A Muslim Response to Sam Shamoun's Provocations 2

Beyond the Chal­lenge : A Mus­lim Response to Sam Shamoun’s Provocations

Recent­ly Sam Shamoun, a well-known bel­liger­ent and provoca­tive Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary at Answer­ing Islam, issued a chal­lenge to Mus­lims to prove that Jesus (peace be upon him) did not claim to be God, as per the Qur’an­ic state­ment. It is obvi­ous, how­ev­er, that his demands are as pre­pos­ter­ous as it is stu­pid. The Qur’an cer­tain­ly quotes or para­phras­es Jesus as say­ing that he is not God, but in Ara­bic. This is because the Qur’an has affirmed itself to be revealed in Ara­bic text, sent down to an Arab prophet, lest its audi­ence uses the excuse that they will not be able to under­stand the Qur’an if were brought down in a for­eign tongue.

Sam Shamoun botak

Sam’s Sham-wow : Some Notes On Sam Shamoun’s Low­ly Character

Recent­ly I came across email exchanges that took place between Jalal Abualrab and the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary Sam Shamoun. I have heard that the mis­sion­ary Shamoun is a very abu­sive, mali­cious and nasty indi­vid­ual, con­stant­ly mock­ing and abus­ing Islam as his hob­by. After read­ing the mail exchanges, it became clear to me that this mis­sion­ary is indeed a very arro­gant and abu­sive per­son. I was sur­prised to see that Katz, who gen­er­al­ly main­tains a polite tone, did not say a word to con­demn Shamoun’s abu­sive behaviour.

In this paper I would like to com­ment upon the dis­cus­sion and offer my own per­spec­tive, views and obser­va­tions as a reader.

Answer­ing Islam : Preach­ing What They Do Not Practise ?

In one of their pages, Answer­ing Islam had made the fol­low­ing claim with the clear inten­tion of poi­son­ing the well” where Mus­lim sites are con­cerned. The rest of the page goes on to either debase or dis­cred­it Mus­lim web­sites for their depen­den­cy on athe­ist” mate­r­i­al and preach­ing about the lack of con­science” on the part of Mus­lims to aban­don athe­ist mate­r­i­al (notwith­stand­ing the fact that most of the links on their page are either bro­ken or no longer exist).