The Destiny Of Israel: Review Of “Jerusalem in the Qur’an”

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The Destiny Of Israel: Review Of "Jerusalem in the Qur'an" 1

We must realize that something horrible is in store for the world in which starving half a million children to death is a valid price but calling Israel an illegitimate and racist state has become the most serious crime. Many would agree with the statement that it is highly unlikely that the Israeli oppression and unaccountability can continue for another 50 years before it faces the horrible consequences. But many would be surprised to know that it is matter of a few more years before Israel overtakes the US as a Ruling State, just as the US replaced England as a Ruling State at the end of World War I.

Those of us who find this observation strange may not realize that we are passing through very strange times. Indications of the coming times are right before our eyes, for example in finding one set of people not allowed to simply cover their head for it undermines secular values. Whereas another people are free to occupy land, subjugate native people, indiscriminate kill and expel those who do not share the same race, and engage in ethnic cleansing on the grounds of their distorted scriptures.

Another indication is helplessness of the whole world before the Israeli aggression, defiance, WMD and state terrorism. The question arises: Why has Israel been granted this special status and special support despite the world looking at its undeniable crimes with wide open eyes? Why other countries are punished with decades of genocidal sanctions, wars and occupations for far minor crimes than the Israeli government?

One can find answer to these and many similar questions in “Jerusalem in the Quran”Imran N. Hosein, Jerusalem in the Qur’an, The Other Press, Kuala Lumpur, 2002 by Imran N. Hosein. It is an amazing book, explaining not only the destiny of Jerusalem but also of Jews and Muslims and the rest of the world in an extremely broad perspective. We fail to find answers to such questions because we are lost in the distorted realities that revolve around ongoing events alone.

“Jerusalem in the Qur’an” shows us the future in a broader historical, religious perspective. The author proves his bold conclusions, such as that Israel is close to replacing the US as a Ruling State, in a mathematical way. This book also brings forward many hidden aspects of the Qur?an that answers questions lurking in the minds of many Americans who truly love their country and many Muslims who are looking but at just part of the Divine knowledge.

Extracting argument from the Qur’an and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (P), the author proves that it is just a matter of time before the US taste the fruits of the American-Israeli obsession with the Holy Land. It is exactly same way in which England at its peak was strangely obsessed with the Holy Land. “The British people were themselves incapable of explaining this strange obsession”, argues the author.

“Jerusalem in the Qur’an” explains the roots and consequences of this strange Euro-American obsession with the Holy Land. Using references from the Qur?an about behavior of the Jews, destiny of Jerusalem, and related prophesies, the author clearly shows how Israel — armed with enough WMD and supported by Euro-Jewish financiers and bankers — has it within its power to assume financial control of the world through the simple maneuver of causing the collapse of the US dollar. “When the US dollar goes down it would bring down the entire world of paper money with it. This may be planned to synchronize with a spectacular Euro-Israeli display of military power in an attack on the Palestinians as well as neighboring Arab States.”

The author goes on: “Israel will then successfully defy the rest of the world in holding on to the fruits of its war and, in so doing, establish itself as the ruling power in the world. When that occurs it would most certainly appear to the Israeli-Jews (i.e., Bani Isra’il) that they would be experiencing the return of the golden age, i.e., the age when Solomon’s Israel ruled the world.”

Author’s Open Challenge to All

The story of the rise and fall of Jews and Muslims and the coming events is told in such an interesting and logical manner that one cannot help but sit and finish the whole book in a single go. Interestingly, the book throws an open challenge to both Muslims and non-Muslims. The challenge to Muslims is to “declare either that the Qur?an does not explain the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and the restoration of the State of Israel, or that there is a different explanation other than the one given in this book.”

To non-Muslims the challenge is that if they “declare that they possess the Truth,” they should “use that Truth to explain this subject.” That appears to be the greatest importance of this book. It validates the Islamic claim to the Truth! Let us take an example from the book.

According to the author, the strangest, most mysterious and most inexplicable event ever to have occurred in the religious history of mankind is the return of the Jews to the Holy Land to reclaim it as their own some 2000 years after they had been expelled by Allah.

At the very heart of the Qur’anic view in this regard is the declaration that when the final count-down in the Last Age arrives Jews would be gathered from the Diaspora in which they were broken up and dispersed, and to which they had been consigned, and would be brought back to the Holy Land as a “mingled crowd”Qur’an, 17:104. That Divine promise has already been fulfilled.

But before Bani Isra’il‘s final divine punishment takes place, there is great drama which is yet to unfold in the Holy Land and, indeed, in the world — such as the establishment of the greater Israel, which the author calls the Ruling State. The transfer of power from the US, in author’s view, has already begun with the September 11 incident and US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, “Muslims have precise information of the moment in time when Jesus (alayhi salaam), the Messiah, will return” and when “the Zionist-Jews will finally reach the supreme moment in their over-all strategy to get the Arabs to submit to Jewish rule in the Holy Land”, it will be “when the water in the Sea in Galilee has almost dried up, or has dried up?That submission would imply their worship of the False Messiah rather than the worship of Allah Most High. They would be required to submit to Israel in order to get water from the desalinization plants that Israel would build. The Arabs would be too poor to be able to afford to buy water.”

The book gives substantial references from the Qur’an and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to prove this point along with the scientific reports which show that water in the Sea in Galilee is really drying up faster than expected. Furthermore, the author has made a commendable effort to present in the simple possible language the link between anti-Christ and Riba and between Gog and Magog in the light of Prophet Muhammad?s (P) sayings.

It makes the book a great effort in the sense that it gathered scattered and often disregarded information for focusing on a specific subject with full force. It is highly unlikely that anyone who reads this book would have any doubt about the author?s clarification of some very complex issues such as that of anti-Christ and what is in store for the world.

Zionists’ Reality

There is much talk about hidden power of the Zionists but no one has so far explained the historical and religious aspect of their actions and respective implication as Imran N. Hosein has done through an impartial analysis of all relevant religious and historical sources.

Even most of the Muslims have started making concessions to the Israeli claims that it has Biblical claims to the Holy Land. The author argues that the so-called defenders of Israel are the Zionists who “have essentially abandoned the ethical heart of the religion of Abraham (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam).” The author effectively proves that the Zionists amended Torah and declared many permissible as prohibited and vice versa. And finally they have imposed an “impostor Israel” instead of “real Israel”.

The author asks whether the Zionists right to inherit the Holy Land is unconditional. Would it still be valid if they establish a secular state and “their progeny were to abandon the religion of Abraham and the laws of Allah”? We should note that the God of Abraham (alaihi al-salaam) prohibited the borrowing and lending of money on interest (Riba).“Thou shalt not lend on interest to thy brother (Jew); whether it be lending money on interest, or lending commodities on interest (because commodities were sometimes used as money) or lending on interest anything which is lent on interest (i.e., anything which functions as money). Unto a stranger (i.e., one who is not a Jew) you may lend on interest….” (Deuteronomy, 23:19-20)

Their crimes also included: “This is why the wisdom of God said: I will send them Prophets and Messengers. Some they will kill and some they will persecute. It was that the blood of all the Prophets shed from the foundation of the world might be charged upon this generation (of Jews), from the blood of Abel down to the blood of Zakariah, who was slain between the altar and the House of God – yes, I tell you, it will all be charged upon this generation…” (Luke, 11:49-51) The Jews changed the Torah to legalize the lending of money on interest to those who were not Jews. Not only is Riba illegal in the Holy Land today, but so are also many other things that were prohibited by Allah, Most High.”

Before and after the formation of the State of Israel, Zionists have been engaged in injustice, oppression, tyranny and repression, while Abraham was clearly told that Allah’s covenant of promise will not reach those of Abraham?s offspring who commit acts of Dhulum (i.e., injustice, oppression, tyranny, repression, suppression)Qur’an, 2:124.

This is exactly how the Zionist-secular State of Israel is established and it continues to display the same behaviour. And according to the Qur’an: “And We declared in the Zabur (i.e., the Psalms) which followed (Our declaration in) the Zikr (i.e., the Torah) that it is (only) those servants of Mine who are righteous in their conduct who would inherit the (Holy) Land.” (Al-Qur?an, 21:105). The author thus proves that the Qur’an not only reaffirmed ?righteousness? as the condition for such inheritance (Surah al-Anbiya, 21:105), but went on to direct attention to the historical evidence that violation of that condition always resulted in Divine expulsion from the (Holy) Land.

The book gives numerous examples from the Israeli press to show that it is a godless and oppressive system which has nothing to do with the re-establishment of ancient Israel and the law of Abraham. One of the examples from the horse’s mouth is an editorial in the Jerusalem Post which has this to say: “For too many Israelis, Jewishness has become an archaic, primitive, and irrelevant system that competes for power and funding, and even a source of embarrassment for an intellectually-oriented modern society.”Jerusalem Post, September 12, 2000

Zionist Strategy

The author distinguishes between the key roles of the Israelite or Sephardic Jews (descendents of Prophet Isaac), and the Jews of European origin. It is the Zionists from Europe who distorted scriptures from the Torah and Bible to justify their crimes and to motivate the Jews to establish a State of Israel that extends from the Nile to the Euphrates with Jerusalem as its capital.

According to the author, the Zionists exploited “every single lie that was put into the Bible by embellishing those lies with a mountain of more lies.” They worked with the corrupt ruling Arab elites to make their client states recognize Israel and then abandon them at an appropriate time. “This Jewish-Arab (elite) strategy has today reached an advanced stage of implementation….Indeed the strategy of abandoning that Arab elite has already begun.”

Here the author also proves that well according to the prayers of Prophet Muhammad (P) the strategy did not work out in Syria and Yemen.“Narrated by Ibn Umar: The Prophet (sallalahu ?alayhi wa sallam) said: O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Sham (Syria) and our Yemen. People said: Our Najd (Najd is that part of Saudi Arabia from which the Saudi rulers have originated). The Prophet again said: O Allah! Bestow Your Blessings on our Sham and Yemen. They said again: Our Najd as well. On that the Prophet said: There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there (i.e., Najd) will come out the side of the head of Satan.” (Sahih Bukhari)

The book is actually partly written in response to the Zionists lies promoted by spokespersons such as Daniel Pipes who, in his July 21, 2000 article in LA Times, attempted to dismiss any Islamic claim to Jerusalem by declaring of Jerusalem, among other things, that: “It is not once mentioned in the Qur’an or in the liturgy”. The way Imran N. Hosein collected different pieces of history and linked them like beads through the message of the Qur?an with respect to Jerusalem is enough to leave Pipes speechless.

The reason Zionists ignore even those portions of the Qur’an which mention that Holy Land was given to JewsQur’an 5:24-6; Again, it amazes me that Jewish and Zionist scholarship should so studiously have avoided quoting these plain statements in which the Qur’an declared that the Holy Land was given to the Jews (5:24-6; 17:103-104 and 7:137) is because the Qur’an also “offers an explanation for that strange behavior. The explanation resides in their reluctance to reveal the corruption of the divine conditions in the Torah which Allah Most High had ordained for inheritance of the Holy Land. The fraud in the rewritten Torah is exposed in the Qur’an”

So the Zionist dream of liberating the Holy Land from Gentiles and restoring the State of Israel in that Holy Land is well on the way to realization. The author predicts that the Temple would be reconstructed for Jewish worship. Even as we are writing this review, the news arrived that a Zionist in the US has denoted $10 million and Israeli government is on the way to dig another tunnel under Masjid al-Aqsa a step in the direction of fulfilling the long awaited dream to demolishing the Masjid and reconstructing the Temple (Masjid) of Solomon (alayhi al-salam).

Since the Zionists will achieve all these apparent successes in the most inhuman manner, the author digs out references from the Qur’an that after expelling the rebellious Jews out of the Holy Land for the second time, Allah declared His intention to keep on punishing them “if they kept on desecrating the Holy Land with violations of the condition of faith and righteous conduct. ‘…but if ye revert (to your violation of the condition imposed for inheritance of the Holy Land) We shall revert (to Our punishments. i.e., you will be expelled again and again)…’”Qur’an, Bani Isra’il, 17:8

Keeping the apartheid and ethnic cleansing based racist policies of the Israeli state in mind, the author concludes that the destiny of “Jerusalem is plainly written in the above warning and firm declaration in the Qur’an This remains so regardless of any…agreements negotiated in Camp David…resolution of the US Senate…[or] resolutions of the UN…”

Appearance vs. Reality

Another beauty of the book is the author?s skillful separation of appearances from the reality in the light of the Qur’an. It greatly assists readers in understanding the issues in which many Jews disagree. This work is a proof how the complex riddles of present day politics and international relation can never be understood without referring to the Qur?an which clearly states: “Verily the Qur’an explains to the Israelites most of the matters in which they disagree. And it certainly is a Guide and a Mercy to those who believe”Qur’an, 27:76-7. And Middle East is at the centre of a never-ending problem.

Apparently most Jews have embraced Israel as the fulfillment of their greatest dream of returning to the Holy Land. It will soon become a Ruling State as no one can challenge it in any way. In the author’s view, “[t]he fact that they have been so utterly and completely deceived by the Impostor State of Israel is indicative of their continuing spiritual blindness.”

The “reality” from the Islamic point of view is that the Anti-Christ has deceived the Jews into believing that divine grace has brought them this close to the complete fulfillment of their greatest dream. The “reality” is that their spiritual blindness has led them into a divine trap from which there is now no escape.” The much dreaded and oft-repeated ?destruction of Israel? is its destiny.

Confirmation of The Reality

Another beauty of this book is the seeming repetition at some places. In fact, this represented the extreme inter-connectedness and inescapable reality of history, scriptures and current affairs. The author hammers the nails of his argument from different directions until he conclusively proves his point of view.

In support of the above mentioned reality, the author brings forward a verse from the Holy Qur’an: “Allah has promised to those among you who believe (in Islam) and are righteous in conduct that He will surely cause them to inherit the land (i.e., the Holy Land), as He granted it to those before them (i.e., the Jews); that He will establish their religion (i.e., Islam) in authority (in the Holy Land), the (religion) which He has chosen for them (see Qur?an, al-Maidah, 5:3); and that He will change (their state) after the fear in which they (lived) to one of security and peace: ?They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me.? If any do reject faith after this they are rebellious and wicked.” (Qur?an, al-Nasr, 24:55)

For explaining “the state of fear” in the above mentioned verse, the author refers to the “fear in which the believers live” and declares that “it must surely include the present awesome Israeli oppression in the Holy Land.”


In a world in which one cannot afford to call Israel a racist state, where one cannot survive without recognizing its “legitimacy”, where anyone calling for Israel’s destruction is branded as a terrorist who deserves to be thrown into the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, presenting an undeniable thesis of its destruction needs a lot of courage.

To convincingly present his thesis, the author proves authenticity of quotes from religious scriptures with references to history and current affairs. At the same time, he effectively explains historical and current events in the light of religious scriptures. He also quotes many verses from the Holy Qur’an and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) which many of the co-opting Muslims try to avoid. Such shying away on the part of Muslims leaves many of the Westerners — particularly the Americans who love their country and don’t want to see it bleeding at the cost of propping Israel — ignorant of the Truth and unaware of the hard facts.

The reason Imran N. Hosein could say it all in his book Jerusalem in the Qur?an is simply that he is neither head of a client state nor a hand-picked sheikh of Al-Azhar. He is not afraid of losing any title of fake Islamic scholarship. This makes his in-depth research into the divine scriptures, history and current affairs a valuable lesson for every human being on the face of earth. The Destiny Of Israel: Review Of "Jerusalem in the Qur'an" 2Endmark






5 responses to “The Destiny Of Israel: Review Of “Jerusalem in the Qur’an””

  1. Sam Goodman Avatar
    Sam Goodman

    Actually the book is very wise. Israel will rule behind its proxies USA and EU. the seat of satan will be set up by jews in Jerusalem and the anti-christ will bethe manifestation of this satanic rule that the jews with set up. Of course those who don’t understand judaism will argue against this point because most people think that judaism is devine. Nothing is further from the truth> Judaism or more precisely rabanism is pure satanism cloaked with religion of Moses and David.

  2. shadowofears Avatar

    Israel is simply taking revenge of Hitlers Holocaust from Palestines.

  3. jmcd Avatar

    -Simply absurd-

    This author is just part of a very long line of millenial prophets who choose bits and pieces of religious or other prophetic texts and apply those highly selective texts to the world they live in to make it appear as if those prophecies are coming to fruition. The more clever and successful ones generate large followings of believers but they have all of them been deceived. Maybe one day one of these prophets of doom will be correct, but if history is any guide they merely suffer from delusions of grandeur and their followers have all been gullible fools wanting more than anything to possess a certainty that is impossible for humans to obtain.

    Anybody with a reasonable education and any grasp of history and international relations realizes the absurdity of the proposed scenario. Israel is quite incapable of dominating the world. Its resources and population are far too finite. The US is easily the most powerful country in the world today and we see the limits of its power everywhere.

  4. tariq Avatar

    excellent book
    excellent review

  5. anon Avatar

    sorry, this is not menj’s writing… delete that comment. modified:

    I was disappointed that you did not employ critical thinking to this book. IMO, the reasoning and logic used in that book is very poorly constructed. The author employs a technique called ?cherry-picking? where he only choose those portions of evidence that support his pre-conceived notions and discard those that oppose it.

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