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Muham­mad in the Bible : The Shiloh from Arabia

The scep­tre shall not depart from Judah, nor a law-giv­er from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, to whom the Gen­tiles look for­ward.1

Jesus was of Judah, and Shiloh was not Jesus. This verse shows that Law­givers will be only of Judah until Shiloh comes as a Law­giv­er for the Gen­tiles. That includes Jesus, who was sent only to the chil­dren of Israel by his own tes­ti­mo­ny2, and explic­it­ly does not include Shiloh, who is not of Judah, and is sent to the nations of the Gen­tiles as a Lawgiver. 

Jesus was not sent to the nations as a Law­giv­er, but to Israel as their Mes­si­ah, with the Good News that Israel had promised to spread to the nations of the Gen­tiles, thus ful­fill­ing the Law of Moses — it was Israel as a nation that was sent to the Gen­tiles, as bear­ers of the Good News, not Jesus him­self. That Good News told about a new Law yet to come, it was not itself a new Law, and Jesus affirmed the Law of Moses and explic­it­ly told the chil­dren of Israel that God’s King­dom would be tak­en from them and giv­en to a peo­ple who would bear its fruits. 

That def­i­nite­ly was not Pauline Chris­tian­i­ty or any suc­ces­sor of Jesus, as Jesus him­self said.

It is vir­tu­al­ly impos­si­ble to read and com­pre­hend the Israeli-altered Scrip­ture with­out tak­ing into account every­thing it says and iden­ti­fy­ing the prophe­cies that had not been ful­filled at the time of Jesus’ depar­ture, and know­ing what has since hap­pened in the Promised Land — includ­ing a thou­sand years, in Jerusalem and the Promised Land that came after Jesus had long gone, which are miss­ing from Euro­pean and oth­er West­ern his­to­ry books.

God did not dis­ap­pear from the Promised Land when the Romans occu­pied Pales­tine, and the prophe­cy did not dis­ap­pear or change focus from the Promised Land when Paul went to Greece and Rome. Today’s Pauline preach­ers and dop­pel­gänger pseu­do-prophets look at the Promised Land only until the destruc­tion of the Sec­ond Tem­ple, and after that look only at the Roman Empire and nev­er at the Promised Land.

This is because Shiloh came — in the Promised Land, after Jesus — as proph­e­sied in Scrip­ture, sud­den­ly to his tem­ple“3, which does not describe Jesus, from Mount Paran…with ten thou­sands of saints, from his right hand a fiery Law for them,” which also does not describe Jesus, who rose up from Seir“4. Those prophe­cies had not been ful­filled at the time of Jesus’ departure.

    The Promised Land

The inhab­i­tants of the land of Tema brought water to him that was thirsty ; they met with their bread him that fled“5. That does not describe Jesus or any­one before him.

For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword, and from the bent bow, and from the griev­ous­ness of war” — ful­filled lit­er­al­ly with phys­i­cal drawn swords and bent bows and an ongo­ing war, which nev­er hap­pened with Jesus — and With­in a year, accord­ing to the years of an hireling, and all the glo­ry of Kedar shall fail” — which is obvi­ous­ly not Jesus.

And the residue of the num­ber of archers, the mighty men of the chil­dren of Kedar, shall be dimin­ished” — and lit­er­al­ly a third of the nobil­i­ty of Kedar died in a pitched phys­i­cal bat­tle on the ground, less than a year lat­er, but not at all dur­ing the time of Jesus or before his time. Shiloh, migrat­ing from Kedar to Tema, spend­ing three full days and three full nights in the bel­ly of the earth, and trans­form­ing the Promised Land and mak­ing it new, includ­ing a new Jerusalem” sent down from the heav­ens, all exact­ly as proph­e­sied in Scrip­ture, none of which resem­bles any­thing that Jesus did or was expect­ed to do or had hap­pened before his time. Bib­li­cal prophe­cies for which the Bible itself shows no ful­fil­ment at all.

All of these prophe­cies in Scrip­ture about the Mes­sen­ger of the Covenant3, which Jesus did not ful­fil in any way at all6, was ful­filled to the let­ter, exact­ly as Scrip­ture describes them, with no ambi­gu­i­ty or need for inter­pre­ta­tion” what­so­ev­er. No mys­tery to it at all, it hap­pened in this world, in phys­i­cal real­i­ty, exact­ly as Scrip­ture said it would — the same Scrip­ture that does not record the ful­fill­ment of those prophecies.

But you peo­ple expect to hear it from the Jews ? Are you daft ? All you get from those sources is fal­si­ty and treach­ery. Charged to deliv­er the Good News that Jesus brought, they fal­si­fied every­thing before he even arrived to point to their fraud against you. And after he had left, who do you sup­pose wrote the his­to­ry ? The scribes and Phar­isees wrote it, and Con­stan­tine got it from Paul’s con­ve­nient­ly-col­lect­ed writ­ings, and can­on­ized it as Chris­tian­i­ty, a new reli­gion.” Jesus did not bring any new religion”.

Jesus drove the mon­ey chang­ers out of the Tem­ple. But read Malachi 3:5 where it says :

I will be a swift wit­ness against the sor­cer­ers, and against the adul­ter­ers, and against false swear­ers, and against those that oppress the hireling in wages, the wid­ow, and the father­less, and that turn aside a sojourner” 

These are all very explic­it in those terms with Shiloh, the Mes­sen­ger of the Covenant, who came.

His peo­ple pray shoul­der to shoul­der”; seek refuge in the Name of God ; gath­er for pil­grim­age every year, say­ing At Your ser­vice, O God, here I am at Your ser­vice” — all exact­ly as described in detail by Scrip­ture but nowhere ful­filled before the depar­ture of Jesus.

So you can play with spec­u­la­tive freema­son­ry all you want, and it will not lead you to Jabal Tariq — Gibral­tar — or the British for any­thing oth­er than per­pet­u­al decep­tion and pie-in-the-sky not of this world” mys­ter­ies with no rel­e­vance to lib­er­ty and suc­cess in this life and the next.

And Gen­e­sis 49:10 had noth­ing to do with Jesus. See Gen­e­sis 9:27, after the time of Shem. In Israel there is no peace, says the Sov­er­eign Lord. Endmark

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  1. Can you send to me the Bib­li­cal vers­es ref­er­enc­ing Shiloh pray­ing shoul­der to shoul­der and gath­er­ing annu­al­ly for pilgrimage ?

    Pray­ing shoul­der to shoul­der is trans­lat­ed into Eng­lish as They will serve the Lord with one accord.” The Hebrew says they pray shoul­der to shoulder.”

    Gath­er­ing annu­al for pil­grim­age is referred to as the Jubilee, which in ancient Israel occurred every fifty years (“The Jubilee Year”), and for some time at a dif­fer­ent interval.

    I don’t know the verse ref­er­ences. With that infor­ma­tion they should be eas­i­er to find.

  2. Salaam alaykum wa rah­mat­ul­lah wa barakatuhu.
    Can you send to me the Bib­li­cal vers­es ref­er­enc­ing Shiloh pray­ing shoul­der to shoul­der and gath­er­ing annu­al­ly for pil­grim­age ? You can send them to blak.​lion@​gmail.​com.

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