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  • Splitting Hairs, The “Jochen Katz” Way

    Answering Islam has posted an early reaction in objection to our publishing of Han Kung on the Prophet Muhammad (P). There are several issues in this reaction by Jochen Katz, the de facto dictator of Answering Islam, that needs to be corrected. We shall briefly respond to each of the allegations.

  • Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World

    Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World

    From a tape lecture of the same title, Lesson 66. Edited by Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi Let us first discuss some of the new ways that Christian missionaries are using in the Islamic world, these new methods have been applied because the old methods did not prove as effective as the Christian missionaries thought they…

  • Missionary VS Terrorist: An Examination of a Missionary’s Mental Imbalance and Behaviourial Problem

    The recent barrage of missionary dementia gives us a marvelous opportunity to expose the character of the missionary Sam Shamoun, his mental disorder and the extremes he is willing to undertake in order to unleash his abuses and prejudice towards Muslims. Indeed, he convincingly demonstrates that he is a confirmed Islamophobe. The discussion is concerning…

  • The Life and Times of Muhammad (P)

    The Life and Times of Muhammad (P)

    Edward Gibbon describes the Arabs before Islam in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire as “…the human brute without sense is poorly distinguished from the rest of the animal”. From this abject barbarism, an unlettered person elevated them, as in the words of Thomas Carlyle: “…into Torch-bearers of Light And Learning. To the…

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