Some Thoughts On The Abhorable Cartoons Of Prophet Muhammad 1

Some Thoughts On The Abhorable Car­toons Of Prophet Muhammad

We all have read about the present state of affairs con­cern­ing the Muham­mad car­toons con­tro­ver­sy and the dement­ed news­pa­pers of the Euro­pean coun­tires who in the so-called free­dom of their press and free­dom of expres­sion chose to pub­lish insult­ing car­toons depict­ing their screwed up imag­i­na­tions of the per­son­al­i­ty of The Holi­est of Allah’s Prophets and Mes­sen­gers, the Blessed Muham­mad al-Mustafa, sal­la Allahu alay­hi wasal­lam.

Why do they choose to insult Muham­mad(P)?

What has Muham­mad(P) ever done to them ?

Has the Prophet (sal­la Allahu alay­hi was allam) ever caused them any harm or misfortune ?

We all know that these worth­less crea­tures call­ing them­selves jour­nal­ists and car­i­ca­tur­ists are noth­ing more than use­less fel­lows with noth­ing to do or con­tribute to the human world except to cause dis­tress and dishar­mo­ny to the whole world by com­ing forth and caus­ing may­hem tothe Mus­lim Ummah by insult­ing the per­son­al­i­ty of our Prophet (sal­la Allahu alay­hi wasal­lam).

They have noth­ing bet­ter to offer the world except their filth and debauch­ery ! These bar­bar­ians in socalled demo­c­ra­t­ic coun­tries are show­ing their true col­ors. Civilised peo­ple do not go around insult­ing peo­ple, more so, an esteemed per­son­al­i­ty in the per­son of the Last Mes­sen­ger of God, Muham­mad bin Abdul­lah, the Sav­iour of Mankind.

Muham­mad(P) came to deliv­er Mankind, the Last Tes­ta­ment of Allah, the Al-Qur’an al Karim, as the Com­plete Guid­ance for Mankind as to how to live our lives as best as we can and uphold God’s Laws and Guide­lines in gov­ern­ing our­selves and this Earth. Mus­lims are those who sub­mit to Allah, Lord and Mas­ter of all the worlds and Uni­vers­es, human­be­ings who live as God wants us to live. In peace and har­mo­ny with the rest of mankind. Yet through­out his­to­ry, Mus­lims have been per­se­cut­ed and con­tin­ue to be vic­timised for no sheer rea­son except for our sub­mis­sion to the True God Almighty, Allah Sub­hanahu Wa Ta’ala ! The whole world ben­e­fit­ed so much from the Light of Islam in terms of so many dis­cov­er­ies and tech­no­log­i­cal advances when Islam was at its height and Europe was at it’s darkest.

Medieval prac­tices in Europe were caus­ing so much harm to its inhab­i­tants through occult prac­tices, rival­ry and may­hem in Eng­land, the Vikings raid­ings and mass mur­der­ing of their neigh­bour­ing lands and fel­low Euro­peans as record­ed in the annals of his­to­ry. Witch­craft, debauch­ery, adultery,gamblings, alco­holism, inces­tu­ous affairs, rapes, sadis­tic, homo­sex­u­al­i­ty, les­bian­ism, runs riot in those lands right till this second !

Islam and its right­eous Sharia laws and guide­lines puts a stop to all their bar­bar­i­ous affairs and as more and more Euro­peans become Mus­lims, the lifestyle and cul­ture of the Mus­lim Euro­peans lays bare all the ruth­less­ness of the socalled Euro­pean lifestyle of debauch­ery in all forms and prac­tices, great­ly incon­ve­nienc­ing the adul­ter­ous kufaar. So, under the guise of the free­dom of the press, they along with the dev­il­ish car­toon­ists under patron­age of the Dan­ish news­pa­per, have sought to rile the Mus­lims with their car­i­ca­tures of the Blessed Mes­sen­ger, Muham­mad (sal­lalahu alai­hi wasal­lam)!

I read today that our Syr­i­an broth­ers have torched the embassies of Den­mark and Nor­way. All over the Mus­lim world, more and more Mus­lims are enraged by this insult to our Prophet(P).

Is this what they are seek­ing ? To have an all-out war between Mus­lims and the non-Mus­lims ? Every day, all over the world, peo­ple are com­ing to embrace Islam in droves. This sce­nario hs been fore­told by the Prophet(P) in so many hadiths and even in the Qur’an there are ayaats depict­ing this situation.

If this is the time, then sure­ly, Yaum Al Qiyamah is not that far away.

The rea­son that mil­lions and mil­lions of human beings espe­cial­ly in the West are now real­is­ing that only in Islam, are their lives accord­ed the prop­er respect and val­ues as a human being. Only in Islam, are indi­vid­u­als accord­ed the high­est respects and accept­ed for what they are and not be exploit­ed in the name of reli­gion. There are cas­es where some deviants abuse this trust and cause harm but com­pared to the deca­dent West­ern lifestyle, Islam comes out tops when it con­cerns devo­tion and piety to Allah.

Mus­lims account for the low­est num­bers of alco­holics, adul­tery, homo­sex­u­al­i­ty, gam­bling, incest and oth­er major sins com­pared to the oth­ers. True Islam­ic teach­ings raise the val­ues of the indi­vid­ual and makes sense to the human being and is thus great­ly envied by the cap­i­tal­is­tic kufaar. Their fam­i­ly val­ues are great­ly bro­ken up today and their social break­down is near­ly com­plete save for those who keep to their com­mon­sense and cher­ish gen­er­al uni­ver­sal tra­di­tion­al values.

Just check out the sta­tis­tics of the world’s fastest grow­ing reli­gion and you will see Islam being at the very top. Islam makes sense com­pared to the oth­er forms of faith which are more towards idol-wor­ship or ani­mistic and hero-wor­ship­ping the dead ! Not to say that the Mus­lim world today is per­fect as we do have our fair share of deviants and every­one claims to be on the right­ful path but come up with their own mis­con­ceived ideas as to what Islam is and is not. That’s the rea­son why we need to go back to the roots of the Qur’an and the Sun­nah of Rasu­l­ul­lah(P). We need to learn the basics of our faith and keep refresh­ing our knowl­edge every now and then by asso­ci­at­ing with those who are learn­ing and teach­ing the true aspects of Islam​.Seek knowl­edge and learn from the authen­tic Ula­mas and the Alim.

We, the Mus­lims of the world need to keep our­selves firm­ly on the Path of Islam and keep up to date with our amals. Let us refresh our Deen with the prop­er teach­ings of the Prophet Muham­mad (sal­la Allahu aly­i­hi wasal­lam) and improve our Aqeedah and prac­tice our Faith as best as we can. Be strong, be wise and do what is best for your­selves and your families.

May Allah SWT bless us all and pro­tect us from the destruc­tive ways of Shaitaan in all forms of evil both from the Iblis and man, him or her­self. Ameen ! Some Thoughts On The Abhorable Cartoons Of Prophet Muhammad 2Endmark

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  1. Mus­lims account for the low­est num­bers of alco­holics, adul­tery, homo­sex­u­al­i­ty, gam­bling, incest and oth­er major sins com­pared to the others.”

    That’s because in many Islam­ic coun­tries (such as Sau­di Ara­bia) these are haraam and sub­ject to severe pun­ish­ment — such as death. If one has a loaded gun put to their head and told not to do some­thing, it is very like­ly they will not do it. That does not make it choos­ing the good, or in Allah’s name, alham­dulil­lah. If one has a sin in their heart, is it tru­ly accu­rate to say such things ? It is sim­ply false piety and false reli­gion, shirk of the heart.
    A crit­i­cism of human state fol­ly and inter­pre­ta­tion, not Islam.

    Addi­tion­al­ly, I think that the vio­lent out­rage because of some inane comics has done noth­ing but attract fur­ther atten­tion to blas­phe­my. The more vio­lent­ly one responds, the more like­ly oth­ers will be to do it again because it’s con­tro­ver­sial. This is not to say one should not be offend­ed or protest, but a calm man­ner achieves more than a mil­lion swords.

    Allah knows best !

  2. No one has right to put rubish on oth­er reli­gions in name of free­dom of expression !

  3. This site is cen­sored so there is no point in hav­ing a two way dis­cus­sion, ie putting togeth­er valid argu­ments for the Mus­lims and valid points for the West­ern World. My last entry was removed. So I guess this forum is very much like any oth­er Mus­lim country.….…An all con­trol­ling dic­ta­tor­ship. Mes­sage to the edi­tor, you do more to alien­ate the mus­lims world than Osama Bin Ladan. It’s the mus­lim way or noth­ing. Tol­er­ant, peace­ful ?? My [DELETED BY SITE ADMIN].

    [Site Admin : This site is not a dis­cus­sion forum”. Such dis­cus­sions take place in the forum prop­er. We will there­fore delete any inflam­ma­to­ry, insult­ing or neg­a­tive com­ments direct­ed at the Mus­lim sen­si­bil­i­ties. Com­ments like f*k Islam” or kill Mus­lims” or deport the Mus­lims to where they came from” are of that nature. Kappish?]

  4. I am a MUSLIM and i have most respect of my PROPHET he is always supeior­er for me and i always respect and want to lis­ten respectable words from oth­ers­for him and the prob­lem is here that WESTERN COUNTRIES show there irre­spon­s­abil­i­ty against the feel­ings of MUSLIMS we mus­lims have to protest for it and we have to become at one plate­form and over­come these type of prob­lems but i real­ly sor­row to say that we are not one mind­ed we play for our own intrest but here i want to say that reali­gious is total­ly dif­fer­ent thing bea­cuse reli­gious is SPIRUTIUAL feel­ing and u have respect in u heart but i mean is not that u not protest if some one use abuse lan­guage and say that it is the freedaom ISLAM give as a mes­sage of PEACE and also ISLAM IS THE NAME OF PEACE thats why we must have to come togeather and do some thing for ISLAM not for any one beacuase if we do some thing for islam its mean we r doing for all MUSLIMS and also i want to say that we have to use our resources for the over­come­ing on west and the main resource of mus­lims is OIL plz urab coun­tries use it in favour of all mus­lims not for u own plz plz plz

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