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A Reasoning To Refute the Logic of Trinity

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In this paper, I attempt to present an argument disputing and refuting the Christian belief in the Trinity of God.

We believe this ill-concept was inserted into Christian belief by the devil at a time of absence of mind and a state of powerlessness on the part of true Unitarians and sincere believers in the One God. To this day, followers of this belief are faithful to the evil that founded it and we are aware that there is little or no benefit in attempting to argue them out of this line of thought.

However, we are like that who is describing the sorry state of a lost and misguided person to people so that others may take example and lesson from it. And Allah shall guide whom He chooses to the right path.

The Statement of Faith of Christians (Athanasian Creed) reads as:

We believe in the One God, The Father, the controller of everything, the maker of the heavens and earths and all that is visible and that is not visible. And in the One Master Jesus Christ who was begotten by His Father before all the worlds and who was not made. A true God from a true God and from the essence of His Father. And By whose hands the worlds were perfected and everything was created and who — for us — human beings and for our salvation descended from the heavens…and the eternal life forever.

The following is a summary of the statement of faith of Trinitarians:

  1. The Father is the absolute God to whom belongs everything and who is the creator of everything.
  2. Jesus Christ was begotten by the father preceding the creation of the world.
  3. Jesus Christ is a true God who stems or originates from the true God.
  4. Jesus Christ is the creator of the worlds.
  5. The Holy Spirit emanates form the Father.

Before discussing these concepts, let us look at what was mentioned by the Christian Coptic Priest, Zakaria Boutros in his book titled “God is One in a Trinity”, which was published in Arabic on the Internet:

He states under the heading “Oneness of God”:

We Christians believe in one God with no partners, unlimited, omnipresent in the heavens and earth, eternal, preceding creation, infinite and there is no end to His kingdom. And this belief is perfectly clear in the bible and the Christian Statement of Faith as you shall see.

He then goes on to support this by verses from the Bible and the Statement of Faith. For the purpose of this discussion we are only concerned by the latter where he states:

…from these verses and others that can be seen all over the bible, the Statement of Faith which is repeated by the church throughout the generations and which reads: In truth we believe in One God the maker of the heavens and earth and that is visible and that is not invisible, was deduced. From this dear reader, you may have noted that we Christians believe in one God and not three.

Here I draw the attention of the reader to the omission that the priest has carried out while quoting from the Statement of Faith, namely where he writes: (In truth we believe in One God the maker of the heavens and earth and that is visible and that is not invisible), and where the word The Father was omitted from the original statement.

His motive for this deletion is quite obvious and not worthy of explaining, for it would be illogical and contrary to Christian belief, for him to say that Christians believe in The Father without including the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Of course, this may consitute an unfair accusation of falsifying script. In both cases let us not stop at this point and let us look further in the book where he states:

Faith in the trinity does not mean in any way shape or form that we Christians believe in three Gods as some people may imagine. The correct understanding of this belief is explained by the following points:

  • God is existent in His Essence: Which means that God is a true and an existing entity and certainly not a conceptual or nonexistent ideal. Furthermore God’s existence is the source of existence of all things. God has declared this entity by the word Father (which is not associated with any physical or materialistic meaning for His existence is the source of existence of all things.
  • God speaks His Word: This means that God, the existing entity is a reasoning entity that pronounces and speaks His Mind through the Word and He is certainly not a mute God. He has announced His Speaking Mind in the Word or the Son. This is similar to the human concept of speaking our mind through words of mouth and it does not have a physical or materialistic meaning, because His existence is the source of existence of all things.
  • God is alive through His Spirit. God gives all of us life and of naturally, we cannot imagine that he Himself is without spirit. God has pronounced this concept in the words: Holy Spirit.

The statements above clearly declare that the three concepts (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) are in actual fact, attributes to God rather than independent entities. The Father is the attribute of the essence or origin, whereas The Son is the attribute of the spoken or pronounced reasoning and thought and The Holy Spirit is associated with life, spirit or soul of the essence.

Let us analyze these in more detail:

Firstly, what does the priest mean by His existence is the source of existence of all things?

Had he said this in the sense that God is the creator of all things, it would have been acceptable, but this statement as it is reminds one of the eastern concepts of unity of existence that renders God in union with the world and creatures and sees no distinction between the creator and the created. Of course we would not like to misjudge the priest’s beliefs and we will not attempt other interpretations until further explanations are presented for this rather problematic and puzzling statement he made.

Secondly, what does he mean by “pronounces and speaks His Mind through the Word”?

After defining the father or the essence of God , he returns and determines that speaking the Word is an exclusive attribute of the Son or the (Speaking Mind of God).

Unfortunately for the trinity ,the consequence of this line of thought is that the essence of God is lacking in fluency and only the Son attribute openly expresses the Speaking Mind or Reasoning of God. This is a clear defect or weakness that negates perfection of the Father or the Essence that does not suit divinity.

Thirdly, what does he mean God is alive through His Spirit?

After stating that God has a mind or reasoning that stems outwards from the inner essence and assigning to it (the Mind exclusively and not the Essence) this attribute of speaking, he adds the attribute of The Spirit that emanates from the Essence and gives the whole God this concept of living or being alive. This of course is comparable to the idea of the human soul that gives man the ability to live, feel and reason. When the soul leaves the body, man is longer able to live and feel. It is incredible how the priest portrays God from a similar point of view where the Divine is needy of an independent spirit or soul so as to be (alive). And of course he cannot see how the Divine Entity can be alive otherwise.

We deduce from all this that God in Christian belief has three parts: the Essence, the Speaking Mind and the Spirit, and God is needy of these so as to enjoy (some) of the attributes of perfection that are necessary for the Divine Entity;

For He does not speak through or in His essence (the Father), but rather through the part that is named (The Mind).Also He is not alive in His essence but through the part that is named (The Spirit).Of course this concept of partition and unification cannot be applied to God, because it requires that God must be:

  • In need of these parts, and;
  • In need of a unifying agent that will put these parts together because anything that consists of parts requires a maker of the parts and a unifier that will bring them together.

And of course this is not befitting in relation to The Majesty of the First, The Almighty, The Eternal and The Absolute Self Sufficient Maker of all things.

Let us revisit the priest’s book and specifically address the heading “Necessity of the Trinity for the Belief in Unity”, where he states:

From all that was mentioned, it becomes clear that there has to be a Trinity in the One God, because:

  • It is not possible for the One and Holy God who made all things exist, not to have existence in His Essence.
  • It is not possible for God who created man and gave him the ability to speak, to be mute or incapable of speaking the Word.
  • It is also not possible for God who created man and gave him life, to be lacking in life through The Spirit.

Therefore it was made necessary for the One God to have a Holy Trinity and this is our correct belief [that God is One in a Trinity and not three Gods].

Here we ask the priest or any Christian who believes in the above: Why did you assign only three attributes to God? Why not say that God’s Power is the fourth one, His Knowledge is the fifth, His Hearing is the Sixth, His Seeing is the seventh, His Mercy is the eighth and His Love is the ninths and so on.

If you respond to that by saying for example that His Life is His Power; His Hearing, Knowledge and Seeing Constitute His Mind; and Love and Mercy are life, our reply will be:

No, because a person can be alive, yet incapable , can be sane yet deaf or blind or can be alive yet cruel and far from loving.

In short, the three attributes of the Trinity are not adequate or sufficient for the purpose of describing God’s perfection which all faiths recognize in terms of Existence, Knowledge, Power, Seeing, Hearing,etc. And they are certainly not restricted to these three attributes included in the Trinity.

Further more the attributes of God were never expressed in these terms [Father, Son and Holy Spirit] by any of the Prophets or any language on earth save for the Christians who initiated this innovation.

In response to the priest’s claims concerning the “necessity of the Trinity”, we reply by saying that for those who truly believe in the Oneness of God, the necessary and correct is that God exists in His Essence, speaks in His Essence and is alive in His Essence. And that his attributes lie in His very Essence and not independent extensions carried forward by the three entities in the Trinity.

In addition to this, the “Statement of Faith” declares Jesus Christ who was begotten by His Father. This conveys the meaning that the Father preceded Jesus. Clearly there is no meaning for Jesus being (The Son) if His existence did not follow that of the Father, because the Father and Son could not have logically existed together for all eternity (sequence and consequence). The example of the Son’s similarity to the concept of Word of Mouth cannot be logically used to argue against this because the (mouth) must have existed prior to the (word) coming out of it.

A similar rationale can be applied to the Holy Spirit which emanated from he Father. These two concepts require that God was both, mute and (not alive) prior to the emanation of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Here we are forced to imagine a three or two-stage evolution of the Christian God, where the Son’s existence and the emanation of the Holy Spirit followed that of the eternal Father.

This of course cannot be argued out of by saying that the Divine does not submit to the concept of Time, because naturally and according to the Trinity, The Father is a must and a pre-requisite of both, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Here we have to repeat what was already decided earlier .That these three entities are parts that are needy of each in order to exist. Consequently there will have to be a unifying agent needed to bring them together to form the (One God) , because all things consisting of parts require a builder. This places God in a theoretical position far from divinity.

Even worse for the Trinity, according to the Statement of Faith, The Father is God, The Son is God and The Holy Spirit is also God. How can we reconcile this with fact that the Father [who is associated with the Essence] is in need of the Spoken Word and Spirit. The Son who is associated with the Speaking Mind is in need of the Essence and Life and the Holy Spirit who is associated with life is in need of Essence and Mind. Yet each constitutes a divine entity on its own. How marvellous can this claim be?

Here we ask Christians: do you really believe that each of these is God — by way of elaboration? Or do you believe in the cumulative divinity of the whole?

If they say here that it is nothing but mere elaboration and naming, we reply by saying that you have surely denied the statement of faith which explicitly declares Jesus : a true God from a true God. And you have certainly transgressed and named mere attributes Gods without proof or evidence.

Alternatively if they say they are actual Gods, we will ask: Is it befitting for God to lack in Spirit or the Spoken Word?

If they reply: “Yes it is possible”, our response will simply be: “Then there is no need for the three entities.”

Whereas if your answer is no, we will say: “Then each of the three entities (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) will have to contain similar parts again which brings the number of Gods to nine allowing for the necessary perfection of attributes for all entities. This will go on forever and will mathematically expand to include an uncountable number of trinities.”

Based on these arguments, I conclude that the concept of the Trinity is false and unfounded on rational or reasonably acceptable logic.

It is very easy to point out the evidence and proof denying this concept from the Bible itself. However in seeking a brief refute of the Trinity I have chosen to restrict my discussion to the rational argument.

Finally I conclude by noting that if the basic beliefs of a religion are false, it follows that the entire faith is corrupt which makes it necessary for adherents of this faith to return to the true teachings of the prophets confirming the correct faith in the Oneness of God who has no partners and who is the Most Exalted.

And only God knows best!Endmark

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4 responses to “A Reasoning To Refute the Logic of Trinity”

  1. DENIS BYRNE Avatar

    Chris: Of GOD is not the same as being God..A manifestation is OF God…is a Manifestation…God cannot be limited…The Muslims are correct and the trinitarians error…You mention SUBSTANCE… a rather abstract term…what is it….God is Spirit…Spirit is real but is it substance??? The reality is that Spirit can substantiate matter…Jesus proved that…His most powerful spirit rose from the dead and could manifest as matter in a flash..His spirit ascended to the Father then he returned to earth to appear to many…He ate fish but walked thru walls…how is that explained if not by my mention above.??? I just remind you that OF GOD is not God in wholeness…God is One.

  2. DENIS BYRNE Avatar

    GOD IS ONE what is so difficult for so=called trinitarians to understand…I am a so-calledcradle catholic who even went thru a cath college…My definition is thus…God always was and ever will be…the Christ energy and the Holy Spirit are MANIFESTATIONS OF GOD NOT GOD HIMSELF….CALLING GOD HE IS A HUMAN CONSTRUCT AS IS THE TRINITY…why stop at three…Jesus said to his disciples”ye are gods” We all have a God given soul or spirit which gives us life from the moment of conception….we are CREATURES AND SO ARE JESUS AND THE HOLY GHOST…open your eyes and let in some logic…OF God is not God…it is a manifestation…This cradle catholic must side with the mighty fine muslims who say: GOD IS ONE… Jesus stated that my Father and I are one….BUT NOT ONE AND THE SAME…And by the way…why did it take christians four centuries to come up with their trinity concept???? How could Christians be avante gaurde and slow on the uptake at the same time…my email add is cybrzone@yahoo.com…I doubt if there will be many replies as most trinitarians are hard-nosed and somewhat bigotted…Bless you! Live long and Prosper.

  3. aian jaafar Avatar
    aian jaafar

    hi chris,

    um, the doctrine of the trinity (one substance, three persons) is not stated anywhere in the bible.

    but you believe in the doctrine, even though it is not in the bible.

    any verse which you could come up with which MAY imply plurality for God is no reason at all to limit God to a trinity. what if there are a million persons in His Godhead? the so-called ‘trinitarian formulas’ in the NT does not say that they are three persons in one essence, so if you quote any of those verses to support your trinity, then that is just wrong reasoning on your part. what if the NT teaches three gods? then it would be in contradiction with the OT.

    in return, i tell you, any defense of the trinity is just typical christian apologetics, much WRONG reasoning which leads to unsubstantiated claims. as for brother Hesham Azmy, i think he has just substantiated his claims in this article.

    why don’t you try to refute it? also, why not show us the verse(s) in the bible which say that God has three persons in one essence?

    you could do it in written form, and im sure brother hesham and the bismika allahuma team would be happy to respond to it. it’d be fun.

  4. Chris Avatar

    Typical Muslim apologetics, little reason which leads to unsubstantiated claims.

    You want to engage in a formalized debate over Christian/Muslim theology? We could do it in written form. It’d be fun.

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