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  • Anoth­er Ratio­nal Approach To The Prophet­hood of Muhammad

    Anoth­er Ratio­nal Approach To The Prophet­hood of Muhammad

    So is it possible for the Most Wise to enable a liar to be victorious, assist him, aid him against his opponents and make the end result in his favour and his followers, although this liar continuously invent lies and forgeries against God claiming that He sent him

  • Sav­iour-gods Muti­lat­ed Through­out Antiquity

    Sav­iour-gods Muti­lat­ed Through­out Antiquity

    One of the big questions nobody has asked about Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ is this: If the crucifixion was a historic event and so central to the Christian Gospel, why is it that there is no evidence whatever of a man on a cross in Christian art and monuments for almost seven…

  • John 8 and the Birth of Jesus

    Fol­low­ing are some obser­va­tions on the curi­ous account of the birth of Jesus which a care­ful study of the Gospels reveal : In John 8:31 ff., there is a debate between Jesus and the Jews about their descent from Abra­ham, who is char­ac­ter­ized as their father. In verse 39, Jesus calls into ques­tion the legit­i­ma­cy of their birth…

  • Dif­fer­ences Between Mod­ern Bible Translations

    We will take the most popular Bibles such as the King James Version (KJV), the Revised Standard Version (RSV), the New International Version (NIV), the Good News Bible (GNB), the Living Bible Version (LBV) as well as the Christian Community Bible (CCB) and contrast the same verses within these Bibles.

  • Allah is the ​“Rim­mon” of Syr­ia ? A Reply to Chris­t­ian Mendacity

    Allah is the Rim­mon” of Syr­ia ? A Reply to Chris­t­ian Mendacity

    A missionary under the Yahoo! Groups nome de plume of "Patriot Tim" has made an allegation in a discussion group by stating that the Syrian pagan idol RIMMON () as mentioned in 2 Kings 5:18 is the same Deity as for the Muslims, who sometimes call upon God as ar-rahman (The Merciful).

  • The Word ​“Elo­him” in the Hebrew Qur’an

    The Word Elo­him” in the Hebrew Qur’an

    Often the mis­sion­ar­ies try to argue that the alleged ” divine name” for God is Yah­weh, and that since the word (Allah) is not ety­mo­log­i­cal­ly relat­ed to this name, it there­fore fol­lows that Mus­lims wor­ship a dif­fer­ent deity. How­ev­er, what they fail to recog­nise is that it is ety­mo­log­i­cal­ly accept­ed that the root word of (Elo­him)…

  • The Con­cept of Tawhid in Islam

    The Con­cept of Tawhid in Islam

    Con­tent Overview1 Mean­ing of Tawhid2 The Divi­sions of Tawhid2.1 Tawhid Ar-Rububiyah2.2 Tawhid al-Asma wal Sifaat2.3 Tawhid al-Ibadah2.4 Tawhid al-Hakamiyah3 Conclusions Mean­ing of Tawhid The word Tawhid comes from the verb wah­had which lit­er­al­ly means to unite. In Islam­ic ter­mi­nol­o­gy, it means to real­ize and main­tain the uni­ty of Allah in one’s actions (inward­ly and out­ward­ly).…

  • Peo­ple of The Book” and The Muslims

    Emin Ergin discusses the historical relations between Muslims and the "People of the Book", and provides evidence on how they are to be treated.