The Qur’an Can­not Be A Text of Divine Origin

The Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies tend to make the gen­er­al con­clu­sion that the Qur’an can­not be a text of divine ori­gin because of the unac­cept­able mean­ings includ­ed in it.Perhaps they are cor­rect in this con­clu­sion and we may be inclined to agree with them due to the fol­low­ing reasons.

Epi­menides Para­dox Revisited

In response to our argu­ment that Paul’s fum­bling of the Epi­menides para­dox is proof that the ad-hoc apos­tle” was not inspired after all, one Chris­t­ian has raised an objec­tion. The attempt­ed rebut­tal acknowl­edges the para­dox­i­cal nature of Epi­menides’ state­ment, but then makes the bizarre claim that Paul’s state­ment is true nonethe­less due to oth­er ele­ments attrib­uted to the Cre­tan prophet” by the apos­tle”.