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To Bring Or Not To Bring Thy Staff ?

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Tera Tak Adamar

In Mark 6 : 8 – 9, we are told that Jesus com­mand­ed his dis­ci­ples not to bring any­thing for their jour­ney except for a staff :

And com­mand­ed them that they should take noth­ing for their jour­ney, save a staff only ; no scrip, no bread, no mon­ey in their purse : But be shod with san­dals ; and not put on two coats. 

Yet in Matthew 10 : 9 – 10, we are told that in the very same account of the prepa­ra­tion for their jour­ney Jesus did not allow any­thing, not even a staff, to be brought :

Pro­vide nei­ther gold, nor sil­ver, nor brass in your purs­es, Nor scrip for your jour­ney, nei­ther two coats, nei­ther shoes, nor yet staves : for the work­man is wor­thy of his meat.

Matthew says that Jesus did not allow his dici­ples to take staves, but Mark says the he allowed them to take staves. Hence, we won­der how Chris­tians will har­mo­nize these two con­trast­ing accounts with their brand of hermeutics.Endmark

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  1. Did you even pay atten­tion to the dif­fer­ence between pro­vide” and bring”??? That might give you an impor­tant detail…

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