This is a short student film (8:29) from Multimedia University, near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The video is a collection of interviews with five women, all of whom wear a tudung (head-cover) to one extent or another. Each of the women answer a series of questions (e.g., “What is aurat?” “Why do you wear the hijjab?” and so on) to the best of their abilities. The film is interesting in that it captures a cross-section of women who cover themselves for different reasons. You have the very traditional Zulaikha who wears both the tudung and niqab, Natasha, who wears a scarf that covers almost nothing for the least satisfactory reasons, and three others who all wear a traditional tudung although one, Wawa, a student, apparently would take hers off in public given the right circumstances (i.e., when she’s with friends).

Perhaps the best line in the documentary is from the cigarette-smoking art director, Leyla, who said very directly, “I am a Muslim woman, and I’m not afraid to show it.” 







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  1. Silencers Avatar

    I’m an MMU student and I know how old this video is. Please take note that this video was done as an assignment, a faux documentary done in a satirical flavour.

  2. Don Lapre Jeffery Avatar
    Don Lapre Jeffery

    Assalamu ALaikum …According to me, it is good to every woman to wear both the tudung and niqab..and it is a compulsory one for the muslims…isn’t it????! :roll: Vassalamu Alaikum!

    Don Lapre Jeffery

  3. real man Avatar
    real man

    Well the best thing the islamic man could do is leave these poor girls alone let them wear what ever they wish without fear of getting there ass whiped or worse oh allah wouldnt mind cmon why is hair showing a bad thing you men think if your women lets someone see her hair that will make other men want her and that makes you lose power over your women because if they tire of you beating them they can replace your stuck up old ass with a new man maybe you go home and tell your women your sorry for being i stuck up up tight dick head she might forgive you allah will have you wiping his ass in hell for treating your women badly

  4. Dian Avatar

    As a Malaysian, I am mortified to see our ([in]famous) “cultural versatility” in interpreting Islam on a digital reel posted online, no less.

    There are five women in the short movie and only 1 that I can safely say is a Muslim woman. The others are not or I can’t vouch for it.

    The fashion girl with the scarf and sunglasses is just a fashionable girl. If Islam is her faith, it is merely coincidental to fashion that she dons a pretty scarf on her head. I hope she was just a non-hijab girl reading a script and nobody is really that clueless.

    The girl with the white hijab wearing a baby-t has no idea why she’s wearing the hijab. She’s merely wearing it like a sheep because it was asked of her at one point and she figures it’s decent one way or another. Again, I hope she was just reading a script although these kind of girls are pretty common. Though these types are just transitional, they just need to research more about hijab before it comes to have (more) value for them.

    The girl smoking is so deluded. She wants to make a statement about Muslim girls being versatile. She wants to prove herself to the western world. A hijab girl has nothing to prove to anyone and likely it would be an insult to her dignity if she was perceived as trying to appeal to western culture. We are the way we are, conserved, dignified, sacred and beautiful. All that makeup and cigarettes just don’t jive. I this it’s obvious and I agree with her script that non-hijab girls cannot be stereotypically cast as bad. She herself has proven the adverse. I think at one point she also implied her intention to hijab is that it appeals to men (hijab=man-bait). Unfortunately these kind of girls are pretty common as well, I’ve come across a few myself. Again, she never actually puffed throughout the whole short movie, so I hope she was just reading the script and real girls watching this clip can see the joke.

    The girl in the burqa is a Muslim girl who has found solace in her religion. I admire her for it and I too know the security you gain from garbing yourself in cloth that averts male non-mahram eyes. However, there is the danger of slipping into fanaticism and perceiving one’s self spiritually better than others i.e. heightening narcissism, which is not Islam. A possibility, but not absolute. She’s probably well and good, wallahu’alim.

    The girl properly hijabed in blue was the only real hijab girl. Because a hijab clothes you physically but you as a Muslima need to match it with your hijabed mannerisms and speech. No makeup, embellishments or such social accessories, just a courteous mature woman; decently presented and socially respectable.

    I’ve ranted my 2 cents; thanks.

  5. Umm Zahra Avatar
    Umm Zahra

    I think the video shows the truth about Muslim Women. We aren’t all perfect and we don’t come in one standard size.

  6. Muneera Sajeer Avatar
    Muneera Sajeer

    Assalamu ALaikum Wa rahmathullah

    Good to see so many girls wearing hijab properly. Masha Allah. I think we have to make girls wear hijab when they are small. Only then it will become a habit. They have to start wearing at the age of 4 onwards. I started wearing tudung when I was 5 years old. Then it became a habit and now I cannot go out without it. I feel like I am naked if I dont wear the hijab.

    Good teachings from Islam have to be made part of our childrens lifestyle from early on. Then they wont find it difficult to practise.

  7. Doesnt matter Avatar
    Doesnt matter

    Listen, dont post these kind of videos. Cmoon for god sake you have a girl half dressed, some girl smoking a cigarrete, another girl blushed with makeup all over her face. Man are these women supposed to be representing Islam? Of course not! (except two of them). Take it off.

  8. Muhammad Hashim Avatar
    Muhammad Hashim

    Hijab aka tudung rulez la. Allahu Akbar.

    All good girls must wear hijab, la.

  9. tariq Avatar

    always had special interest in Malaysia and everything Malaysian since my visit to this country in 2003. Sadly i couldnt see the video above as i use the university computer.

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