Will the Real Demon-Pos­sessed” Prophet Please Stand Up ?

The fol­low­ing is our par­tial response to the tirade authored by the bel­liger­ent Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary Sam Shamoun, to be found here. This arti­cle will clear­ly estab­lish Prophet Muham­mad(P) as the true Prophet, insha’Al­lah. In the forth­com­ing papers, we will pro­vide a detailed cri­tique of the shod­dy polemics of the mis­sion­ary, togeth­er with a detailed exam­i­na­tion of his false prophet Paul.

Mag­ic Effect On The Prophet

Although we will address this polemic in detail in the sub­se­quent papers, let us make one thing clear : Hav­ing mag­ic worked upon a per­son does not make that per­son demon-pos­sessed”. There is no doubt that Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies like Sam Shamoun can only insult and malign Islam because they do not have a valid argu­ment against it. But it is impor­tant for all Mus­lims read­ing this arti­cle to refrain from return­ing fire” and insult the reli­gion of Chris­tian­i­ty, or mak­ing insult­ing car­i­ca­tures of any of the char­ac­ters in the Bible, despite the fact, that there are sev­er­al sto­ries in the Bible, which peo­ple can make hilar­i­ous par­o­dies about. This is very impor­tant. And this is exact­ly what Answer­ing Islam wants Mus­lims to do, so they can say, There, look ! See I told you, that’s how Mus­lims are!”.

Of course, there are sev­er­al athe­ist web­sites which com­plete­ly mocks Jesus(P) and cre­ate gross car­i­ca­tures about him, but we will not link to them. Instead, we will respond with sound irrefutable argu­ments and dis­man­tle the mis­sion­ary’s decep­tion, God willing.

The type of attacks the mis­sion­ary has lev­elled against the Prophet(P) is not new. Rather, we read in his­to­ry, that smut­ty Chris­tians the likes of Shamoun have a long and hor­rif­ic track record of accus­ing inno­cent peo­ple of being demon-pos­sessed. One of the most bla­tant exam­ples was the infa­mous Salem Witch Tri­als, in which dozens of inno­cent peo­ple were accused of being witch­es and demon-pos­sessed and then exe­cut­ed by pious Chris­tians. The Puri­tans who con­duct­ed these inqui­si­tions con­coct­ed their own per­son­al cri­te­ria on who was a witch” or demon-pos­sessed”, and then made it the law. 

This neo-puri­tan Sam Shamoun, does exact­ly the same thing with Prophet Muham­mad(P). Nev­er­the­less, Sam Shamoun is not fool­ing any­one, as many of his fel­low Chris­tians who have left his faith, have made a par­o­dy in which they expose this type of igno­rant behav­iour, in which Shamoun is engaged in.

There is not a sin­gle shred of evi­dence which would indi­cate that if a per­son has mag­ic worked on him, he is demon-pos­sessed”, as Shamoun fan­ta­sizes. For the Mus­lim, the sto­ry of mag­ic only increas­es his faith in Islam, because this shows how the forces of evil tried so des­per­ate­ly to attack the Prophet(P), yet, Prophet Muham­mad(P) had unwa­ver­ing faith, and by the help of God, they were defeat­ed and sent into retreat, humil­i­at­ed. Shamoun sim­ply took this sto­ry and made his own dis­gust­ing car­i­ca­ture, based on mean­ing­less unproven cri­te­ria such as the Bible. We will at a lat­er time, address each and every one of his argu­ments point by point.

As you will soon see if we take the missionary?s phoney cri­te­ria, and apply it to the Jesus of the Bible, you will see that Jesus Christ was 1000 times more demon-pos­sessed and evil than any­one, and the mis­sion­ary will be forced to admit that his lord and sav­iour, was actu­al­ly a demon”. So do Jesus a favour, and refrain from such insults, which can eas­i­ly be turned around against him.

Jesus Was Demon-Possessed

Let us ask a ques­tion : if you were walk­ing home one day, and out of nowhere, Satan appeared to you, and said, Come here and fol­low me, I want to take you some­where”, would you go ? Any true believ­er in God will imme­di­ate­ly rebuke Satan right then and there, and shout NEVER ! GO TO HELL SATAN ! STAY AWAY FROM ME ! Per­haps, they may even pick up a base­ball bat and start swing­ing till the evil spir­it runs away. Or run for their lives in the oppo­site direction.

But not the Jesus of the Bible. Shock­ing­ly, the Bible teach­es in Math­ew 4:5 – 8 that the dev­il appeared to Jesus, and asked him to go (moun­tain-climb­ing) with him, and instead of strik­ing out against Satan right then and there, Jesus actu­al­ly accept­ed Satan’s invi­ta­tion, and togeth­er, Satan and Jesus went moun­tain climb­ing. Here are the vers­es in ques­tion, or bet­ter put, Chris­tian­i­ty’s Satan­ic vers­es, Matthew ch. 4 vs. 8 :


Then the dev­il took him to the holy city, and set him on the pin­na­cle of the temple,


and said to him, If you are the Son of God, throw your­self down ; for it is writ­ten, He will give his angels charge of you,’ and On their hands, they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.’ ”


Jesus said to him, Again it is writ­ten, You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’ ”


Again, the dev­il took him to a very high moun­tain and showed him all the king­doms of the world and the glo­ry of them ;

The Bible does not say that there was any kind of fight or resis­tance on the part of Jesus when Satan appeared to him and invit­ed him to fol­low him, there­fore, we will have to assume that Jesus went will­ing­ly. There­fore, we see from this out­ra­geous sto­ry in the Bible, that Jesus was clear­ly demon-pos­sessed”, so much to the point, that he took Satan as a com­rade (wali) and a trav­el­ling part­ner. In addi­tion to that, it is clear, that Jesus was NOT sin­less. Answer­ing the call of Satan, is a sin. This is sim­ply an irrec­on­cil­able con­tra­dic­tion. This sto­ry is much worse accord­ing to Shamoun’s stan­dards than sim­ply hav­ing mag­ic worked on a per­son, and then lat­er God defeat­ing those agents. Please keep in mind, that Mus­lims firm­ly believe in Jesus(P), but we do not believe in the man-made sto­ries about Jesus(P) that we read in the New Testament.

It gets worse as Jesus was alleged­ly also sui­ci­dal. Jesus open­ly admits that he com­mit­ted sui­cide on the cross in John 10:17 – 18 :


For this rea­son, the Father loves me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it again.


No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have the pow­er to lay it down, and I have the pow­er to take it again ; this charge I have received from my Father.”

A psy­cho­log­i­cal analy­sis reveals that Jesus har­boured sui­ci­dal ten­den­cies. He saw the moral injus­tice and strife of the world he lived in, and felt that if he killed him­self, he would ben­e­fit the world. Per­haps, he suf­fered from depres­sion. Rather than jump­ing off a cliff, or slash­ing his wrists, or leap­ing in front a heard of roman char­i­ots, he devised an elab­o­rate plan of cru­ci­fix­ion, one which would be an appeal to gain the sym­pa­thy of oth­ers. and final­ly, in the end, Jesus com­mit­ted suicide.

Will the Real Demon-Pos­sessed Prophet” Please Stand Up ?

Let us move away from these Salem Witch trial”-type inqui­si­tions, in which Shamoun cre­ates arti­fi­cial cri­te­ria sole­ly based upon his per­son­al whims and blind Bib­li­cal indoc­tri­na­tion. Despite his 50+ pages of irrel­e­vant and inco­her­ent rant­i­ng, the mis­sion­ary has not proved a thing. Instead, his arti­cle is a laugh­ably des­per­ate attempt to export his own per­son­al prej­u­dices to his read­ers. Although, you will find that the mat­ter is quite simple.

We would like to raise the ques­tion, why would we indulge in such per­son­al opin­ions, and base­less, sub­jec­tive evi­dence when, OBJECTIVE VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE EXISTS ? If such evi­dence did exist for Chris­tian­i­ty, we are sure we would have seen it by now. But, let us assure you, that no such evi­dence exists for the Chris­t­ian faith, and Shamoun’s 50+ page sham mon­ster paper is proof of that. And that is a direct challenge.

Yes, we said objec­tive­ly ver­i­fi­able evi­dence. There­fore, the ques­tion begs, does such evi­dence exist for Islam ? The answer is YES. And it will be clear, and undeniable.

Now, ladies and gen­tle­men, lets move on to the objec­tive clear and con­cise evi­dence. But first, let’s remove these mean­ing­less and dubi­ous labels like demon-pos­sessed” and replace it with some­thing more mean­ing­ful and less insid­i­ous, like false prophet”. As it has been demon­strat­ed in the fol­low­ing arti­cle, Chris­tian­i­ty rests upon the truth claim of an alleged prophet” who came after Jesus, Paul.

Let us now exam­ine the reli­gion of Paul and the reli­gion of Prophet Muham­mad(P) and we will see if these reli­gions have the fore­sight of address­ing the prob­lems of today’s soci­ety, or do they lead to destruc­tion. Before we begin, we would encour­age every­one to read and under­stand the fol­low­ing article.

Our soci­ety is lit­er­al­ly being eat­en alive by these ter­ri­ble vices of drugs like cocaine, mar­i­jua­na, hero­in etc. There is no need to go into detail at all of the destruc­tive nature of these drugs, and the ter­ri­ble toll it has tak­en on our youth and soci­ety. That is a giv­en. We believe both Mus­lims and Chris­tians, agree that these drugs, are the vices of Satan, and lead to destruc­tion. There­fore, we need to ask : What do these two reli­gions say about using drugs like cocaine, mar­i­jua­na, hero­in, ecsta­sy. etc ?

As we have seen from the arti­cle and Ahmed-Slick debate, Paul’s reli­gion (Chris­tian­i­ty) allows for drug abuse such as cocaine, mar­i­jua­na and hero­in. There is no con­dem­na­tion of these drugs at all.

Yet Prophet Muham­mad(P)s Islam, unlike Paul’s Chris­tian­i­ty, has com­plete­ly for­bid­den all illic­it forms of drug abuse. How can a false reli­gion, or as the mis­sion­ary puts it, a demon-pos­sessed” reli­gion, con­demn one of the evilest and lur­ing poi­sons of Satan, his pride and joy, all the while God’s sup­pos­ed­ly-true reli­gion, Chris­tian­i­ty, allows it ?

That is the most asi­nine, lame-brained and mon­strous state­ment any­one can make !

There­fore, the mat­ter is crys­tal clear accord­ing to the evi­dence, as to who is the false prophet. That false prophet is none oth­er than Paul. And the true Prophet is Muhammad.

There is no need to go fur­ther, but let us bring up a few more points. As we have seen from the debate and the arti­cle, Paul’s Chris­tian­i­ty allows women and men to wear what­ev­er they want, it is com­plete­ly based upon the indi­vid­u­al’s sub­jec­tive taste. Prophet Muham­mad(P)s Islam, of course, has a clear dress code which aids in pre­vent­ing lewdness.

Paul’s Chris­tian­i­ty allows men and woman to engage in all kinds of sex­u­al behav­iours except inter­course, Prophet Muham­mad(P)s Islam for­bids all sex­u­al or non-sex­u­al con­tact till marriage.

Here is thus the lifestyle which is pro­mot­ed by Paul’s Christianity :

Men and woman walk­ing around in tight fit­ted, skimpy out­fits expos­ing much of their parts like that of Brit­ney Spears, her style of danc­ing is also com­plete­ly allowed, each one engaged in flirt­ing and indis­creet­ly seduc­ing each oth­er (there is no con­dem­na­tion in the Bible for any of this), and not only that, but engag­ing in sev­er­al if not all sex­u­al acts except for sex­u­al inter­course, engag­ing in mash­ing”, and all the free cocaine, hero­in and mar­i­jua­na that they desire. Please keep in mind, all of this behav­iour as men­tioned above, com­plete­ly falls with­in the guide­lines of Bib­li­cal moral con­duct. No won­der we have a screwed up society.

Islam clear­ly for­bids this destruc­tive lifestyle. The rea­son why we used the word pro­motes instead of allows, is because, it is the nature for the aver­age human being seeks the path of least resis­tance, although not all. If two ways are pre­sent­ed before the aver­age human, he is going to pick the appar­ent­ly eas­i­er path. There­fore, the aver­age Chris­t­ian would like to live with­in the guide­lines of Bib­li­cal moral­i­ty, and not cre­ate any extra work” for themselves.

Chris­tian­i­ty as com­pared to Islam appears to some much more attrac­tive, due to the moral free­dom” which it offers. In many Mus­lim-Chris­t­ian mar­riages, often­times the chil­dren chose to become part of Paul’s Chris­tian­i­ty because they des­per­ate­ly desire to be on the cheer­lead­ing team at school, engage in dat­ing, exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent types of sex­u­al con­tact, drink­ing, drugs, wear­ing Brit­ney Spears”-type of dress­ing, nude or erot­ic danc­ing, all of which is well with­in the guide­lines of Paul’s Chris­tian­i­ty. Prophet Muham­mad’s(P) Islam, on the oth­er hand, crash­es the par­ty and sends every­one home.

It is said that many of these chil­dren at that age are not mature enough to see that they are being lured by the false apos­tle Paul, may Allah save us from this wicked­ness. This is because the free­dom”, which Paul’s Chris­tian­i­ty offers, is a major mar­ket­ing tool for his reli­gion. You know the say­ing, there is always free cheese in the mousetrap”.


In con­clu­sion, we have spared Sam Shamoun’s prophet from deroga­to­ry terms such as demon-pos­sessed”. The truth has no need for such antics. 

In addi­tion to that, we want to extend this invi­ta­tion to leave Paul’s reli­gion and come to the truth of Islam. 

Accept the truth of Islam, before it is too late. Come to Islam ! Will the Real "Demon-Possessed" Prophet Please Stand Up? 1Endmark

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  2. These peo­ple real­ly know noth­ing about Chris­tian­i­ty. Do yall even read the bible ? 😂lol. I don’t want to sound rude but you guys have to read the bible.😂 I real­ly wor­ry about your souls😰! Read Matthew 5:8. Our God does­n’t play with puri­ty despite what you think. Muham­mad. Was. A. Peodiphile. Get. Over. It.

    (Sor­ry if I came off as harsh but the truth hurts!)

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