Racism and Slavery in the Bible

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In studying various topics about Christianity and Islam over the years I will never forget an article I came across on the topic of racism. It was called: Children of a White God and the author was Matthew C. Ogilvie.

The very first sentence in his essay was particularly striking.

He writes:

It is common knowledge that Islamic extremism has been associated with numerous terrorist attacks around the world. It remains, though, that racist Christian theologies have also animated violent movements. One key example concerns the Oklahoma City bombing. Bomber Timothy McVeigh has been connected to white supremacist movements such as White Aryan Resistance and the Christian Identity Movement, both of which promote racist theology.

Well, this was news to me at the time. I remembered that the majority of slavery in the United States had been justified by Christians in the past, but certainly, I thought, this was over. I thought this was just the ignorance of poorly educated Christians of old. But as I read the words in this man’s essay, I began to realize that, indeed, there were several Christian sects who taught racist theologies to this day, and such theologies resulted in countless acts of terrorism in the world.

As seen above, there were two listed Christian groups who taught racism: the White Aryan Resistance and the Christian Identity Movement.

The Christian Identity movement is of particular concern. Christian Identity is a collection of churches which teach racist theologies.

According to Wikipedia, there are roughly 350,000 members of the Christian Separatist movements.

Wikipedia also states:

A relatively new tenet gaining popularity among some radical Christian Identity believers justifies the use of violence if it is perpetrated in order to punish violators of God’s law, as found in the Bible and interpreted by Christian Identity ministers and adherents. This includes killing interracial couples, abortionists, prostitutes, and homosexuals.

There is a 350,000 member-strong Church that believes killing interracial couples in the name of God in order to punish “violators of God’s law” is a principal doctrine. But the Muslim need not look for cluster bombing in America.

No, no, no.

There is no need to even wonder if any Christians are being held for years in prison without charge for “security reasons”. There is no call by the U.S. government to wiretap churches. Well, all these things are being perpetrated upon Muslims and in Muslim lands, no such call has been made in America for the Christians. With such a title as the “war on terror” one wonders why there is no “war on Christian terror” but only a “war on Muslim terror”.

One wonders why the media isn?t bombarding homes with phrases like “Christian terrorists” but everyone has heard the term “Muslim terrorists”. A 350,000 member strong terrorist Christian organization running in America, right here at home, and no one bats an eye.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear that THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE SEE IT AS THEIR GOD GIVEN DUTY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE and these same people MIGHT LIVE NEXT DOOR — I tend to get a little jittery. This sends shivers up and down my spine. But maybe none of the non-racist Christians, and maybe none of the U.S. Government officials see these 350,000 people as a credible threat –because, let’s be honest — they don’t have weapons of mass destruction like Saddam, right?


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    ? evidente che il luogo ? stato fatto dalla persona che realmente conosce il mestiere!

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