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Mission, Vision & Future of Islamic Apologetics: About Bismika Allahuma

Countering Misconceptions Via Muslim Apologetics

Welcome to Bismika Allahuma, a dedicated Muslim apologetics platform. Our journey commenced in 1999, with a resolution to be involved in Muslim apologetics to counter the misrepresentations of Islam scattered all over the internet by Christian missionaries and their allies against Islam. Starting from humble beginnings, we took a significant stride in 2002 by establishing our unique online presence with a dedicated domain.

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Our Commitment and Vision

As our name suggests – “Bismika Allahuma,” translating to “In Your Name, O Allah” – we are committed to representing the principles and teachings of Islam authentically and accurately. Our objective has always been to serve as a bridge between misconceptions and the factual essence of Islam. By God’s will (insha’Allah), we aspire to be the leading Muslim apologetics source of truth in this dynamic online world, particularly in the face of anti-Islamic propaganda.

Our Global Team

Bismika Allahuma is steered by a dedicated team of individuals from a range of cultural and geographical backgrounds, united by their commitment to Islamic apologetics and propagation. With core members hailing from Malaysia, our team spreads across the globe with members in the United Kingdom, United States, Kosovo, Norway, Egypt, and the Netherlands.

Our Mission

Our mission reflects the essence of our collective belief and struggle. It is not simply a battle between the West and Islam, but a greater struggle between truth and falsehood. As Muslims from diverse societal backgrounds, we have come together under the banner of the Muslim apologetics website Bismika Allahuma with the following fundamental principles:

Unity in Diversity

We are united as Muslims from various societal backgrounds worldwide, bound together by the shared struggle between truth and falsehood. We identify as believers in the Islamic faith and aim to defend and propagate its true essence via Muslim apologetics.

Freedom of Conscience and Equality

We affirm the freedom of individual conscience as long as it is in line with the teachings of the Qur’an and as-Sunnah. Our faith is built on the premise that all humans are equal before God, a belief that forms the foundation of our actions and intentions.

Inseparability of Religion and State

Our commitment to Islam is not merely spiritual but also encompasses our lifestyle. We believe in the inseparability of religion from state, a principle that stands alien to the Muslim world’s societal structure. We staunchly support the observance of the universal Islamic human rights as outlined in the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.

Cherishing Islamic Traditions and Values

We cherish and respect the traditions of liberty, rationality, and tolerance found in the rich history of Islamic societies and the Islamic world. These values form part of the shared moral heritage of the Semitic religions and are embedded in our approach.

Fighting Islamophobia

We strive to shed light on issues of colonialism, racism, and Islamophobia, which often surface when Muslim practices face ridicule, insult, or perjury. We stand against the fallacy that Muslims violate human reason or rights, tirelessly working to enlighten the world with the true values of Islam.

Join Our Cause

In line with these principles, we encourage thinkers and academics worldwide to bravely defend Islam’s origins and sources via Muslim apologetics, and to disseminate the ideals of Islamic philosophy and thought through cross-cultural translation, publishing, and mass media.

In fulfilling this mission, we call upon your support for Muslim apologists and Muslim apologetics in general. Our pledge is to dismantle and obliterate the falsities about Islam pervading the World Wide Web. It is our collective responsibility to defend the honor of Islam and its followers. Feel free to contact us at any time. Together, we can champion the cause of truth in the face of prejudice and misinformation, insha’Allah.


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    Peace and blessings of Allah be with you who manage this site. May the End be Jannah for all of you AMEEN.

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