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Beware The Hap­py Clappies

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Yvonne Rid­ley

I am grow­ing increas­ing­ly frus­trat­ed at the mealy-mouthed, apolo­getic bunch of Mus­lims parad­ed across our TV screens these days. And just when one lot sud­den­ly wake up, smell the cof­fee and begin to dis­agree with US and British for­eign poli­cies, anoth­er bunch take their place.

In the mean­time, Mus­lim lands con­tin­ue to hem­or­rhage the blood of inno­cents from Iraq to Lebanon, not for­get­ting Afghanistan, Kash­mir, Pales­tine and Chech­nya. Across the world mil­lions more Mus­lims are per­se­cut­ed and tar­get­ed by a hos­tile West­ern media, ter­ror­ized by gov­ern­ment leg­is­la­tion and harsh edicts all in the name of the War on Ter­ror. There are thou­sands of dis­ap­peared” Mus­lim broth­ers known as the Ghost Detainees held at the request and behest of Uncle Sam.

While we all know what hor­rors and human rights abus­es are being car­ried out in Guan­tanamo Bay, God only knows what atroc­i­ties are met­ed out to the Ghosts. Then we are told by Chris­t­ian fun­da­men­tal­ists like Tony Blair that we have got to stop dis­play­ing a vic­tim men­tal­i­ty ! And how do we respond ? By parad­ing a group of weak Mus­lim men who appear to be per­ma­nent­ly on their knees, ready to kiss the hand which slaps them.

These indi­vid­u­als nev­er inspired Mus­lim reverts like myself to join the deen and can­not quite grasp why we look down on them and shake our heads in dismay.

I sup­pose its a lega­cy of colo­nial­ism which pro­motes a feel­ing of inse­cu­ri­ty in some of these indi­vid­u­als. They sim­ply don’t quite grasp the con­cept of equal­i­ty just yet but do they real­ly have to try and oppress their own ? Don’t they real­ize they are doing more harm to Islam than good when they try to appease Mus­lim detrac­tors and crit­ics ? A few have final­ly tried to stand up and stick their heads above the para­pet … too lit­tle, too late !

Their appar­ent U‑turn has angered the boss class in Wash­ing­ton and Lon­don who have now found new house slaves to replace the old ones. It is point­less nam­ing and sham­ing these indi­vid­u­als — they know who they are and I’m sure they are fla­gel­lat­ing them­selves now for their past weak­ness­es, betray­als and cowardice.

But beware the new Uncle Toms who are bow­ing and scrap­ing before their polit­i­cal mas­ters in the White House and Down­ing Street. These so-called Schol­ars for Dol­lars’ are try­ing to pro­mote an evan­gel­i­cal, hap­py clap­py brand of Islam. In many ways they are per­haps even more invid­i­ous than the pre­vi­ous bunch of sell outs.

Their weasel words are fool­ing some of the ummah and charm­ing non-Mus­lims who love to intro­duce them on TV with labels such as mod­ernists and moderates.

Look : we are either Mus­lim or not. We either believe in the five pil­lars of Islam or we don’t. What the hell is a mod­ernist or a mod­er­ate any­way ? Being a Mus­lim is like being pregnant…you either are or you aren’t. Who­ev­er heard of some­one being 80 per­cent pregnant ?

The Hap­py Clap­py bunch are now pro­mot­ing road­shows across the West try­ing to inject a Feel Good’ fac­tor in to the ummah. Look, I’m not a killjoy but I am a real­ist and try­ing to reform Islam into some­thing else is just not on. I would­n’t mind if they were doing it out of a gen­uine love for the deen, but they are try­ing to intro­duce a brand of Islam which is more accept­able to non-Muslims.

Of course this is noth­ing new. Chris­tian­i­ty was dilut­ed to such an extent in Britain that the UK is now sec­u­lar. In fact, if the truth be told, there are more Mus­lims who turn out for Fri­day prayers across the UK than those who go to church on Sundays.The Hap­py Clap­pies pro­mote an Islam devoid of jihad, shar­i’ah and khi­lafah…hmm, a bit like cod and chips with­out the fish !

They have been har­vest­ed and groomed to ful­fil the con­clu­sions of the US-based RAND Cor­po­ra­tion’s 2003 report which rec­om­mends encour­ag­ing divi­sions among those labelled fun­da­men­tal­ists. RAND active­ly sug­gests that the Hap­py Clap­pies should be finan­cial­ly fund­ed to pro­mote their views, pro­mot­ing a dilut­ed style of Sufism and form­ing alliances with sec­u­lar­ist groups.

While the US Islam­o­phobes went into over­drive to push through the RAND rec­om­men­da­tions, in the UK a gov­ern­ment ini­tia­tive was launched in 2004 which mir­rored the objec­tives of their US counterparts.

Mus­lim groups tow­ing the gov­ern­ment line are reward­ed with lucra­tive grants — and let’s check out who is going to get what in the next round of Peer­ages, knight­hoods and oth­er revolt­ing hon­ors … it is beyond me how any­one can accept an award with Empire’ in the title. Do civilised human beings in the 21st cen­tu­ry real­ly want to be remind­ed of Britain’s atro­cious, colo­nial­ist past ?

Of course Islam has been under attack for the past 1400 years, but I’m not sure if the ene­my with­in’ has been as pro­lif­ic as it is today. There are those who have made it their busi­ness to sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly pro­mote dishar­mo­ny between Mus­lims and the rest of the world. using the flim­sy excuse of free­dom of expres­sion, we are attacked constantly.

Why can’t we express out­rage at the rivers of inno­cent Mus­lim blood which flow through Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kash­mir, Chech­nya, and Uzbek­istan. Why can’t our dead have one min­ute’s silence afford­ed the inno­cent vic­tims of 911, Bali, Madrid, or the Lon­don Bomb­ings. Why can’t we speak out about the con­tin­u­ing injus­tices against the Pales­tini­ans who at this very moment are being starved to death for hav­ing the cheek to demo­c­ra­t­i­cal­ly elect a gov­ern­ment not to the lik­ing of the Amer­i­can Pres­i­dent ? Clear­ly these are issues not on the agen­da of the Hap­py Clap­pies who make it their busi­ness to avoid speak­ing about ille­gal wars, per­se­cu­tion, injus­tice or crit­i­cis­ing West­ern leadership.

If they are allowed to dilute Islam they will also reduce our free­dom of speech in a so-called free soci­ety. Free­dom is that pre­cious com­mod­i­ty which gives us the abil­i­ty to make our own choic­es. It is also the pre­cious com­mod­i­ty that our politi­cians across Europe have abused to gam­ble away our free­doms and lib­er­ties since 911.

We real­ly do want to open dia­logue with those who are afraid of us. We want to sit down and talk to our ene­mies so they no longer feel threat­ened. I no longer want to see hatred burn­ing in anoth­er’s eyes because they don’t like the fact I wear a hijab or my com­pan­ion has a beard. There is lit­tle I will not do in the way of reach­ing out to try and pro­mote a greater understanding.

But do not think for one minute I am going to kiss the hand which slaps me. I am not a paci­fist. And as the first set of Uncle Tom’s found out, craven behav­ior is reviled not reward­ed. Remem­ber the words of that great 1960s Mus­lim mar­tyr, Mal­colm X who said : Usu­al­ly when peo­ple are sad, they don’t do any­thing. They just cry over their con­di­tion. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.”

Well it is time for a change and Mus­lims will not bring about change by kneel­ing down before those who would harm us or pro­mot­ing a faith inspired by some Mary Pop­pins sect. Real­is­ti­cal­ly speak­ing, we are not going to cre­ate a har­mo­ny overnight. Nor will we bring about an imme­di­ate change across the West where Mus­lims often make up the sec­ond largest reli­gious com­mu­ni­ty. But per­haps we might turn the tide of hate which is sweep­ing some of our dis­af­fect­ed young peo­ple into extreme cor­ners where they lis­ten to siren calls. Do you know, I’m not sure we are real­ly that both­ered if our detrac­tors don’t like us. We can even tol­er­ate their indif­fer­ence but we should refuse to tol­er­ate their intolerance.

For our ene­mies read­ing this today : quite sim­ply, we are not like you are, nor do we aspire to be any­thing like you. How­ev­er, we do respect your right to be the way you are…as long as it does not infringe on our rights to be the way we are. As a con­vert to Islam, I’ve got a view from both sides of the fence and I can tell you I am a very dif­fer­ent per­son today to what I was in 2001.I don’t think I was a par­tic­u­lar­ly bad per­son. I had a hedo­nis­tic, plea­sure-seek­ing, cham­pagne lifestyle. I worked very hard and I played hard.

Five years ago I con­sid­ered myself British but now I believe my faith defines my alle­giance and nation­al­i­ty. Obvi­ous­ly I am not alone in my beliefs and many younger Mus­lims are turn­ing their backs on the inte­gra­tion and assim­i­la­tion that their par­ents in the West often desired. Mus­lims are begin­ning to assert them­selves and there are Estab­lish­ment fig­ures across the West who do not like this. Sad­ly issues of race and reli­gion often become inter­twined … then the racists force them into a greater sense of reli­gious identity.

Young Mus­lims are no longer sat­is­fied to take menial jobs and they are com­pet­ing at uni­ver­si­ties with the aims of fol­low­ing pro­fes­sion­al careers and ambi­tions. Soci­ety should be hap­py that we want to con­tribute to the West in such a healthy way, but some still resent us sim­ply because our val­ues are different.

Prac­tis­ing Mus­lims do not drink, or go for casu­al rela­tion­ships and one night stands. They are unlike­ly to mar­ry non-Mus­lims or indulge in extra mar­i­tal affairs, gam­bling and drugs. This is not sim­ply a fash­ion or trend for reli­gious obser­vance among young peo­ple. Mus­lims are becom­ing increas­ing­ly active. Their com­mit­ment has led to major changes in many peo­ple’s ways of think­ing because they see them­selves as hav­ing a right to be in Europe and they expect recog­ni­tion of their civ­il rights. We are Mus­lims but we are also West­ern­ers. We face many chal­lenges but do not ask us to dilute our Islam or modernise.

As I wrote ear­li­er, there are those who are pro­mot­ed as schol­ars by West­ern gov­ern­ments, but beware these indi­vid­u­als. You have to ask your­self why do they want us to con­form to a cer­tain mold when ulti­mate­ly they cre­ate divi­sions and fur­ther con­flict from with­in. These schol­ars pro­mote West­ern ideas and ideals and talk of mod­erni­sa­tion and change but they are regard­ed as trai­tors by many obser­vant fol­low­ers of Islam.

How­ev­er var­i­ous West­ern Gov­ern­ments want to see Islam dilut­ed in the same way as Chris­tian­i­ty until it no longer pos­es a threat to polit­i­cal author­i­ty. Their efforts since 911 have failed and it is no sur­prise to many of us that Islam is now becom­ing the fastest grow­ing reli­gion in the world today. This growth is spread­ing deep alarm across the so-called civilised world but there is no clash of civil­i­sa­tions or reli­gions. We respect the peo­ple of the book.

The Qur’an tells us that it is our duty to pro­tect Jews and Chris­tians and allow them to prac­tice their faith in peace. What we are wit­ness­ing is per­haps the biggest threat to cap­i­tal­ism in the world today. The unprece­dent­ed growth of Islam of course came as no sur­prise to Dr. Murad Hoff­man, a for­mer Ger­many ambas­sador to Moroc­co. In his book called Islam is the Alter­nate Solu­tion he wrote : I think that the move­ment to revive Islam will come from Europe in the 21st century.”

Also, when Roger Garaudy (a French philoso­pher) became a Mus­lim, Europe was shocked because a mate­ri­al­ist and a com­mu­nist thinker embraced Islam.When I became a Mus­lim in June 2003, I was writ­ten off as some nut­case because the real­i­ty of a West­ern woman turn­ing her back on a mate­ri­al­is­tic lifestyle was too much to bear.

Mod­ern West­ern women have sim­ply fall­en in love with a faith which gives them lib­er­a­tion. You tell me what is more lib­er­at­ing … being judged on the size of your bust or the size of your brain ? No longer being judged on the length of your skirt is sure­ly more civ­i­lized ? So just what does define Islam and Mus­lims as being civilised ? Well, we place the high­est val­ue on human­i­ty and human’ char­ac­ter­is­tics like free­dom, hon­our, fam­i­ly, respon­si­bil­i­ties, morals and values..

If mate­ri­al­ism has a high­er val­ue as we often see in the West, and oth­er human val­ues are sec­ondary then sure­ly such a soci­ety is back­ward ? The fam­i­ly deter­mines the whole char­ac­ter of a soci­ety wether it is back­ward or civilised. Those soci­eties which give pri­or­i­ty to phys­i­cal desires and ani­mal-like morals can not be con­sid­ered civilised, no mat­ter what break­throughs are made in sci­ence, space trav­el or industry.

Ille­git­i­mate sex­u­al rela­tion­ships are not con­sid­ered immoral by this sort of soci­ety. Writ­ers and colm­nists often sug­gest that hav­ing var­i­ous promis­cu­ous, sex­u­al rela­tion­ships is not immoral even if it is with some else’s hus­band or wife.There are many sto­ries about hus­bands and their mis­tress­es which spawn light-heart­ed arti­cles and great mirth. Look how Bill Clin­ton’s extra-mar­i­tal dal­liances were treat­ed like some smut­ty lit­tle joke even though he was the US President.

Sure­ly, to con­sid­er your­self civ­i­lized, you should be above ani­mal desires striv­ing towards high­er val­ues. What is so out­ra­geous about being loy­al and faith­ful to your part­ner ? If ran­dom sex­u­al activ­i­ty or promis­cu­ity is devel­oped out­side the bounds of moral­i­ty then sure­ly civilised behav­iour is all but lost ? Islam­ic val­ues and morals, Islam­ic teach­ings and safe­guards mea­sure real human progress in this world.

Sad­ly I look around at the so-called Mus­lim World and see no gen­uine Islam­ic States today. And I do blame the var­i­ous inva­sions of the Chris­tians and the Zion­ists for the cor­rupt state of the ummah. I despair at the Arab lead­ers who bel­ly-danced in front of Amer­i­ca and deliv­ered Iraq on a plate. The cur­ren­cy of Islam­ic hon­our has been lost in some of these Mid­dle east­ern coun­tries where human rights are vio­lat­ed daily.The impe­ri­al­ists and cap­i­tal­ists now want to destroy Islam in the same way they have ster­ilised and dilut­ed Christianity.

They want to bring about the col­lapse of moral­i­ty, dis­be­lief and rejec­tion of faith that the West has already expe­ri­enced. But they are being thwart­ed in their efforts by the num­ber of peo­ple con­vert­ing to Islam every­day in the West. They can’t explain it and so they try and under­mine it by depict­ing Islam as a vio­lent faith which pro­motes wars and terrorism.

We must stop them from using this lat­est bunch of House Mus­lims” as voice pieces to pro­mote this idea as they are fifth colum­nists and will no doubt reap the reward for their treach­ery. We have to stop the stereo­typ­ing of polit­i­cal Islam and its fol­low­ers. Islam is not evil, nor does it pro­mote ter­ror­ism nor does it breed reli­gious fanat­ics. That’s a bit like me demon­is­ing all men on the grounds that all rapists are men.

To mis­quote Mar­tin Luther King’s great dream :

I look for­ward con­fi­dent­ly to the day when all who work for a liv­ing will be one with no thought to their sep­a­rate­ness as Mus­lims and non-Mus­lims. This will be the day when we bring into full real­iza­tion civil­i­sa­tion in the West — a dream yet unful­filled. A dream of equal­i­ty of oppor­tu­ni­ty, of priv­i­lege and prop­er­ty wide­ly dis­trib­uted ; a dream of a land where men will not take neces­si­ties from the many to give lux­u­ries to the few ; a dream of a land where men will not argue that a Mus­lim’s faith deter­mines the con­tent of his char­ac­ter ; a dream of a nation where all our gifts and resources are held not for our­selves alone for none of us has the right to own the earth.”

And for those of you who have for­got­ten to fear no one but Allah (T), I would ask you to start stand­ing up for your faith and your rights before the Hap­py Clap­pies do any real damage.Endmark

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    The title of the arti­cle should Beware of the Munafiks.

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