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  • Reassess­ing The Bina­ry : Chris­t­ian Depic­tions of Jesus and Muhammad

    Reassess­ing The Bina­ry : Chris­t­ian Depic­tions of Jesus and Muhammad

    In the face of Christian polemics, a critical exploration into Islamic teachings offers a pathway to uncovering the true essence of Prophet Muhammad’s message. This approach reveals the depth, compassion, and wisdom of Islam, contrasting sharply with misconceptions. Embark on a journey to challenge narratives, seek authenticity, and illuminate the profound principles of Islam.

  • The Myth of ​“The Myth of Mod­er­ate Islam”

    The Myth of The Myth of Mod­er­ate Islam”

    In a recent article in The Spectator magazine in the UK, the evangelical leader Patrick Sookhdeo takes a swipe at Muslims and their religion. Does his case stand up to scrutiny? Patrick Sookhdeo’s article (July 30, 2005) in London’s The Spectator, "The Myth of a Moderate Islam" reflects a dangerous trend in the war on…

  • Shaykh Khalid Yasin : Under­stand­ing Chris­tian­i­ty In Five Minutes

    Shaykh Khalid Yasin : Under­stand­ing Chris­tian­i­ty In Five Minutes

    Explore a thought-provoking discussion by Shaykh Khalid Yasin as he questions the legitimacy and historical accuracy of the New Testament writers. Dive into this riveting dialogue and form your own perspectives. Delve deeper into the world of Biblical criticism with Khalid Yasin.

  • The Apoth­e­o­sis of Jesus of Nazareth

    The Apoth­e­o­sis of Jesus of Nazareth

    A special "gift" for the Christian missionaries on occasion of Good Friday. I wish to show by an analysis of Wisdom Christology in Matthew’s gospel chapter 23, that the evangelist took the dramatic step of changing Jesus’ metaphysical status from creature to Creator by altering the Q tradition, and to reflect on the theological implications…

  • Islam and Co-Existence

    Islam and Co-Existence

    The Interfaith Coalition of Nashville organized this year's interfaith conference in the Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA. Judaism was represented by Dr. Donna Whitney, Christianity by Dr. Tom Davis, Hinduism by Dr. Howard J. Resnick (HD Goswami), and Buddhism by Professor Win Myint. Dr. Habib Siddiqui represented Islam. This is the transcript of his speech on…

  • Hans Kung’s The­o­log­i­cal Rubicon

    In Hans Kung's address to this conference he has once again proven himself a pioneer of interreligious dialogue. What he has been doing throughout most of his theological career, he was doing again-exploring new territory, raising new questions in the encounter of Christianity with other religions. Although Kung made his greatest contribution in the inner-Christian,…

  • The Qur’an­ic Ety­molo­gies of Nazarene” and Gospel” and Their His­tor­i­cal Implications

    Jour­nal of the Soci­ety for Qur’an­ic Stud­ies, Num­ber 1, Vol­ume 1, 2001 The Qur’an and the New Tes­ta­ment agree on a num­ber of issues regard­ing Jesus Christ. Both books, for instance, stress that Jesus, who is called ” ​‘Isa” in the Qur’an, was con­ceived mirac­u­lous­ly by his moth­er Mary. He had no father. This is what the…

  • The Influ­ence of the Pauline Epis­tles Upon The Gospels of The New Testament

    The Influ­ence of the Pauline Epis­tles Upon The Gospels of The New Testament

    Christians believe that Paul of Tarsus is the 'Apostle' of Jesus(P), whom he met in a vision on his journey to Damascus. Paul is also claimed to be the author of the Epistles to the Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon and…

  • Will the Real Demon-Pos­sessed” Prophet Please Stand Up ?

    The fol­low­ing is our par­tial response to the tirade authored by the bel­liger­ent Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary Sam Shamoun, to be found here. This arti­cle will clear­ly estab­lish Prophet Muham­mad(P) as the true Prophet, insha’Al­lah. In the forth­com­ing papers, we will pro­vide a detailed cri­tique of the shod­dy polemics of the mis­sion­ary, togeth­er with a detailed exam­i­na­tion of his…