Assalamualaikum to all fellow Muslim readers. Peace be to the rest.

I have been in the Islamic information services since 1990. I have met thousands of good people from the West who came seeking the truth about Islam at our Islamic centre at the Kapitan Keling Mosque in the city of Georgetown, Penang, which is my home state. In Islam, we do not compel anyone to come into the faith. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink! A classic proverb that explains it all so perfectly.

I used to have the Christian visitors sit with me and my friends in the marbled walkways of the mosque’s inner sections. We used to answer their numerous questions about Islam. What the principles of Islam are and why Islam makes sense. Some of those visitors had actually been on a soul-searching trip to our mosque for which they had been saving up for some time. Word of mouth by those who had benefitted from our information services at IPCI (Malaysia) gets around and these people really meant to come seek the truth for what it is.

Many a time we came across individuals who, after being with us for a couple of days, studying, researching and asking countless questions, eventually come to embrace Islam and Alhamdulillah, some took the Shahadah from me and my friends. Eventually, these new Muslim brothers and sisters from the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, etc., return home to their countries and passed on the message.

I have had people ask for us by name and they spend time with us in the mosque, learning about their birthright to be Muslims and being smart and intelligent, they end up taking Shahadah with us and in turn, go out to preach the truth about Islam, Allah’s Code of Life for all of mankind.

Today, we see Muslims being propositioned by Christian evangelical groups and missionaries relentlessly with a zeal that astounds us. Day by day, they seek out the weak, the poor, the sick, the destitutes amongst the Muslims of Asia and work their way in. Many of these missionaries work under guise of charities and relief effort workers.

By doing a bit of research, what do I find? Countless projects by the Christian Global Missionaries out with a purpose…to convert the Muslims to their creed.

Among those which I found are these:

They even have a 30-Day Study of Ramadan and its special meaning to us Muslims. Their missionaries are encouraged to study the facts and figures of Islamic teachings yet use this knowledge to sow seeds of doubts and draw the weak and meek amongst the Muslims to “Believe in Jesus as the Lord Almighty”. Na’uzu billahi min zaalik!

It boggles the mind to see the extent to which these evangelists are going all out to rope in the poor, the feeble and the weak of faith amongst the Muslims. The Muslims of the world need to wake up to this strategy of the kuffar and put their affairs right. Maybe the wandering Jamaat Tablighs of the world who waste their precious time “worrying” about Islam should come to their senses and instead of haranguing the Muslims, go after these missionaries. That would be a sight to see! A friend of mine by the name of Mirza aptly referred to the Jamaat as “Tablighones”.

The Prophet Muhammad left us a clear and complete message. A way of life enjoined by Allah ta’ala. Now comes this group, innovating a system that is entirely thought up by a Maulana Ilyas and a Maulana Zakariya from Deoband, India, going out on a 3 days, 40 days, 4 months “da’awah walkabout” especially to the IPB countries!IPB meaning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There is a whole website dedicated to the uncovering of these wayward group’s activities here. Read and study for yourselves about this group’s shenanigans.

When I come to think about the hadith of Rasulullah SAW about the Ummah dividing themselves into 73 sects and movements whereby 72 of these wayward sects will be in the Hellfire and only the one Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah will be saved, I think of this and the numerous other groups cropping up amongst us, each claiming to be The Chosen Ones.

May Allah SWT guide us all. Ameen. 



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  1. Andrew Hurley Avatar
    Andrew Hurley

    There is no need to lie about Islam, there is no need to speak slander against Muslims. There is no need to speak against Allah, or make say evils things about His Prophet.

    Yeshua has said that upon the -revelation that He is the Son of Elohim-, he would build his assembly: So if hell shall not overcome the revelation, how can man?

    Pharaoh began a fight against YHVH Elohim and lost. YHVH Elohim made sure that the whole world would know that those who fight against him will surely be humbled. Likewise with Sha’ul who was persecuting the followers of Yeshua: Sha’ul went against the advice of his own Torah teacher Gamaliel, and persecuted the followers of Yeshua, but Yeshua met him on the way to Damascus, reminding him of his teacher’s advice. When a man makes a fight with God, who will win? When a man beats his wife don’t they both hurt?

    The zeal to evangelise the whole world is a work of the Holy Spirit of God, and not of ourselves only: … So can a fisherman persuade 3000 souls in one day, without the power of God?

    The light of the world shines in the darkness, the power of God blows in like the wind. Those who are unloved are loved, and those who are in bondage are set free. In the name and by the blood of Yeshua the Holy One of Israel. Not by might, not by power, but by the Holy Spirit of God.

  2. Yona M Avatar
    Yona M

    I chance upon your website and found it interesting. I am a Jew and probably the only Jew that has responded to this website. I am not pro Jewish, anti Moslem or anti Christian. I am human, believer in the One God that our respective faiths of the Abrahamic covenant are purported to follow.

    I would to correct an important misconception. While it is true the Jews consider themselves “God’s Chosen People”, that has nothing to do with arrogance. Both Islam and Christianity recognize that the Jewish people were to first to be called to the faith of the One God and given the Torah on Mount Sinai. The Torah (which corresponds to the first 5 books of the Christian Old Testament)provides the foundation for both the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible. Choseness implies a special relationship, one of servitude to the One God and not about looking down on the rest of humanity. Judaism is a non judgmental religion that does not focus on heaven or hell. Nowhere in Hebrew Bible (which corresponds to the Christian Old Testament) does it talk of non believers going to hell. This concept was first introduced in the Christian Gospels. Therefore, Judaism does not judge Moslems nor Christians and maintains that the “righteous of all nations will have a place in the world to come”.

    What Judaism does do is to focus on right living, ethical conduct and justice. Jews have been in the forefront of social change, scientific achievement and artistic excellence throughout human history from Moses to Jesus, from Benjamin Disraeli to Karl Marx and from Albert Einstein to Steven Spielberg.

    Judaism predated both Christianity and Islam. The first Christians were mainly Jews and Christianity initially grew as a sect within Judaism, deriving its initial forms of worship from Judaism and meeting in the synagogue or Jewish house of worship. Christianity started to deviate from its Jewish beginnings only in the 2nd-3rd century after it first appeared when Jewish Christians were outnumbered by Gentile Converts and with the conversion of the Roman polity to Christianity.

    There is much similarity between Islam and Judaism. There were thriving Jewish communities (and smaller Christian communities) in the Arabian peninsula during the time of Mohammad although most of these communities ceased to exist within the first century of the rise of Islam. Both Jews and Moslems do not eat pork and do not permit graven images of any kind in their house of worship. Jewish dietary practices (kosher) have similarities with Moslem halal practices. For example animals are brought to a quick death by a slit to the carotid arteries and the carcass of the animal is hung upside down to drain the blood. These laws are described in detail in the Torah. Finally, both Moslems and Jews pray in the direction of their holy cities – Mecca in the case of Moslems and Jerusalem in the case of Jews.

    Jews do not want to fight with Moslems nor Christians. It is sad that Israel is much maligned as we have no voice to speak to in countries like Malaysia so there is little prospect for understanding. Jews are not interested in taking over the world nor can we do so even if we wanted to. We are too few in number with only 13-14 million worldwide. It is easy to hate us when you are not even able to speak with us so you imagine us as gargolyes bent on world domination.

    Not every Jew is smart nor rich. Although the Israeli economy grew by 5-6% per annum last year (inspite of the war in Lebanon) and it has a per capita income of close to US$20,000 with high-tech exports to many countries, unemployment is at 8.5% and the poverty rate exceeds 20%. There is only one Jewish nation in the world. It is so small, probably no larger than the state of Selangor and very dry as it is located in a semi-arid region of the world with long dry summers. Nor does Israel have any oil or gas. All it has is the talent of its 6 million people trying to make a living in a pretty unfriendly neighborhood.

    So this business about choseness is not something we are proud of. It is a yoke that is heavy to carry and in a world full of hate and misery we can only enjoin with our Moslem and Christian brothers to pray for peace. My hope is for Israel to be accepted among its Arab neighbors and Christians, Moslems and Jews to work for world peace together. You see, we Moslems, particularly the Arabs are after all semitic cousins and share a common ancestor in Abraham/Ibrahim. And Jesus, who inspired Christianity was Jewish – he lived his life as Jew, was true to Torah, enlightened the meaning of Torah and died a Jew is regarded by both Christians, Moslems (and some Jews) as the Messiah.

    Moses taught the Law, Jesus taught Love and the Prophet Mohammad taught submission to God and there is actually a lot of commonality in all of these messages because the common thread must be about respect for each other because if we love God we must after all love each other.

  3. g.kumar Avatar


    Common man don’t get involved in this fight.Christian missionaries are known to create truble in every part of the world. If I have to choose a better devil between the two – will choose Islam. It’s anytime better than Christian teaching. But supporting one of them would be escaping from tiger’s mouth and falling into crocodile’s mouth. You support Christians in Malaysia thinking we are minorities, they will put carrot in your *** like what they are known to do.

  4. Shadowofears Avatar

    Christian missionaries are using in the Islamic world, these new methods have been applied because the old methods did not prove as effective as the Christian missionaries thought they were. Some of the problems were the great gap between Islam and Christianity such as the principle of trinity and escalation of Jesus PBUH. Some of these new ways are:-
    1) Misguiding, making similar, lying (taDDlel, khida3, labs Al-7aqaiq) Many books have been written for Muslims, keeping the belief of Muslims, their ideas and general princeples in mind. The book “shahadat Al-Quran” which was distributed all around the Islamic world, even in Saudi Arabia. This book was taken from the book “The Lord is one” for Zakariya Boutros. This book talks about the similarities between Islam and Christian faith. They, for example, quote the verse that refers to prophet Jesus PBUH as a prophet, a word and a spirit. They say that is originaly the same trinity! Of course this is a false interpretation, a lie. Allah said he blew in Adam of his own spirit, allah gave his word to Moses, David, Ibraham, Adam, Mohammad PBUT and not only to Jesus. The missionaries base this whole theory on the fact that there are three nouns, ie just because of the number. One of their other arguments that they say that “In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful” means three gods!! not one! that is a worst liethan the one before, they ignore that Allah has 99 names that we know, and many more that Allah promised to tell his prophet at the day of judgment.

    2) Building churches that look similar to mosques : Muslims were turned off from entering churches because they looked different, that also made them feel very uncomfortable with them. They also changed the internal structure of the church to look similar to a mosque, the people sit on the floor and in lines. They have circles (7alaqat) for teaching and that sort of stuff. They started using a new way for reciting the bible that is similar to the Tarteel of Quran. The also try to compare Christ in Islam to Christ in “Christianity”. They misquoted Tafseer Al-jalaleen, and make it sound like the Tafseer says Jesus PBUH knows the time of Domesday (ya3lamu Assa3a), when you refer to Al-Jalaleen you find that the time of Domesday is known to be very soon when Jesus comes (to3lamu benozolihi assa3a). In other words they lie in a shamefuly. This is used to fool the muslim who is not educated about his religion. Another book is “Al-saleeb fi al-injeel wal-quran”, where they claim that Shiekh Al-fakhr Al-Razi believes that Jesus was killed on the cross, when you check al-Tafseer Al-Kabeer you find that this is a big lie. Al-Fakhr Al-Razi quoted a question from a Christiana guy then took pages to answer it so they quoted the QUESTION of the Christian guy!!! This is one of many examples.

    3) Names : they started using Islamic names, for examples one of their radio stations that has a person that is responsible for answering the questions of the listeners is called “Shiekh Abdallah”, his program is called “Allahu Akbar”, other radio stations are called “Sawt Al-7aq”, “noor 3ala noor”. They can use different names but they use these only to confuse muslims with their misguided preaching.

    4) The started a new way, not to tell muslims things as they are, for example not to tell them that Xtians believe that Jesus is the Son of Allah (a3ooth Billah), since Jesus himself didn’t use that expression, so they use other words like “the spirit of Allah” since it is closer to the understanding of a muslim. They also use titles that are common between the two religions such as “Assalah”, “Assawm”, “Assadaqa” which include Christian propaganda but a title that is used to hunt muslim readers.

    5) The use of Islamic expressions such as “bismilalhi Al-Rahmani Al-raheem”, “Jesus Alaihi assalam”, “Allah subhanah”, “Allah tabarak wa ta3ala” … calling their churches “boyoot Allah” (houses of God). They sometimes even claim to accept Islam as a religion from God, but they say that Christianity was not canceled by Islam! (ghayr-nasekh). There is a book called “deen Al-Masee7 lam Yonsakh” by Iskandar Jadid (Xtian), he also misquoted Al-Jalaleen claiming that they said that muslims must ask the people of the book “Is’alo ahlal-thikr” when in fact Al-Jalaleen were explaining that Allah was asking the Kufar to check with Ahl Al-Kitab that Allah always sent MALE messengers only, like Jesus, Moses, David … etc pubt. And to ask them onyl about that, not anything else.

    6) Making concessions to win muslims : for examples making Qudas (Christian ceremony) on Fridays not on Sundays to confuse muslims, this was done in Kuwait for example.

    7) Accepting the princeple of polygamy. A funny thing to mention, In England, there was a conference in 1409 AD for priests (assaaqifat Al-Injeel) and a big discussion took place about polygamy, many of them totally rejected that issue and said that this is one thing they use against Islam, but they faced the problem that if they didn’t allow polygamy they will lose their campaigns in Africa, after realizing that, they allowed it. There are catholic priest in Africa with 40 wives or more.

    8) They say that many muslims have changed to Christianity and they publish books and cassettes about that. For example the book “limatha sirtu masee7iyan?” for a writter “sultan Muhammad Bolous”, a weird mix of Christian and muslim names, they claim in this book that this person was a muslim from Afghanistan who was the son of a scholar and went to Mecca to do Hajj, asked Allah for one thing which was to give him the true guidance, then the book says they he accepted Christianity, the rest of the book is attacks on Islam that appear to be written by someone who has done a whole lot of research and is very deep into Islamic issues. It is very obvious that this book is false and forged, this is a way that is used quite a lot by Christians and even shi3a and the other misguided, lost sects who claim that Ahlul-sunna wal-jama3a do the same thing (go to Hajj and ask for true guidance and accept their sect .. ). Another book “Sudan rushes to God”, giving a lot of stories about many people who came back to Xtianity, many of them are actually originaly Christians who strengthen their bond with the (Adden Al-Mansookh, deen Al-Kaneesah) unrighteous way. some other cases they to be originaly muslims. We say in answer “In Tastafti7o faqad Ja’akom Al-Fat7u”, Sudan is rushing to Allah because Islamic law is being applied more and more day by day, The Xtian military state in the south loses more and more and now it is a little insignificant group that has no place to stay, the kafir tribes in the south are coming into the religion of Allah. Like Allah said in his book, when the victory of Allah comes, and you see the people coming into Islam in big groups then do “tasbee7” for Allah and thank him a lot, aski him for forgiveness because he is Attawab. (surat Al-FatH).

    9) Taking the children from their parents and raising them according to their belief. for example in England they started special Hotels for children where they stay there with no connection with their parents, the workers there speak many languages, funny how most of them are muslim spoken languages (eg Arabic). Another example is Bosnia children who were taken from Bosnia in Italy and France where they are raised according to Xtian belief, children who are 3month-3years old who know nothing about their original religion. Even if these children discover what happened to them they will still have doubts from what was taught to them for all their lives.

    10) Education Curriculums : In Egypt the Christians there protested and asked to remove the verses of Quran and the Hadeeths from curriculums, they write several articles in the newspapers. And how fast do you think did the government answer? in a very short while the curriculums were changed and the verses and Ahadeth were dropped, the government used the excuse “the material was too hard for the children”, compare that to how they teach muslims to forget Allah and accept Kufr such as Jesus is the son of God.

    11) The use of Natural disasters : Such as wars, floods, … etc, for example in Sudan they had such things when Sudan had its starvation, muslims had to choose either take food+Kufr, or stay a muslim, but a hungry muslim. It is also sad that the aids that muslims send were distributed by Christians such as the Red Cross and others, these funds were sent by Muslims in the Gulf and the rest of the world for the muslims in Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. It is also sad that all the aid that goes to Bosnia is given by German institutions, what do we expect from these people? they use they funds and resources to spread their religion and to spread hatred of one muslim towards the other (“the cross comes with food for you, your muslim brothers forgot you”).

    12) Making conditions easy for new converts from Islam to Xtianity : These converts are treated by other muslims as a traitor and something shameful, and that is the truth. They also saw that new converts feel left and abandoned, they also do not find full satisfaction with Xtianity. Something i want to mention, a book a looked at “Al-Masi7i Al-Mubashir bayna Al-Muslimeen” (The Christians missionary among muslims). This book was printed in Laghous in Nigeria and was given to all the missionaries in that area, this books explains how the missionary can get the best results of his preaching. It says : ” the Christian missionary must offer a great love for new converts, as well as regular muslims, be nice to him. Learn about Islam not only to distroy muslims belief, but also to understand the similarities between Islam and Xtianity so that YOU START WITH THESE POINTS. Talk to them about Jesus, tell them that he loves them and that he is their Saviour. Do not argue the faith, give them a general idea, a fast answer, even try to make it as a joke. Especially the trinity,or the idea that Jesus is god (Addition from the person typing this article PS:this exactelly is what Xtian missionaries on the Usenet do), logical conclusions and discussions then we will fail, therefore we must ignore the subject or even make it a joke, also use similar things, for example Ibn-Assabell, say that Jesus is Ibn-Assabel” and that is a great lie because these missionaries say that Jesus is son of god not Ibn-Assabel. Some of the advises that are used in that book “avoid discussing the prophet Mohammad (we add Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) and tell them that God will evaluate Mohammad, you don’t evaluate him. Also use the point of freedom of religion, use the verse from Quran that says that.” It is known to muslims that fi a muslim changes religion his punishment is to be killed, the prophet PPOABUH said “if a muslim changes religion then kill him.” Also the book says “Do not try to change the religion of the muslim right away, try to first make them accept Jesus as their lover and Saviour, then you must encourage them to get babtized and declare their new religion.” The book also says “muslim converts must not marry Christians, it has been proven that he may marry another muslim women” but the truth is that in many cases converts into Christianity change back into Islam and their Christian wives change with them too. Christian girls must marry Christian youth.

  5. John Kactuz Avatar
    John Kactuz

    [Admin — Deleted for hate speech against Muslims and Islam.]

  6. dav Avatar

    I am a chinese, I was neither a muslim or a christian but I am now a christian. To me there is no point arguing what forefathers of European or Arabs have done in the pass(eg. force conversion, cruelty, injustice…list goes one) Why bother with someone else’s forefathers had done? You can argue till the next ice age and to the next, it will not reach any conclusion. What I would like to encourage all is to equipt yourself with the text of both faiths. Spend time to read them and understand them with and open mind.

    We should apply sound reasoning and not be bias to quote only part of a text just to make our argument sound good n convincing. What is the point by doing that? Would God be happy of the person been converted due to a half truth or a lie? Or would Satan be? Thanks to “lewis said on 29 October 2006”.

    We all know the old testement(Torah) was written by the Israelite of old times. Please do not bring modern day Israel into the picture. That would be clasified under mordern day MiddleEast Politics n Struggle. After which there are books of Phrophets of Israel. The phrophets were specifically called to speak to the people n nation of Israel then. All are the books makes up the Old Testament of the Bible. The Gospels of Jesus Christ together with the recordings of his disciples are the New Testament. 600 years later then came Mohammad(PBUH). Who was told by an angel to resite the parts of verses of the Quran on separate times. After Mohammad’s(PBUH) death, his followers recollect the verses from memory n patchments and consolidate them into Quran. There were problems during the compilation but we will not discuss the matter.

    So Judaism, Christianity and Islam do have common root. However, there are differences of text in Quran compared to Torah/Books of the Phrophets and also Bible’s New Testaments. Mordern day Islamic scholars are not able to explain why there are differences of text of in the Torah/Bible. Only explanation for scriptures that are suppose to be the same but now is not connected or pointing at different phrophecies is someone must have altered/corrupted the scriptures. At this point, I would like to ask all to use reason to decide which of the scriptures is right and which is corrupted. If u think one of it is corruptedl, the which part of it is corrupted.

    The torah n the bible which have a good linking of characters and story line, written by many authors as compared to Quran, coming from one source claiming the authority of the most high, and of the phrophets from a land hundreds of kilometers away but does not have any linkage to them. Which is corrupt it is up to you to decide, but aways remember, are you making God happy or are you making Satan happy? The answer? God will aquire of you when you are presented before Him, after your death. No one can answer on your behalf. Not a priest, iman, reverend, mullah, pastore, sami or politician will be able to answer for you.

  7. Truth Avatar

    Guys, give me a break. Do not condemn other religion. Both Christian and Islam come from the same root, so why fight amongst us? If the Christians believe in Jesus, so be it. If the Muslims believe in Islam teaching, so be it. If you are talking about numbers of peoples convert into Islam, then how about numbers of Muslims convert into Islam by their free will? The choices if up to the individuals. C’mon, believe in what you believe in and STOP comparing and condemning other religions. I’m a Christian and I believe in Jesus. That’s matter for me. I believe in Jesus because He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life. I know for Muslims Jesus is just a Prophet. So what?

  8. AbuYoushaa Avatar


    “Invite (mankind, O Muhammad SAW) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islâm) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Qur’ân) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.”

    As for you quoting the above ayah of the Qur’an and writting a lot of hater crap, shows you need to read the ayah carefully.

    Regarding the Tabligi Jamaat, I am sure if you used your eyes and tried to use your brain with it you might have noticed how many people around the world have change because of its work. You so-called Salafi’s would and continue to jump up and down, ready for an arguement, should chill out and analayze.

    It started as a revival for Muslims “O Muslims, become Muslims”. You might know that just by calling yourself a Muslim and going Shirk does not make a person a Muslim. Most of my village upto the ’70’s did some sort of shirk until the Jamaat came. No one would let them in the Masjid’s. They had to do Salat in someones guesthouse. Now most of the village has stopped wrong practises and all the Masjid’s allow them in. There are many such cases international, even where whole villages and towns have become Murtad and because of the works of Tabilghi Jamaat the people have become Muslims. Yes a lot of times they (as Tabilghi Jamaat) do not talk to people who call themselves non-Muslims but individually people who join with the works of the Jamaat do talk to non-Muslims. I personally know of 5 people (from the top of my head) in my area who have become Muslims through people who are link to the Jamaat. 2 whites (former Christians), 1 Indian (former Sikh), 1 Zimbabwean (former Christian), 1 Congolese (former Christian and member of the opposition in former Zaire!). So it is more a wake up for Muslims and people who call themselves Muslims, a “handspan”, a first step, so they can move on and implement Islam fully in there lives.
    Personally I did not like the way they did there dawah at one time, because I thought I knew better. That was until, a person who was returning from Raiwand (where there is the second largest gathering of Muslims in the world every year) near Lahore said to a conductor of a Toyota Hiace….(you must know the line)…we have read the Kalima….now you read it…why is he asking Muslim I thought (I was very critical of the Jamaat as I was a Ghair Muqallid)…anyhow to my shock and amazement, the conductor who lived in the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” did not know it!!! So we had to teach him all the way to Lahore, he just about got it when we jumped off near the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore. So this is my experience with the Jamaat. It is positive. But you do get people talking rubbish sometimes. By the way it now international, jamaats come out of Makkah and Madina and my friend told me when he was in Palestine in Masjidul Aqsa they where doing bayans there.

    “O Muslims, become Muslims”

  9. lewis Avatar

    Dear Santana Kamarudin,

    A careful reading of Deutoronomy 18:18 will tell you that the new prophet that will be raised among the Israelites is not Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The context of that chapter is that Moses shall not be granted the permission to enter the promised land, Canaan; and God will raise another leader to lead them into the promised land. In verse 15, Moses said, ” The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me among you, from your brothers…” indicates that the leader chosen is among them (an Israelite) in this case. As for Isaiah 29:12, it does not speak anything about a prophet but of the stubborness of the Israelites, and therefore disposed to exile.

    I believe there is more room for discussion on this.

  10. MAHAGURU58 Avatar

    Wa’alaikumsalam UK_Brother,

    Does stating the truth of deviance constitute slandering the Tablighis? I don’t think so. I do not plan to engage in a useless debate with you whom I can guess to be one of them.

    The Ulama’s expose the deviant practices of the Jama’at Tabligh. You want to label them and me as Salafis? Go ahead, it makes no difference to me.

    I write as I do about the Tabligh because I know for sure what they do! They only go disturb the Muslims who are already observing the obligations of Islam. They skip the homes of the Non Muslims and do not do anything to stop maksiat that takes place before their very eyes!

    What does that say about them? They are deviants and useless fools who go around misquoting hadiths and come up with false ones to justify their deviance!

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about your trying to speak up for those who clearly are misguiding ignorants and jahils into following a deviant group that only weakens and takes advantage of those who are naive about the true obligations of a Muslim!

    “Invite (mankind, O Muhammad SAW) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islâm) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Qur’ân) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.”

    Al-Qur’an Surah An Nahl Verse 125.

    Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala Commands us Muslims through Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam’s example to ‘Invite All Mankind to Ad Deenul Islam’ with Wisdom and Beautiful Preaching and to discuss, debate or argue with them the Non Muslims in Ways that are Best and Most Gracious!

    Allah SWT does not tell us Muslims to go preach just to Fellow Muslims, does He?

    I mean, hello…if Rasul SAW had done just that, to talk to people who were within his circle and reach, you and me would not be Muslims here, debating about a deviant jamaat!

    I have personally taken the Jamaat Tabligh who come knocking on my door as to why they skipped visiting my neighbours who are Chinese Buddhists, Christians and Taoists,Indian Hindus, etc?

    Their reply? They aren’t Muslims! Well, if they do not go share the Truth about Islam and teach them, the Non Muslims, won’t they be shirking the true responsiblities that Allah SWT has Commanded those of us who call ourselves as Da’ee’s and carrying out the works of Tabligh in the real sense of the word?

    I have asked the Jama’at Tabligh to join me in combating maksiat that was taking place before us in my neighbourhood but have always got cock and bull answers in them saying that they hve better things to do than to go confront the maksiat perpetrators!

    Talk about being hypocrites!

    Rasul SAW has in one of his authentic hadiths commanded us : ” Whomsoever amongst you (Muslims) sees an injustice take place before you to stop it with your hands (power/authority/capabilities); failing which you must speak out against it (go tell them off/ advice/warn/confront/write about it/expose/etc); failing which to hate it in your hearts which is a sign of those weakest in their Iman and close to Kufr!”

    Now, is the Tabligh really practicing what Allah SWT and Rasul SAW has asked us Muslims to do?

    Think and do your own research about whether the Tabligh Jama’at are right or wrong!

    I will keep exposing their deviance as long as I live, Insya Allah! Wabillahi Taufeek Wal hidayah!


  11. UK_Brother Avatar

    Salaam Alaikum brother,

    Before slandering Muslims which is a big sin in itself, please do your research into the Tablighi Jamaat and Deoband from a non-biased neutral source, the website you provided is an Indian Ahle Hadith/psuedo Salafi site which IS biased,
    Deoband University was established over 100 years ago and follows the Hanafi Madhab of the Ahle-Sunnah-Wal-Jamaat which as you know is one of the four groups of the main body of sunni orthodox Islam, this is also confirmed by Al-Azhar University and the majority of Saudi Scholars, your quote “Now comes this group, innovating a system that is entirely thought up by a Maulana Ilyas and a Maulana Zakariya from Deoband, India, going out on a 3 days, 40 days, 4 months “da’awah walkabout” especially to the IPB countries!1 There is a whole website dedicated to the uncovering of these wayward group’s activities here. Read and study for yourselves about this group’s shenanigans.” Is totally wrong although they do go on these “da’awah walkabout” as you put it they haven’t introduced it as part of Islam so it’s not an innovation if it’s not Islam!!

    It’s funny how you are worried by the Christian Missionary onslaught against the weak Muslims in your country then you ridicule this group who are the only group who are preaching to the weak non-practicing Muslims of the world and making them strong Muslims by teaching them the deen, so can I ask what was your point in ridiculing the Tablighi Jamaat?

  12. ROBINS Avatar

    PLs don’t link Christianity to Anglo Saxon domination it would be the equivalent of linking all Muslims to terrorism. Islam also had its fair share of empires & alll these mpires were conquered from non muslim lands.YOu guys go in into they are lands and force them to convert.Not necessarily by sword but by psychological means.Forcing them to pay jizyah,forbiding them from worshiping publicly,forbidong them from mourning they ‘re dead in public,not allowing them to construct new temples of worship,not even renovating htye are places of worship unless necessary(who are u to allow or disallow thi?),not taking they are statements in sharia courts simply because they are non-Muslims! ypu say that you are religion of peace but in places which you conquered you destroy temples and build mosques on the(Bbabri mosque).YOu convert CHurches into mosques(Hagia Sophia).I have seen writings by an author named Hamka that seem to justify these actions. These psychological warfare done MUslim govts are being done by some ppl here too. SOme zealots tell MUslims not to wish nonmuslims during their celebrations,local councils demolish temples, delay approvals for Temple and Churhes for even 25 years!…..sec=nation. So that they can cosntantly tell nonmuslims that they r 2nd class citizens unless they are muslims. You ppl say “We ought to call what is falsehood as falsehood, and preach the Truth of Islam to everybody”. Yet u say that ur religion preaches justice and fairness. If your religion is about fairness then everyone can preach his religion to you as much you can to us! YOu use converts to your religion to launch an aasault on our religion by printinfg they are testimonials about Islam and theier views about their former religion. HOw disguting it is to here from a former HIndu or a Christian tell bad things abot his old religion.Yet htis is done by our own GOvt tv every Ramadan.YOu religious leadres can tell bad things about our religions in GOvt publications such as Dewan Masyarakt, yet no actions from govt under Publishing & PRinting presses act or the SEditions act.LOok wat happened to Sarawak Tribune after one accident. MUslimin said “Jews and Christians will not stop harassing you until you follow their straying path”, who is doing the harrasing ? Abu Al-Ala Al-Mawdudi’s View: Discrimination is Necessary!

    In his book, “Rights of Non-Muslims in Islamic States” which has been translated into many languages, this great scholar asserts that we should distinguish between the rights of non-Muslims and the rights of Muslims. On pp. 2-3, Abu Ala al-Mawdudi says:

    “An Islamic state … is by its very nature bound to distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims, and, in an honest and upright manner, not only publicly declares this state of affairs but also precisely states what rights will be conferred upon its non-Muslim citizens and which of them will not be enjoyed by them.”
    When you ppl look at history and say Christaians spread they are religion by brute force through conquest. yet you fail to understand that THe MUghal,ottoman,are all colonisers.they came from the outside to impose” an alien concept ” on them by seting one law for MUSlims another for others and u ppl shout at the top of the lungs that terrorism is the response to discrimination by non muslims.This country has one law for non-Muslims and another for NON muslims, THis isvery unfair SAntana kamaruddin!THat’s why non muslims have to reject these laws.Will you reject laws that clearly discriminate u because of ur religion? You will probably go on a jihad. Many ppl say that jihad is response to discrimination and cruelty.I think that your doing the same to…… evangelise your religion.THose in glass houses should not thrhow stone at otheres.You were also colonisers and force converters to your religions.

  13. mohd Avatar

    this is racism

  14. Zaki Zaim Avatar
    Zaki Zaim

    Islam is not just a religion, it is a complete way of life. From the moment you wake in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night, all affairs of a practising Muslim are reflected by this. This is the what the non-Muslims have a problem in understanding. Religion is not between an individual and his ‘God’; Secularism in Islam is an alien concept which the West wants the Muslim nations to embrace, alongside the concepts of democracy etc. and this is simply impossible.

    As far as the Christians are concerned, Allah SWT has described them as being the closet in love to the Muslims, because amongst them, there are people of learning and justice who do not hold any ill-feelings towards the Muslims. Likewise, the principle of ‘no complusion’ in religion stands firm for all to see. The ideological and the theological differences between us Muslims and the Christians will continue to be debated and discussed.

    Islam remains the fastest growing religion in the world because of it’s logical and factual basis by which many embrace Islam. The author of the following book (…..tents.html ) has done an extensive job in highlighting the huge gaps that exist between us and through this book, many Christians have seen the error of their ways, with all due respect.

    One has to only look at the manner in which Christianity was introduced into S.E Asia, unlike Islam that was mainly brought through Arab and South Asian traders, the Catholic Church used brute force to convert the native people to the cross. Dare I say this was the mindset that has it’s roots in the Churchs’ crusades and the inquisitions within Europe.

    This same Church tries to lay the charge of ‘forced conversions’ upon Islam and raises the ago-old misnomer allegations of Islam being ‘spread by the sword’. This has been rebutted so many times, that I present another angle to this answer here:…..038;ln=eng

    Peace to all.

  15. Avatar

    Hairudin & Yohanis

    We Muslims are obliged to call people to the Truth of Islaam.

    We have the right to propound the Truth of Islam.

    We ought to call what is falsehood as falsehood, and preach the Truth of Islam to everybody.

    *For this purpose, our humble website is and you are welcome to read it with the sincere intention to learn about Islam, but you are not welcomed to post `dumb kafir comments’

    We have no problem addressing non Muslims as kuffar or kaffir, just like non-believeing Jews and Christians are despised by Allah SWT in the Quran because of their lying and bantering and deceptions.

    The falsehood should not prevail, should not be promoted, taught, propagated – Trinity is falsehood.

    We Muslims dont subscribe to your reasoning here.

    Muslim brothers and sisters! Allah SWT has commanded:

    The only ad Deen for Him is Islaam

    Whoever seek other than Islaam as his religion or ad deen, all his efforts will be wasted, and in Akhirah he will be among the losers.

    `I (Allah) have completed this Religion (Islaam)..’

    `Jews and Christians will not stop harassing you until you follow their straying path

    (Not necessarily becoming a Judaic or Christian, but maybe a hretic, apostate, secularist, or just doesnt care about Islam, but Christians will love to pull you into their folds so that you become their slaves to the white Christian-European-Anglo-Saxon world domination)

  16. Avatar

    We Muslims dont have to reason with you Christians on why Muslims should not be preached Christianity (read Trinity doctrine) – becuase Christianity is a hoax!

    Who invented Trinity? Jesus certainly did not! He did not call his message Christianity! Or Trinity! He taught TAWHEED – The Oneness of God to the Children of Israel.

    So many lies, deceptions, hoaxes, and contradicitions – so why do Christians want to convert Muslims – to join you in hellfire?

    We also agree that Jesus was not dead (and Muslims belive he was not crucified, it was Iscariot the betrayer who was crucified) and we agree that Jesus will return to the earth.

    And listen to this Christians! Jesus will follow the religion of Islaam as brought by Muhammad, and Jesus (Peace be upon him) will join the Muslims and pray behind the Imaam and slay the pigs and destroy the Cross, and kill the Anti-Christ.

    And who are the armies of Anti Christ (Dajjal) – it will be the secularists, apostates, heretics, Jews and Christians who have been against Islaam!

    We therefore CALL YOU CHRISTIANS to Islam – that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger, and we also tell you that Jesus was a Great Prophet, and Mary his mother was a pure woman and we revere them.

    *We can invite you to Islam with beautiful preaching and share the Truth of Islam with you but we will not force you to become a Muslim without your wholehearted commitment to submit your soul to Allah, God Most Supreme, Most High!*

  17. MAHAGURU58 Avatar

    Brother lingswaran,

    Let me tell it to you straight. As a Muslim, we believe that There is No Other God but Allah.

    All other deities or faiths is false. As such, we who are true Muslims, will not allow our ill-informed brethren to stray away from the faith once they have come to attest that There is No God but Allah!

    Period. One does not acknowledge Almighty God, Allahu Akbar and then apostate from Him!

    It is a different story altogether for non Muslims like yourself. You have the birthright to be a Muslim but not one Muslim worth his name will force you to be one!

    We can invite you to Islam with beautiful preaching and share the Truth of Islam with you but we will not force you to become a Muslim without your wholehearted commitment to submit your soul to Allah, God Most Supreme, Most High!

    That is the parable I quoted about ‘leading the horse to the water’ but not being able to force the horse to drink’.

    It has to drink on its own.

    Exchanging info like this doesn’t really do justice to sharing about Islam brother. One of these days, if you feel like having a no strings attached discussion about all these over a cup of coffee, let me know.

    I’ll be happy to oblige. Drinks on me. :) Call me at 016-3969881.

    In the meantime, have a pleasant day.

  18. MAHAGURU58 Avatar

    Mankind seems hellbent on doing as they please especially those who aren’t submitting to Almighty Allah, God Most Supreme, Most High.

    Brother Collin,
    I appreciate your thoughts and viewpoints that true Catholics won’t proselytize to the Muslims. I do know that there will always be amongst the Muslims, those who are ignorant about Islam, don’t study their religion, do not practice it, just pay lip service to the faith and then they will go around faultfinding the very religion they are born into.

    It’s human nature isn’t it. Talk as if they know all there is to Islam yet do not walk the talk and don’t know heck what they are talking about in the first place.

    There are millions of such folks all over the world.

    Callers to Islam like me and others around the world aren’t exactly a 100% perfect in our lifes but as among those who strive to adhere and carry out the Commandments of Almighty Allah as best as we possibly can, we won’t shy away from facing our ‘know it all’s’ no matter in what form or shape they come!

    In a way, the challenge provided by Biblethumpers is welcomed by me. There’s only two ways about it.

    We either believe totally in Allah or we don’t! As a bonafide Muslim, I stand form in my faith.

    Those who Deny Allah will find out in the hereafter as to whether they or we are right in establishing that ‘There’s no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the (Last) Messenger of Allah, True God Almighty’

    May Peace be upon us all. Ameen.

  19. Hairudin & Yohanis (Kalimantan) Avatar
    Hairudin & Yohanis (Kalimantan)

    God is Love. Religion comes from God. Religion is between men and God and not men and men. Relationship between GOD ALMIGHTY and MEN. I wonder why did man want to take action against other man in the issue of religion particularly on the decision of choosing a religion. If a religion is really holy and secred, than only GOD Almighty can take any action. Why should man quarrel about the issue of conversion and want to take action according to the law created by man and NOT GOD. Let GOD take action….. I honour and worship GOD ALMIGHTY but I don’t like to see man fights with other man just because someone is thinking he is holy or claiming to be his religion is right and the other man religion is not right. Does a man claiming to be his religion is right has a locus standy or right to say that he has been given authority by GOD Almigthy to take action against other people. GOD is LOVE so show HIS LOVE to other people and NOT HATRED….. REPENT PLEASE… Please don’t take RELIGION into your own hand just like people who likes to take law into their own hand….

  20. Santana Kamarudin Avatar
    Santana Kamarudin

    My dear friends , i greet you with universal greetings of the Prohpets

    Assalamualaikum w,b,r.

    Answering to brother lingswaran, i myself a revert from christianity,the main reason i m coming
    back to my birthright that is Islam. Do you know that the holy bible have prophecy
    about the coming of the last messenger of God the Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh in 34 places.
    please check in the old testament book of Deuteronomy 18:18 and book of Isaiah 29:12 and etc.

    yes we have the proverb of not forcing the horse to drink, which horse ? the non muslim cannot be impose or force them but a muslim whose have signed the contract of submission, they bound to the law. This is very fair….if you a citizen of this country, you are bound to abide the law,but if you choose to reject,then you have to pay the prices…which agreed upon all races..

    Brother, when i became muslim , you hindu brothers have make my life miserable and yet you talk about tolerance, Islam indeed very tolerable religion and the proof is you can still practice your religion in this country freely… india you dont have the tallest statue of Muruga but in Malaysia you are given, what else you want, if you keep complaining then travel and see.
    Brother, if want any books about the truth of Islam please mail us

    May God guide us to His Final message of the Holy Quran.

  21. lingswaran Avatar

    In a nutshell, what you’re saying that it’s alright for muslims to convert christians into islam but when christians do the same, it is seen as an attack to the islamic faith.
    You said that you can lead a horse to the river but you can’t make it drink. Then what is the point of you disallowing muslims from converting if you can’t make them believe in the islamic faith. There are so many other good things that islam teaches you to do, among them compassion, love tolerance, helping out others, humility and peace, but you choose to ignore all that at the pretext of defending the islamic faith. If the apostates are wrong, then leave it to God. It is between him and God. Mohamad himself never ordered anyone to be put to the death for apostating.

    Further more, this “holier than thou” attitude is the root of all problem as you all seems to want us to understand you, accomodate you and play second fiddle. Then what difference are you from the jews who claimed that they are God’s chosen people? If everybody think that they are right and the rest is wrong, that the rest are kafirs and therefore full fledge sinners doomed to go to hell, then the world is doomed.
    Why can’t people understand that we have more in common than we have differences.To be truly objective one have to be subjective from the ther person’s point of view. Why you all never see from our point of view?

  22. Collin Nunis Avatar
    Collin Nunis

    In all goodwill, while I understand your frustrations of Evangelical Christians coming to “evangelise” on the Muslim community, I, as a Catholic, on behalf on the Catholic community, will assure that there will be no Catholic group whatsoever that will evangelise.

    In light of the Lina Joy case, we have heard that there may have been “unscrupulous” Catholics doing the same thing. Let me assure that there are Christians who use unethical tactics which the Catholics will not resort to.

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