Christian Deception Polemical Rebuttals

Chris­t­ian Mis­sion­ar­ies Sweep­ing the Islam­ic World

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From a tape lec­ture of the same title, Les­son 66. Edit­ed by Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

Let us first dis­cuss some of the new ways that Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies are using in the Islam­ic world, these new meth­ods have been applied because the old meth­ods did not prove as effec­tive as the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies thought they were. Some of the prob­lems were the great gap between Islam and Chris­tian­i­ty such as the prin­ci­ple of Trin­i­ty and esca­la­tion of Jesus(P). Some of these new ways are :

1) Mis­guid­ing, mak­ing sim­i­lar, lying (tadleel, khi­da’, labs al-‘aqaiq): Many books have been writ­ten for Mus­lims, keep­ing the belief of Mus­lims, their ideas and gen­er­al prin­ce­ples in mind. The book Sha­ha­dat Al-Qur’an” which was dis­trib­uted all around the Islam­ic world, even in Sau­di Ara­bia. This book was tak­en from the book The Lord is One” by Zakariya Boutros. This book talks about the sim­i­lar­i­ties between Islam and Chris­t­ian faith. They, for exam­ple, quote the verse that refers to prophet Jesus pbuh as a prophet, a word and a spir­it. They say that is orig­i­naly the same Trin­i­ty ! Of course this is a false inter­pre­ta­tion, a lie. Allah said he blew in Adam of his own spir­it, Allah gave his word to Moses(P), David(P), Ibraham(P), Adam(P), Muhammad(P) and not only to Jesus(P). The mis­sion­ar­ies base this whole the­o­ry on the fact that there are three nouns, ie just because of the num­ber. One of their oth­er argu­ments that they say that In the name of Allah, the Most Gra­cious, the Most Mer­ci­ful” means three gods ! Not one ! that is a worst lie than the one before, they ignore that Allah has 99 names that we know, and many more that Allah promised to tell His prophet at the Day of Judgment.

2) Build­ing church­es that look sim­i­lar to mosques : Mus­lims were turned off from enter­ing church­es because they looked dif­fer­ent, that also made them feel very uncom­fort­able with them. They also changed the inter­nal struc­ture of the church to look sim­i­lar to a mosque, the peo­ple sit on the floor and in lines. They have cir­cles (‘alaqat) for teach­ing and that sort of stuff. They start­ed using a new way for recit­ing the Bible that is sim­i­lar to the tar­teel of Quran. The also try to com­pare Christ in Islam to Christ in Chris­tian­i­ty”. They mis­quot­ed Tafseer Al-Jalaleen, and make it sound like the Tafseer says Jesus pbuh knows the time of Domes­day (ya’la­mu assa’a), when you refer to Al-Jalaleen you find that the time of Domes­day is known to be very soon when Jesus comes (to’la­mu beno­zoli­hi assa’a). In oth­er words they lie in a shame­fu­ly. This is used to fool the mus­lim who is not edu­cat­ed about his reli­gion. Anoth­er book is Al-Saleeb Fi Al-Injeel wal Qur’an”, where they claim that Sheikh Al-Fakhr Al-Razi believes that Jesus(P) was killed on the cross, when you check al-Tafseer Al-Kabeer you find that this is a big lie. Al-Fakhr Al-Razi quot­ed a ques­tion from a Chris­t­ian guy then took pages to answer it, so they quot­ed the ques­tion of the Chris­t­ian guy ! This is one of many examples.

3) Names : they start­ed using Islam­ic names, for exam­ples one of their radio sta­tions that has a per­son that is respon­si­ble for answer­ing the ques­tions of the lis­ten­ers is called Sheikh Abdal­lah”, his pro­gram is called Allahu Akbar”, oth­er radio sta­tions are called Sawt Al-haq”, Noor ala Noor”. They can use dif­fer­ent names but they use these only to con­fuse Mus­lims with their mis­guid­ed preaching.

4) They start­ed a new way not to tell Mus­lims things as they are, for exam­ple not to tell them that Chris­tians believe that Jesus(P) is the Son of Allah (a’ooth bil­lah), since Jesus him­self did­n’t use that expres­sion, so they use oth­er words like the Spir­it of Allah” since it is clos­er to the under­stand­ing of a Mus­lim. They also use titles that are com­mon between the two reli­gions such as Assalah”, Assawm”, Assadaqa” which include Chris­t­ian pro­pa­gan­da but a title that is used to hunt mus­lim readers.

5) The use of Islam­ic expres­sions such as Bis­mil­lahi ar-Rah­mani ar-Raheem”, Jesus Alai­hi assalam”, Allah sub­hanah”, Allah tabarak wa ta’ala” … call­ing their church­es bayt Allah” (Hous­es of God). They some­times even claim to accept Islam as a reli­gion from God, but they say that Chris­tian­i­ty was not can­celed by Islam ! (ghayr-nasekh). There is a book called Deen Al-Masee­hi lam Yon­sakh” by Iskan­dar Jadid (Chris­t­ian), he also mis­quot­ed Al-Jalaleen claim­ing that he said that Mus­lims must ask the peo­ple of the book Is’a­lo ahlal-thikr” when in fact Al-Jalaleen were explain­ing that Allah was ask­ing the kufaar to check with Ahl al-Kitab that Allah always sent male mes­sen­gers only, like Jesus, Moses, David…etc, peace be upon them. And to ask them only about that, not any­thing else.

6) Mak­ing con­ces­sions to win Mus­lims : for exam­ple, mak­ing Qudas (Chris­t­ian cer­e­mo­ny) on Fri­days not on Sun­days to con­fuse Mus­lims, this was done in Kuwait for example.

7) Accept­ing the prin­ci­ple of polygamy : A fun­ny thing to men­tion, in Eng­land there was a con­fer­ence in 1409 AD for priests (assaaqi­fat al-Injeel) and a big dis­cus­sion took place about polygamy, many of them total­ly reject­ed that issue and said that this is one thing they use against Islam, but they faced the prob­lem that if they did­n’t allow polygamy they will lose their cam­paigns in Africa, after real­iz­ing that, they allowed it. There are Catholic priest in Africa with 40 wives or more.

8) They say that many Mus­lims have changed to Chris­tian­i­ty and they pub­lish books and cas­settes about that. For exam­ple the book Limatha Sir­tu Masee­hiyan” by a writer Sul­tan Muham­mad Bolous”, a weird mix of Chris­t­ian and Mus­lim names. They claim in this book that this per­son was a Mus­lim from Afghanistan who was the son of a schol­ar and went to Mec­ca to do Hajj, asked Allah for one thing which was to give him the true guid­ance, then the book says they he accept­ed Chris­tian­i­ty, the rest of the book is attacks on Islam that appear to be writ­ten by some­one who has done a whole lot of research and is very deep into Islam­ic issues. It is very obvi­ous that this book is false and forged, this is a way that is used quite a lot by Chris­tians and even Shi’a and the oth­er mis­guid­ed, lost sects who claim that Ahlul Sun­na Wal Jama’at do the same thing (go to Hajj and ask for true guid­ance and accept their sect…). Anoth­er book Sudan Rush­es to God”, giv­ing a lot of sto­ries about many peo­ple who came back to Chris­tian­i­ty, many of them are actu­al­ly orig­i­nal­ly Chris­tians who strength­en their bond with the (adden al-man­sookh, deen al-kaneesah) unright­eous way. Some oth­er cas­es they to be orig­i­nal­ly Mus­lims. We say in answer, in tastafti­ho faqad ja’akom al-fathu”, Sudan is rush­ing to Allah because Islam­ic law is being applied more and more day by day, The Chris­t­ian mil­i­tary state in the south los­es more and more and now it is a lit­tle insignif­i­cant group that has no place to stay, the kaafir tribes in the south are com­ing into the reli­gion of Allah. Like Allah said in His Book, when the vic­to­ry of Allah comes, and you see the peo­ple com­ing into Islam in big groups then do tas­beeh” for Allah and thank him a lot, ask him for for­give­ness because he is At-tawab (Sura’ al-Fath).

9) Tak­ing the chil­dren from their par­ents and rais­ing them accord­ing to their belief : For exam­ple in Eng­land they start­ed spe­cial hotels for chil­dren where they stay there with no con­nec­tion with their par­ents, the work­ers there speak many lan­guages, fun­ny how most of them are Mus­lim-spo­ken lan­guages (e.g. Ara­bic). Anoth­er exam­ple is Bosn­ian chil­dren who were tak­en from Bosnia in Italy and France where they are raised accord­ing to Chris­t­ian belief, chil­dren who are 3 months to 3 years old who know noth­ing about their orig­i­nal reli­gion. Even if these chil­dren dis­cov­er what hap­pened to them they will still have doubts from what was taught to them for all their lives.

10) Edu­ca­tion cur­ricu­lums : In Egypt the Chris­tians there protest­ed and asked to remove the vers­es of Qur’an and the hadeeths from cur­ricu­lums, they write sev­er­al arti­cles in the news­pa­pers. And how fast do you think did the Gov­ern­ment answer ? In a very short while the cur­ricu­lums were changed and the vers­es and Ahadeth were dropped, the gov­ern­ment used the excuse the mate­r­i­al was too hard for the chil­dren”, com­pare that to how they teach mus­lims to for­get Allah and accept kufr such as Jesus(P) is the son of God.

11) The use of nat­ur­al dis­as­ters : Such as wars, floods, etc, for exam­ple in Sudan they had such things when Sudan had its star­va­tion, Mus­lims had to choose either take food + kufr, or stay a Mus­lim, but a hun­gry Mus­lim. It is also sad that the aids that Mus­lims send were dis­trib­uted by Chris­tians such as the Red Cross and oth­ers, these funds were sent by Mus­lims in the Gulf and the rest of the world for the mus­lims in Soma­lia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. It is also sad that all the aid that goes to Bosnia is giv­en by Ger­man insti­tu­tions, what do we expect from these peo­ple ? They use their funds and resources to spread their reli­gion and to spread hatred of one Mus­lim towards the oth­er (“the cross comes with food for you, your Mus­lim broth­ers for­got you”).

12) Mak­ing con­di­tions easy for new con­verts from Islam to Chris­tian­i­ty : These con­verts are treat­ed by oth­er Mus­lims as a trai­tor and some­thing shame­ful, and that is the truth. They also saw that new con­verts feel left and aban­doned, they also do not find full sat­is­fac­tion with Chris­tian­i­ty. Some­thing I want to men­tion, a book I looked at Al-Masi­hi Al-Mubashir Bay­na Al-Mus­limeen” (The Chris­t­ian Mis­sion­ary Among Mus­lims). This book was print­ed in Lagos in Nige­ria and was giv­en to all the mis­sion­ar­ies in that area, this books explains how the mis­sion­ary can get the best results of his preach­ing. It says :

… the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary must offer a great love for new con­verts, as well as reg­u­lar Mus­lims, be nice to him. Learn about Islam not only to destroy Mus­lims’ belief, but also to under­stand the sim­i­lar­i­ties between Islam and Chris­tian­i­ty so that you start with these points. Talk to them about Jesus, tell them that he loves them and that he is their Sav­iour. Do not argue the faith, give them a gen­er­al idea, a fast answer, even try to make it as a joke. Espe­cial­ly the Trin­i­ty, or the idea that Jesus is god, log­i­cal con­clu­sions and dis­cus­sions then we will fail, there­fore we must ignore the sub­ject or even make it a joke, also use sim­i­lar things, for exam­ple Ibn-Ass­abell, say that Jesus is Ibn Assabel…” 

and that is a great lie because these mis­sion­ar­ies say that Jesus is the son of God” not Ibn Ass­abel”. Some of the advices that are used in that book :

avoid dis­cussing the prophet Muham­mad and tell them that God will eval­u­ate Moham­mad, you don’t eval­u­ate him. Also use the point of free­dom of reli­gion, use the verse from Quran that says that. It is known to Mus­lims that if a Mus­lim changes reli­gion his pun­ish­ment is to be killed, the prophet said if a Mus­lim changes reli­gion then kill him.” Also the book says Do not try to change the reli­gion of the Mus­lim right away, try to first make them accept Jesus as their lover and Sav­iour, then you must encour­age them to get bap­tized and declare their new religion.” 

The book also says Mus­lim con­verts must not mar­ry Chris­tians, it has been proven that he may mar­ry anoth­er Mus­lim women” but the truth is that in many cas­es con­verts into Chris­tian­i­ty change back into Islam and their Chris­t­ian wives change with them too. Chris­t­ian girls must mar­ry Chris­t­ian youth.

Now we dis­cuss mis­sion­ary acitvi­ty itself…

First of all, the impor­tance of the Islam­ic world, the Islam­ic world is the land that is full of milk and hon­ey, the way Butrous Al-Nasik” described it when he called for the Euro­pean Cru­sades, today the Islam­ic world floods with oil too, which is the most impor­tant one because the west­ern civ­i­liza­tion and econ­o­my is based on the con­sump­tion of this oil, of which 70% is in the Islam­ic world, and much more is dis­cov­ered day by day.

Sec­ond, the great num­ber of Mus­lims, which grows faster than any oth­er nations, for exam­ple in Pales­tine, the growth rates of Mus­lim are much high­er than Israelis, which indi­cates that if things go as they are Mus­lims will out­num­ber the Israelis and take over, so what you notice now is that they try to com­plete­ly ter­mi­nate the Islam­ic exis­tence, we can see that very clear­ly in Bosnia where they kill a Mus­lim even if he knew noth­ing about his reli­gion. This is one issue, the oth­er is birth con­trol and lim­it­ing it among Mus­lims. A fun­ny exam­ple is Indone­sia, Indone­sia is a dense­ly pop­u­lat­ed Mus­lim land, one of the doc­tors who I know that lived in Aus­tralia before told me that the aver­age Aus­tralian believes that one day those Indone­sians will invade Aus­tralia, he said that this belief is very strong in the heart of Aus­tralians to the degree that he thought it orig­i­nat­ed from some sort of a pre­vi­ous pre­dic­tion or so, after inves­ti­ga­tion we dis­cov­ered that there is no such thing and it is only from the fact that Indone­sia in dense­ly pop­u­lat­ed and Aus­tralia is not, and so when this Mus­lim coun­try is over-pop­u­lat­ed Mus­lims will invade Aus­tralia, that is what Aus­tralians fear.

The third rea­son, and the most impor­tant, the Islam­ic threat, the one they call fun­daman­talist threat”, which they fear today, and which is com­ing now. It appears to me that this threat is com­ing very soon, so they fear Islam today. I talked about this in details in a pre­vi­ous lec­ture titled Why do they fear Islam?” but con­cern­ing their fear today, I will add some­thing new to it.

Islam in cen­tral Asia and pre­vi­ous USSR republics : It has become a dan­ger to them, they decid­ed not to allow any Sau­di Mus­lim to get a visa to go there, it appears that this is a coöper­a­tion between Russ­ian and Amer­i­can intel­li­gence because of their fear of Islam is spread­ing or get­ting stronger. Anoth­er exam­ple is Afghanistan, there are great threats to destroy the Islam­ic gov­ern­ment in Afghanistan and to estab­lish a state in north­ern Afghanistan that does­n’t apply Islam­ic law so that it stands between the con­trol of what they call the fun­de­man­talist gov­ern­ment” in Kab­ul and the rest of Afghanistan. Anoth­er exam­ple is Bosnia, Iread yes­ter­day about a report from the British intel­li­gence which warns against the great Islam­ic dan­ger from the Balkan states, it also says that there is a part of Ser­bia called Koso­vo which is pop­u­lat­ed by a Mus­lims major­i­ty, and that these Mus­lims are unit­ing and they assigned for them­selves a Mus­lim leader and they are gath­er­ing weapons. It says that they intend to ask for sep­a­ra­tion from Ser­bia and recog­ni­tion from the world, and if not giv­en that they will start a new Balkan war against the Serbs and the Balka­ns will fall into a Mus­lim-Chris­t­ian war that no one can pre­dict how and when it will end. In addi­tion to many Mus­lim groups who store guns in Alba­nia and Mon­tene­gro. So they expect a war between Islam, or what they call fun­da­men­tal­ism, ver­sus Chris­tian­i­ty. We too expect that war and maybe even faster than they expect, that is why they give a great deal to the Mus­lim lands.

It is enough evi­dence for you that the Coun­cil of Inter­na­tion­al Church­es in its 7th gath­er­ing in Aus­tralia con­cen­trat­ed on the Mid­dle East and decid­ed to assign the Pope Shenou­da to be the head for its mis­sion­ary cam­paigns in the Islam­ic world, with the cen­ter being Cairo in Egypt. Shenou­da was giv­en great author­i­ty to do his mis­sion. This is why notice that Shenou­da has that great atten­tion in the media and on TV, espe­cial­ly in the Egypt­ian TV and news­pa­pers. We notice the same atten­tion in west­ern news­pa­pers and TV chan­nels, where he is por­trayed as the leader of Chris­tians in the Mid­dle East.

Many of the young Mus­lims today are not afraid of this mis­sion­ary cam­paign, they think that it does not affect any­thing. I say that this is wrong, it was proven by study that this is not true, and that many Mus­lims are affect­ed by this mis­sion­ary activ­i­ty, and that many Mus­lims leave Islam and enter into Chris­tian­i­ty ! Add to that the ones who are slight­ly affect­ed by Chris­tian­i­ty they for exam­ple leave Islam with­out enter­ing into Chris­tian­i­ty, or accept some of the Chris­t­ian belief, or help Chris­tians in their activ­i­ties, or accept that their rel­a­tives become Chris­tians then that is a huge num­ber of peo­ple ! So the mis­sion­ary activ­i­ty is doing what it is sup­posed to do.

It is wrong to think that every Mus­lim has an impuni­ty against these mis­sion­ar­ies, the mis­sion­ary efforts are very huge, they are start­ing to give results even it is was a par­tial suc­cess. The need for food, shel­ter, med­i­cine, edu­ca­tion and clothes are one of the rea­sons that Mus­lims may accept chris­tian­i­ty. Igno­rance is also anoth­er rea­son, there are many Mus­lims who do not know much about Islam. The igno­rant Mus­lim is called to Chris­tian­i­ty in cun­ning ways and so he enters into it. The fact that there is no Islam­ic preach­ing to stand in the face of Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary with sim­i­lar preach­ing is also anoth­er fac­tor, there is not such activ­i­ty to teach those igno­rant Mus­lims about their reli­gion and warn­ing them about the dan­ger of the mis­sion­ar­ies is a rea­son that made chris­tian­i­ty accept­able among Muslims.

I will give some exam­ples about this, just some exam­ples of the many I have, Wal­lah if I want­ed to dis­cuss all the doc­u­ments I have we would spend all night, but this is a few just to give you some ideas :

1) Africa : In the news­pa­per Adda awa”, Issue num­ber 1324, they asked a ques­tion Did the Pope’s plan to make Africa a Chris­t­ian con­ti­nent by the year 2000 suc­ceed­ed?”, it appears that there is a huge cam­paign to make Africa a Chris­t­ian con­ti­nant, many mis­sion­ary activ­i­ties are tak­ing the forms of med­ical and edu­ca­tion­al aid, it is based on a huge num­ber of mis­sion­ar­ies and a well designed plan to con­vert the con­ti­nent. For exam­ple, in Zam­bia the pres­i­dent announced that it is a Chris­t­ian coun­try even though the Chris­tians are only 25% of the pop­u­la­tion, the church is run­ning with a dic­ta­tor­ship method­ol­o­gy in Africa by oppress­ing and con­trol­ling, trash­ing their false the­o­ries of the free­dom of reli­gion. The inter­na­tion­al orga­ni­za­tions are keep­ing their eyes away from the act of forc­ing peo­ple to con­vert into Chris­tian­i­ty, why don’t they pro­tect Mus­lims from this injus­tice ? The Mus­lims in Zam­bia, 50% of them send their chil­dren to Chris­t­ian schools. Two min­is­ters in Zam­bia are offi­cial priests, in addi­tion to the min­is­ter of infor­ma­tion who is anoth­er offi­cial priest. The Coun­cil of the Mus­lims of Africa says that in Malawi the per­cent­age of Mus­lims has dropped from 66% to 17% in half a cen­tu­ry. In Mali one sin­gle priest built 200 church­es, 20 hos­pi­tals, 50 schools and 600 wells.

The Pope made sev­en vis­its to Africa ! Allahu Akhbar ! The head of Chris­tian­i­ty gives that much atten­tion and time to Africa ! The Mus­lim schol­ars do not even think about these African states not just not vis­it them. 300,000 Mus­lims were con­vert­ed into chris­tian­i­ty in the last two years. In Sene­gal the Pope met the Sufi sheikhs, and he even met the Mus­lim youths which made the media in that coun­try make fun of Mus­lims, their belief and their schol­ars. In Soma­lia, the only coun­try that is 100% pure Mus­lim land with no minor­i­ty, that is why it was divid­ed into three states, church­es were built every­where, great efforts were put to build radio sta­tions, spread books, etc and in the time of the war of Aghadeer the Chris­tians used that war to build their sites and church­es even though Soma­lia had not a sin­gle Chris­t­ian before the war. The Chris­tians have reached pow­er­ful posi­tions in the coun­try and there are radio sta­tions for the sole pur­pose of con­vert­ing Mus­lims in Soma­lia and to Africa in general.

In Spain they have the biggest cen­ter of mis­sion­ar­ies to Africa, they are trained real­ly well and their efforts lead many Mor­ro­cans to con­vert, in Moroc­co mis­sion­ar­ies are giv­en many priv­i­leges from the gov­ern­ment to do their activ­i­ty and trav­el freely. Mis­sion­ary work in Africa towards Mus­lims in Europe is a great activ­i­ty, the fact that they are in a Chris­t­ian soci­ety makes it easy. David Pareet says in the Chris­t­ian ency­clo­pe­dia, and this is dan­ger­ous sur­vey, the num­ber of Chris­tians in Africa was 9 mil­lion only in 1900 AD, or they were 9% of the whole pop­u­la­tion. In the year 1980 they became 200 mil­lion ! Imag­ine ! They jumped from 9 to 200 mil­lion in 80 years, he expect­ed them to reach 390 mil­lion in the year 2000 or 48% of the whole pop­u­la­tion of Africa ! That is if they grow on the same ratio, of course they want to speed up the process.

Con­cern­ing Alge­ria, I read a report in the mag­a­zine Al-‘Alam Al-Isla­mi”, issue 1229, it says that French occu­pa­tion came to Alge­ria orig­i­nal­ly to con­vert Alge­ria into a Chris­t­ian coun­try, the Mar­shal Vego used to say the days of Islam are few”, sub­han Allah ! I wish he could see what hap­pened to Alge­ria and how it became a great Islam­ic strength that the West thinks a 1000 times about. A French leader used to say Qur’an is stronger than France”, the sec­ond French guy was right and the first was wrong, the good thing that relieves me a bit is that in the 132 years of occu­pa­tion not a sin­gle Mus­lim child con­vert­ed into Chris­tian­i­ty in Alge­ria ! And this shows the strength and decen­cy of the great peo­ple of Alge­ria against the mis­sion­ary activities.

Egypt is con­sid­ered a cen­ter, a great cen­ter for the Mus­lim world, it is known to have a Chris­t­ian minor­i­ty (Cop­tic). The West sup­ports the Egypt­ian gov­ern­ment on the bases of its sup­port for that minor­i­ty. The Egypt­ian gov­ern­ment gives its reports of obe­di­ence to that minor­i­ty and oth­er reports of the crush­ing of Mus­lim youth to get its sup­port from the West. In the year 1986 six of the Mus­lims in Egypt con­vert­ed into Chris­tian­i­ty, the Al-Azhar did­n’t do any­thing. Then Moth­er Tere­sa, a very well-known mis­sion­ary came to Egypt and was able to change 50 young girls from Islam into Christianity.

In a secret, dan­ger­ous meet­ing in Oxford, which some results were exposed to the pub­lic lat­er, it was con­cern­ing mis­sion­ary activ­i­ty in Egypt and the new meth­ods of mis­sion­ar­ies. The Pope Shenou­da built hun­dreds of schools in Egypt, add to that many for­eign schools like the Uni­ver­si­ty of Sin­goor in Alexan­dria. A secret report was exposed show­ing that there is a coun­cil called Al-Jam’iya Al-Sihiya Al-Mase­hiya with sup­port from the Amer­i­can imba­cy there and that it main pur­pose is mis­sion­ary activ­i­ty. The Protes­tant church­es in Egypt start­ed an inten­sive mis­sion­ary activ­i­ty from Qasr Ad-Deb­o­rah which is also close from the Amer­i­can imba­cy and is also a head quar­ters for mis­sion­ary activ­i­ty. Oth­er insti­tu­tions were built in uni­ver­si­ties and schools to cap­ture young Mus­lim girls and arrange for them (da’arah) immoral activ­i­ties and then pho­to­graph them and black­mail them with those pic­tures. There are also Chris­t­ian gangs and ter­ror­ist groups such as Al-Jihad Al-Nas­rani, and the weird thing is that the gov­ern­ment lets it work with­out harass­ment, and the so-called Pope Shenou­da com­plete­ly denies its exis­tence while the schol­ars of Al-Azhar con­firm its exis­tence and its harass­ment to Mus­lims. The gov­ern­ment is only con­cerned with lim­it­ing the activ­i­ties of the Mus­lim youth.

2) Indone­sia : The biggest Mus­lim gath­er­ing in the world, more than 180 mil­lion Mus­lims of which 80% of are Mus­lims. This coun­try is very poor, for exam­ple one Sau­di Riyal is 2000 Rupi­ah there, they are ready to accept any­thing, if Mus­lims intend to spread Islam it would be a great land for it. I saw that with my eyes when I vis­it­ed it and I told my com­pan­ions that Indone­sia is for those who come first. From the poor­ness of Indone­sia, they have some­thing called rice mis­sion­ary”, the use of rice to spread Chris­tian­i­ty and also med­ical mis­sion­ary”, it is enough to know that more than 30% have an income less than 500$ per year. Many of them have con­vert­ed. Above all that 65% of the com­pa­nies are in the hands of Chris­tians, the best schools are Chris­t­ian schools and they are always the cen­ter for the chil­dren of influ­en­tial, rich and pow­er­ful peo­ple. On the polit­i­cal side, most of the politi­cians are Chris­tians, 65% of the high mil­i­tary offi­cers are Chris­tians ! Even there is an attempt to put a Chris­t­ian pres­i­dent from them, a guy called Beni Mur­dani, a Catholic who holds the Min­istry of Defense and is sup­port­ed by the West. It is enough to know that this man is sup­port­ed by Jam’iy­at Nah­dat Al-‘Ulama, a Mus­lim group ! The num­ber of for­eign mis­sion­ar­ies 27,324, almost 30 thou­sand mis­sion­ar­ies and that does­n’t include the Indone­sian mis­sion­ar­ies ! On the oth­er hand the num­ber of Mus­lim preach­ers are less than 80 ! There is 20 Amer­i­can mis­sion­ary insti­tu­tions, 44 European…the bud­get for mis­sion­ar­ies in Indone­sia is 100 mil­lion dol­lars per year. Their meth­ods are many : reach­ing pow­er posi­tions, edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tions, pub­li­ca­tions ! Also there are emp­ty islands where the gov­ern­ment moves some Mus­lims and some pagans there so the mis­sion­ar­ies hur­ry to build there and meet these peo­ple as they come and con­vert them ! Many Mus­lims were con­vert­ed this way. Mixed mar­riages between Mus­lims and Chris­tians is anoth­er way. There are also sev­er­al air­line com­pa­nies that ded­i­cate all their rev­enue to the mis­sion­ary effort as men­tioned the the mag­a­zine Al-Yamamah, issue 1410.

There is also an Island called Sama­rang which has the High Insti­tu­tion For Mis­sion­ary which was able to con­vert 6000 Mus­lim stu­dents in 9 years who become mis­sion­ar­ies too. There is also anoth­er area called Riyam, this area is unciv­i­lized and the peo­ple there still live in prim­i­tive lifestyle. There is a great effort to con­vert these peo­ple, even by seduc­ing them by Euro­pean girls who live among them…there are some Mus­lim effort but they do not com­pare to the Chris­t­ian effort.

3) Malaysia : Father Than” there calls for polit­i­cal activ­i­ty to build what he calls the King­dom of God” in Malaysia to stop the cor­rup­tion in the gov­ern­ment. Malaysia is also threat­ened by the change of the kind of pop­u­la­tion from the immi­gra­tion by Chi­nese peo­ple who changes the ratios and per­cent­ages of Mus­lims there in all its states.

4) The ex-Com­mu­nist republics : The mag­a­zine Al-Muj­ta­ma’a in the issue 996 said that Istan­bul wit­nessed a huge meet­ing, which is the first of its kind since a 1000 years, which was attend­ed by the high­est priests of East­ern Ortho­dox church­es and 14 Ortho­dox church­es from the Mid­dle East, Africa and East­ern Europe were rep­re­sent­ed in that meet­ing. The goal of that meet­ing was rec­on­cil­i­a­tion with the oth­er church­es to face the so called chal­lenges”. These chal­lenges are us the Mus­lims, mean­ing that the Chris­tians are unit­ing and gath­er­ing to face and fight what they call the Islam­ic fun­da­men­tal­ism” which is pref­ered to as chal­lenges”. The meet­ing also issued a state­ment say­ing that the east­ern church has faced a lot of oppres­sion on the hands of Mus­lims and that the lands of cen­tral Asia and Rus­sia was a Chris­t­ian land and it must return a Chris­t­ian land as it was before ! There­fore the meet­ing assigned a great deal of funds and meth­ods like tapes, pub­li­ca­tions, send­ing mis­sion­ar­ies, build­ing schools to bring Chris­tians back to their reli­gion and and to con­vert Mus­lims. For that an Amer­i­can insti­tu­tion made a great cam­paign called Unit­ing For the Sake of Jesus” which was aimed to at the Chris­tians of Rus­sia, it sent 1,000,000 copies of the Bible to Rus­sia, oth­er activites includ­ed pub­lish­ing Chris­t­ian leaflets every­where, broad­cast­ing movies such as one called Jesus” which I saw here in this city, which talks to these peo­ple and asks them to take Jesus into their life after leav­ing Com­mu­nism. They also built many Chris­t­ian schools all around Rus­sia and train­ing mis­sion­ar­ies there. In Alba­nia which is a state that left Com­mu­nism, there are mas­sive mis­sion­ary efforts, it even reached that Chris­tians are star­ing to get a good grip on the econ­o­my there even though that there is a lot of poor­ness and hunger there … the Chris­tians are also try­ing only to pro­vide work for Chris­tians, they even built a huge fac­to­ry and the only con­di­tion to work there was to wear a cross on your chest. One of the local sheikhs, Taw­fiq Islam, exposed in an inter­view with the press the mis­sion­ary and Chris­tians plots, he also said the Chris­tians have built cen­tres in most cities and vil­lages there. Of course this is just some of what they did, I have sev­er­al oth­er doc­u­ments but I’ll save them for the lack of time.

I have an arti­cle titled The Future Of Islam in Africa”, it was pub­lished in the mag­a­zine Al-Ummah in Juma­da the first 1406 Hijri, it talks about the plans to con­vert the tribe Fulani, one the biggest tribes in Nige­ria which was the tribe that sup­port­ed Shiekh Oth­man Fudio who estab­lished a Khi­lafa in Nige­ria the begin­ning of the 19th cen­tu­ry. This con­cludes the mate­r­i­al on this lec­ture, next lec­ture we will con­tin­ue about missionaries.

Wa Assalatu Wa Assala­mu Ala Sayyid­i­na Muhammad. Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World 27Endmark

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