Those Are Their High-Flying Lies Indeed!

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The knowledgeable person may question: why raise an issue that have been discussed and put to rest by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars countless times? Well, firstly, the issue of the so-called “Satanic Verses”As the tradition of defamation against Islam demonstrates, it could only have been the Christian missionaries who fashioned the term ‘Satanic verses’, and by none other than Sir William Muir. Refer to Zakaria A. Bashier, The Meccan Crucible, 1991, The Islamic Foundation, p. 185 (see footnote 9). have been blown out of proportion so much that the Christian missionaries have taken advantage of this issue. The sad thing is that not many Muslims are aware of the whole story behind the Hadith al-Garaniq al-‘Ula saga, as the issue is known to the Islamic world.

Having said that, we cannot resist to notice the deception contained in Christian anti-Islam and anti-Muslim tautological rhetoric websites. These people are so obviously fearful of Islam that they had to resort to a source which have unanimously been rejected by all Islamic scholars, both past and present.

A claim from a Christian who tries to perpetuate this issue says that:

    The Satanic verses are still here in the Quran, its to late to change them because the Prophet, according to his own claims, is to do the correcting under inspiration…you have seen how the “Satanic Verses” are not answered by the disclaimers or politics and tricks of Muhammad.

One really wonders at the arrogance of this Christian missionary who claims that the so-called ‘Satanic verses’ are “not answered”. The knowledgeable Muslim cannot fail to mention Zakaria A. Bashier who deals with this issue quite thoroughly in his book, The Meccan Crucible. Others of equally notable merit are M H Haykal’s The Life Of Muhammad and S.M. Darsh’s “Those Are The High-Flying Cranes”, of which both will be mentioned below.

“Satanic Verses”: The Saga That Never Was

Below we reproduce several articles written by Muslims on the issue. Insha’allah, for now, these articles would suffice, and we plan to reproduce the chapter dealing with this issue from Zakaria A. Bashier. As we see it, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and write a refutation to the unsubstantiated and rehashed arguments of the missionaries when other Muslim scholars have already dealt extensively with the issue.

We hope that this issue have now been finally put to rest. And indeed, only God knows best!Endmark







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