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  • What Should Be The Muslim Reaction To Christmas?

    What Should Be The Muslim Reaction To Christmas?

    What proceeds is an analytical view of Christmas and appropriate Muslim conduct during the Christmas season.

  • The Lamb of The Christians

    Praise be to Allah who granted us with the blessing of monotheism, I seek the refuge of Allah from disbelief and those people who associate themselves with disbelief. The author of the Book of Revelations had described/portrayed his god as a slain lamb with seven horns and seven eyes. Please notice the distinction in the last verse between God “which sitteth upon the throne” and the Lamb indicating that Christians have another god – a lamb – to worship in association with Allah, the True God Who is upon the throne.

  • “O’ Christ-Worshippers!” A Qasidah Which Refutes Christianity

    “O’ Christ-Worshippers!” A Qasidah Which Refutes Christianity

    Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jauziyyah was a prominent Muslim jurist during Islam’s Golden Age. Apart from his jurisdistic prowess, he was also competent in composing qasidah (Arabic poetry). Among his more famous works was the qasidah entitled A’obbad al-Maseeh Fi Naqd al-Nasraniyyah (O Christ-Worshippers! A Poem Refuting Christianity). This qasidah is well-known in the Muslim world and has even been turned into a song. The following is the English translation of the poetry which is immediately accompanied by the Arabic original.

  • The Saviors Were Real

    It is unwarrantably assumed by Christian writers that the incarnated Gods and crucified Saviors of the pagan religions were all either mere fabulous characters, or ordinary human beings invested with divine titles, and divine attributes; while, on the other hand, the assumption is put forth with equal boldness that Jesus Christ was a real divine personage, “seen and believed on in the world, and finally crucified on Mount Calvary.” But we do not find the facts in history to warrant any such assumptions or any such distinctions. They all stand in these respects upon the same ground and on equal footing.

  • The Apotheosis of Jesus of Nazareth

    The Apotheosis of Jesus of Nazareth

    A special “gift” for the Christian missionaries on occasion of Good Friday. I wish to show by an analysis of Wisdom Christology in Matthew’s gospel chapter 23, that the evangelist took the dramatic step of changing Jesus’ metaphysical status from creature to Creator by altering the Q tradition, and to reflect on the theological implications of this metamorphosis for Christianity, and where we go from here.

  • Saviour-gods Mutilated Throughout Antiquity

    Saviour-gods Mutilated Throughout Antiquity

    One of the big questions nobody has asked about Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ is this: If the crucifixion was a historic event and so central to the Christian Gospel, why is it that there is no evidence whatever of a man on a cross in Christian art and monuments for almost seven centuries? Not until 692 CE, in the reign of Emperor Justinian II, was it decreed that henceforth instead of a lamb (the zodiacal sign of Aries) fixed on the cross, the figure of Jesus be placed there instead. Another question: How is it that the earliest known figure of any man on a cross comes from about 300 BCE and that “person” is not Jesus but Orpheus, a mythical Greek sun-god?

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