One of the downsides of the Internet is that it has given our critics and enemies an opportunity to publicly defame the religion of Islam. I guess this is the price of having freedom of speech. Sometimes you have to read and hear things which are just plain detestable. The fact of the matter is that Islam has been defamed from the very beginning by its enemies and this is not about to change any time soon. What’s more, since Muslims are in a very weak position these days, the amount of anti-Islamic propaganda is on the rise from many quarters. I am sure we have all encountered numerous websites which have slandered the Prophet(P), twisted the meaning of the Qur’an, attacked the Companions of the Prophet (P), etc. The more disturbing thing is the ease with which millions of people now have access to this information as a result of the growth of the Internet.

Our first reaction is to get angry and get all fired up with a zeal to do something about it when we find these offensive sites. It is indeed a good sign of strong faith if we get angry when our faith is under attack, and may Allah always keep our faith in Islam strong. One must keep in mind that, for the most part, these people are interested in nothing more than to arouse feelings of hatred and fury against Muslims and generating poisonous feelings in the hearts of the readers. Some websites are much more subtle, however, and criticize Islam in a more “civilized” manner. Actually, this second kind of approach may be more dangerous as they tend to leave the impression that they are honestly seeking the truth, when in fact they are not.

Here I want to offer a few suggestions on dealing with these anti-Islamic websites so we can more effectively counter this continuing and mounting menace:

1) Keep your cool: As I said before, it is good to be angry when you see Islam attacked, but keep your cool and act with a level head. When we are overly angry we cannot act rationally and thus we undermine our goals. We will do and say things which later on we will regret. For example, we may be tempted to attack the person’s religion in a bad way which is not permissible in Islam.

2) Don’t write the webmaster back unless you are ready: For the most part these people thrive on confrontation. They would love for you to respond and are ready for a quick answer. Remember, many of these people know a lot about Islam so if you are not ready for them they will soundly defeat you in any argument. Also, if you answer back but don’t have the proper knowledge you will end up making Islam and Muslims look worse. Some webmasters actually post all responses on the website for all to read. The more silly the response, the more likely it will be placed on the site. Please note, just because someone wins a particular argument does not mean they are right. The loser may just not have all the information on hand at the time of the argument.

3) Don’t try to have the page removed from the Internet: Many Muslims try to have the website removed from the Internet altogether by writing the company which hosts the site and complaining. In my opinion this is a waste of time. Even if the host removed the site, they can open up in a few days under another host so our time is wasted on such efforts.

4) Don’t publicize the site to others: One of the biggest mistakes we commit is to tell others about the offensive website. All this does is give the site owner free publicity which is what he/she wants. If you see an offensive site don’t spread it all over the place as you are actually helping the site owner when you are doing this.

5) Best defense is a good offense: Finally, the best defense against anti-Islamic websites is to develop your own excellent website which presents Islam in a beautiful and accurate manner. Many people are out there searching for answers and more and more are turning to the Internet to find these answers. Possibly they could visit your website and as a result become Muslim. Also, other Muslims could use your site to get information they need for da`wah or research and Allah will reward you for providing this service. Even if you cannot start a website, you can at least submit articles to existing websites which they can use so that all can get the benefit. Remember, you can play a valuable role in improving the Islamic content on the Internet. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

I hope this advice helps. May Allah help us to be more effective in defending Islam. Dealing With Anti-Islamic Websites 2

Taken from Lexington Area Muslim Network and edited accordingly. 

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4 responses to “Dealing With Anti-Islamic Websites”

  1. wreka Avatar

    why is every religion/faith so defensive and antagonistic toward other faiths and religions?
    what makes any one of them so ‘special’ and ‘the one true religion’?

    are people of other faiths/religions/and location so intolerant of their fellow inhabitants of this small planet that their only desire is to annihilate and subsume others of a different culture?

    this is what makes me intolerant and so despairing of Mankind.
    we would rather destroy one another for a personal belief than live together and learn from each other.

    all faiths and religions originated from one source = NOT god, not allah, not christ, not mohammed – but mankinds desire to understand his existence.

  2. david misango Avatar

    Dear friends. I am a Christian.I have read your advice to Muslims regarding “anti-Islamic” websites.My comments /suggestions are as follows:
    1.Why not let Muslims make up their own minds which of the two opposing views has more credit?It seems dishonest to me for you to refer Muslims away from these sites YET YOU ARE SO SURE THAT ISLAM IS THE WHOLE TRUTH.
    2.Some sites are indeed offensive to Muslim sensitivities; what are you as a site doing about other Muslim (Islamic) sites that are very offensive to the non-muslims?
    3.Finally, if there are any issues about a site that you find offensive, what is stopping you from answering the offenses mentioned therein in a logical manner? In my humble opinion, a good answer will serve to strengthen the Muslim doubter in his belief, but ignoring such sites only stimulates curiousity to learn more things about Islam, that Muslims have not been taught in Madrassa schools?!

    Thanks and have a good day.

  3. shadowofears Avatar

    Mostly muslims dont go to these kind of websites but it is non muslims geting all wrong information about Islam from these anti-islamic sites

  4. Ali Avatar

    Very informative article, I do hope Muslims would wake up to the subtle and not so subtle attacks on Islam being perpetrated by the christian world.

    Pretty much makes you wonder how holy those demonic possessions of a holy spirit must be which drives these christian missionaries to employ such devious and fraudulent tactics.

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