Respons­es to Chris­t­ian Alle­ga­tions : Exam­in­ing the Per­son­al­i­ty of Muhammad

Recent­ly a South African Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ary by the name of Gary” had been post­ing polem­i­cal snip­pets of untruth on his web­site” about the char­ac­ter of the Prophet Muham­mad (P), with total dis­re­gard for the answers from the Mus­lim side. Most of his mate­r­i­al is depen­dent the mis­sion­ary web­site Answer­ing Islam, of which he whol­ly cuts and pastes. Obvi­ous­ly this bank­rupt mis­sion­ary is unable to think for him­self apart from rely­ing on the obtuse mate­r­i­al from his rabid co-religionists.

We list out the alle­ga­tions that this mis­sion­ary has writ­ten, and we will respond to each and every state­ment that he has made, in defence of the Prophet Muham­mad (P) and the reli­gion of Islam. This page will also be col­lect­ing links answer­ing the most com­mon alle­ga­tions hurled by the mis­sion­ar­ies and their allies.

What was Muhammad ?

Accord­ing to the missionary :

  • Muham­mad mas­sa­cred his pris­on­ers of war indis­crim­i­nate­ly. He was a crim­i­nal and a mass mur­der­er. [Response]
  • Muham­mad sent his men to kill his oppo­nents in the mid­dle of the night using deceit and lies. He was an assas­sin. [Response]
  • Muham­mad raid­ed mer­chant car­a­vans and stole their goods. He was a high­way rob­ber. [Response]
  • Muham­mad cap­tured human beings and sold them or asked for a pay­ment of a ran­som to release them. He was a slave mer­chant and a ter­ror­ist. [Response]
  • Muham­mad, at the age of 53, became aroused by a 9‑year-old child. He was a pae­dophile. [Response]
  • Muham­mad forced him­self on a cap­tured woman on the same day that he killed her father, hus­band and many of her rel­a­tives. He was a rapist. [Response]

Com­par­ing Muham­mad to Jesus ?

If one were to objec­tive­ly study the mis­sions of both Muham­mad and Jesus side-by-side, it would imme­di­ate­ly be con­clud­ed that Muham­mad is Jesus doing the work of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion in the sev­enth-cen­tu­ry Ara­bia of war­ring tribes while Jesus is Muham­mad doing the same work in the first-cen­tu­ry Pales­tine occu­pied by an over­whelm­ing­ly pow­er­ful Rome. See :

Also look at :

    Con­trast­ing the Prophet Jesus and the Prophet Muham­mad : A Mus­lim Viewpoint 

Vio­lence Is Not A Point For Char­ac­ter Assasination

The mis­sion­ary in ques­tion has also fond­ly point­ed out that the Muhammad(P) had waged wars in his life­time. We have nev­er denied that. But what about explain­ing his obvi­ous dou­ble stan­dards ? The read­er is adviced to fol­low the arti­cles chronog­i­cal­ly in order to grasp the demon­stra­tion of our point. See :

A Re-Eval­u­a­tion Of Muhammad

It is unfor­tu­nate that most of the crit­i­cisms direct­ed towards the Prophet(P) even until today shows that many of his crit­ics are still liv­ing in the past. This is evi­dent when we read :

Exon­er­a­tion of the Prophet from the alle­ga­tions of his crit­ics can be seen in :

This arti­cle attempts to give an objec­tive view of the per­son­al­i­ty of the Prophet(P) and at the same time dis­cuss­es the vary­ing notions of the Prophet Muhammad’s(P) char­ac­ter as viewed by the Orientalists.


It can be seen from our respons­es to these alle­ga­tions about the Prophet Muham­mad(P) that the mis­sion­ar­ies cer­tain­ly have no excuse to attack the char­ac­ter of Muham­mad. Even his con­tem­po­rary mor­tal ene­mies were acknowl­edg­ing him as al-Amin, The Trust­wor­thy”. To see these hos­tile big­otry com­ing from mis­sion­ar­ies who are still smart­ing from their defeat at the Cru­sades is hence laughable.

And cer­tain­ly, only God knows best !Endmark

Cite this arti­cle as : Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi, Respons­es to Chris­t­ian Alle­ga­tions : Exam­in­ing the Per­son­al­i­ty of Muham­mad,” in Bis­mi­ka Allahu­ma, Sep­tem­ber 19, 2005, last accessed April 17, 2024, https://​bis​mikaal​lahu​ma​.org/​m​u​h​a​m​m​a​d​/​p​e​r​s​o​n​a​l​i​t​y​-​a​n​d​-​a​l​l​e​g​a​t​i​o​ns/






7 responses to “Respons­es to Chris­t­ian Alle­ga­tions : Exam­in­ing the Per­son­al­i­ty of Muhammad”

  1. Ali Avatar

    All you got to prove about your sav­iour is an emp­ty grave — or in real­i­ty a num­ber of emp­ty graves which no one can agree upon

    [ to be exact there are 3 dif­fer­ent emp­ty graves all alleged to be the rest­ing plave of YOUR sav­iour mr rObeRt — I guess all three appari­tions of him were sup­posed to have ressur­rect­ed as well ] and a huge washout of a sto­ry writ­ten by peo­ple who were nei­ther eye wit­ness­es to the alleged ressurec­tion [remem­ber the for­sook him and fled thing ]

    doc­u­ment­ing only post cru­ci­fic­tion and pre cru­ci­fic­tion accounts -

    sooooo in that case we can safe­ly deduce that there real­ly are smok­ing cater­pil­lars and wide grin­ning cheshire cats in the moon because of doc­u­ment­ed evi­dence that a girl named Alice did fol­low a rab­bit into a lit­tle hole and have tea with a mad hat­ter only to risk get­ting decap­i­tat­ed by a fleet­ing bar­rage of play­ing cards AS WELL as the avi­l­abil­i­ty of rab­bit holes around !

  2. shery Avatar

    A Chris­t­ian Mis­sion­ary’s Think­ing Questions”
    Arti­cle based on Gary Miller’s Speech on Islam and Christianity

    Mis­sion­ary : Does the Koran say that Jesus was sinless ?
    Mus­lim : Yes. Jesus was per­fect man. Nev­er sinned.
    Mis­sion­ary : Does the Koran tell Moham­mad to repent ?
    Mus­lim : Yes. Quran tells Moham­mad to repent.

    That’s all. The mis­sion­ary does­n’t say any­thing else. He hopes now that the Mus­lim would start think­ing : Now, wait a minute, Jesus nev­er sinned, but Moham­mad was sup­posed to repent. Maybe Jesus is better!”

    Mis­sion­ary wants the Mus­lim to start think­ing that a sin­less man is bet­ter than a repen­tant sin­ner”. Mis­sion­ary is hop­ing, but he dare not say it. Because if the Mis­sion­ary says that, he goes exact­ly against the teach­ings of Jesus.

    If the Mis­sion­ary is fool­ish enough to say that a sin­less man is bet­ter than a repen­tant sin­ner, he’s going against the teach­ings of Jesus.

    The rea­son why the Mis­sion­ary is going against the teach­ings of Jesus is this : Sto­ry of a lost sheep. Math­ew Chap­ter 18, verse 12 : Jesus said, If a man has a 100 sheep and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the 99 on the hills, and go on the search of the one that went astray. And if he finds it, tru­ely I say to you, he rejoic­es over it more than over the 99 that nev­er went astray.”

    Jesus was try­ing to ham­mer that point home to his dis­ci­ples : Don’t you dare say, for exam­ple, because you’ve been a faith­ful fol­low­er for many years that you’re bet­ter than this one who just became a believ­er just yes­ter­day. The per­fect man has no prece­dence over the repen­tant sinner.

    Moments lat­er.…

    Mis­sion­ary : Was Jesus the Messiah ?
    Mus­lim : Yes.

    Mis­sion­ary : Was Moham­mad the Messiah ?
    Mus­lim : No

    Now, the Mis­sion­ary stops there, and hopes that the Mus­lim would start think­ing, Now, wait a minute, Jesus is the Mes­si­ah, and Moham­mad is not the Mes­si­ah. Maybe Jesus is better!”

    What the Mus­lim should ask the Mis­sion­ary is about this word Mes­si­ah : Jesus was the Mes­si­ah, but were there any oth­er Mes­si­ahs besides Jesus ?

    Now you find out how well he knows his Bible. Because there were many Mes­si­ahs : David, Solomon, and even Cyrus, the Per­sian were called Mes­si­ahs in the Bible. It’s hard to find it in the Bible because the trans­la­tors cov­er it over. Mes­si­ah means annoint­ed”.

    A Mes­si­ah is some­one who has been picked to do a job. Every king of ancient Israel was called Mes­si­ah. Now the word does­n’t sound so spe­cial any­more. It is a title, but it does­n’t par­tic­u­lar­ly ele­vate one to divine status.

    Moments lat­er.…

    Mis­sion­ary : Where’s the body of Jesus ?
    Mus­lim : God took it.

    Mis­sion­ary : Where’s the body of Mohammad ?
    Mus­lim : Its in Med­i­na. It’s bur­ried in the ground.

    Now the Mis­sion­ary hopes that the Mus­lim would go away think­ing, Now that’s inter­est­ing ! The body of Jesus is gone ; Moham­mad is in the grave. Maybe Jesus is the true Mes­sen­ger, Moham­mad is false!”

    The Mis­sion­ary is hop­ing the thought would cross the Mus­lim’s mind, but he dare not say it.

    What the Mus­lim should ask the Mis­sion­ary is this : Do you mean that a dead and buried Prophet is a false prophet ? Is that what you mean?”

    If that is so, what does Mis­sion­ary say about Abra­ham, for example ?

    Abra­ham is buried. Jews and Mus­lims to this day, still go to the place where Abra­ham is buried, to vis­it his grave.

    Is Abra­ham a false prophet because he’s dead and buried in the ground ? The Bible also states body of Moses was tak­en up by God. God sent an angel to take the body away. Does this mean Jesus and Moses are equal in their divine sta­tus”? What has the Mis­sion­ary’s ques­tion proven ?

  3. Diogenes the cynic Avatar
    Diogenes the cynic

    Even if some­one HAD known of a tomb. there would have been no way for those ear­ly con­verts in Asia Minor or in Rome to go and see it for them­selves. Jerusalem had been destroyed, and any­way, what would they have even seen ? A tomb with a body in it ? A bone box ? What pos­si­ble means could they have used to iden­ti­fy the remains ?

  4. danny Avatar

    Dancz, the issue of the alleged res­ur­rec­tion is irrel­e­vant to the arti­cle in ques­tion. There­fore, your com­ment makes lit­tle sense.

    Plus, accord­ing to schol­ars such as Crossan, Jesus’ body was eat­en up by the dogs and he was not bur­ried in the tomb. Accord­ing to many oth­ers, the emp­ty tomb sto­ry is a lat­er devel­op­ment and we in fact do not know what was done to Jesus’ body.

    As a Mus­lim of course, I believe he was not killed on the cross in the first place but saved by God :)

  5. Doug Avatar

    ..i’ll show you my sav­iors emp­ty tomb.

    Why isn’t it pos­si­ble that the deci­ples stole the body of your saviour?Only accord­ing to matthew the tomb was guard​ed​.no one else knws any­thing of a guard, anand their sto­ries strong­ly sug­gest none was there.and the guard was not placed until a DAY LATER – the THEFT could already have tak­en place by then, espe­cial­ly if anoth­er body was wrapped in its place, or the tomb was a mul­ti­ple ‑niche tomb com­plex , as it must have been by law for the bur­ial of crimminals.

  6. aian jaafar Avatar
    aian jaafar

    an emp­ty tomb, mr. dancz ?

    hmm­m­mm.….….. maybe no one was there in the very first place ?

    if you will insist that prophet jesus was placed there, prove the reli­a­bil­i­ty of your cor­rupt bible first.

    oh, and by the way, which bible do you use when you use when you tes­ti­fy to prophet jesus christ’s alleged death and res­ur­rec­tion ? can you please tell me why you trust that par­tic­u­lar bible version ?

    by the way, accord­ing to your apos­tle paul’s teach­ings, prophet jesus had to die first before he can inter­cede for our sins in the pres­ence of God. fun­ny thing, the Beloved Prophet Muham­mad was tak­en to heav­en WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE. and he was brought back to earth. i was just won­der­ing why the christ had to die before he can enter God’s pres­ence, while Prophets Muham­mad, Eli­jah and Enoch were allowed to step into heav­en with­out dying ?

    is God a cru­el God to Jesus ?

  7. Robert Dancz Avatar
    Robert Dancz

    Just a com­ment about the com­par­i­son between muhammed and Jesus. Im sure that there min­istrys may have resem­bled each oth­er but only one of them died and came back to life. Show me muham­mads rest­ing place and ill show you my sav­iors emp­ty tomb.

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