of lectures. Hamza Yusof gave a good historical background of the Qur’an, its history and how it was Revealed in stages to the Prophet Muhammad (P), its compilation after the passing of the Prophet (P) as well as demonstrating the textual integrity of the Qur’an, as opposed to the textual frailty of the Judeo-Christian text which stands on shaky ground. Also of interest is the Question & Answer session towards the end of this lecture which we hope our readers will find beneficial.

  • The Qira’aat of the Qur’an

    In Qur’aanic sciences, it refers to the various ways and manners of reciting the Qur’aan that are in existence today. As Imaam az-Zarkashee stated, the Qur’aan is the revelation that was given to Muhammad (PBUH), and the qira’aat are the variations in the words and pronunciations of this revelation. Thus the qira’aat are the verbalisation of the Qur’aan, and the Qur’aan is preserved in the qira’aat. Each qiraa’a has its own peculiar rules of recitation (tajweed) and variations in words and letters, and is names after the reciter (Qaaree) who was famous for that particular qiraa’a.

  • The Ahruf of The Qur’aan

    This chapter discusses the definition of ahruf, the number of accepted ahruf as well as the existence of the ahruf today and its wisdom.

  • Criticism of Arthur Jeffery’s “Materials For The History Of The Text Of The Qur’an: The Old Codices”

    This excerpt criticises the work of the Orientalist Arthur Jeffery mentioned as well as discusses the various misunderstandings of the technical terms held by Jeffery.

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