Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language 1

Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language

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    “Does the Bible use language not fitting for God?”

This was the question that a missionary rhetorically posed to his readers in an amusing but vain attempt to “defend” the inappropriate and unnatural language of Ezekiel 23. The funny thing that this author have noticed about his whole “defense” (and which also prompted this author to write this short commentary) is that even though he openly accuse Muslims of being “ignorant” about the matter, he reduced the whole passage of Ezekiel 23 to a link and a short summary. Is the missionary acting “prudish” in trying to dismiss the whole issue away so casually? It certainly seems so to this author.

Ezekiel 23 And Its Problems

We wish to settle the matter once and for all by publishing in full the scans from the whole chapter of Ezekiel 23 so as readers may understand the Muslim objection to this passage. Please be advised that we do not recommend anyone who have not yet reached the age of puberty to read this disgusting and sordid passage.

Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language 2 Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language 3

The missionary has also made the accusation that:

    “[i]t is only ignorance of the inspired scriptures that results in such outragious [sic] claim.”

On the contrary, we object to the passage not because of its main message, but because of its erotic imagery and inappropriate language. Furthermore, it is described as a historical event and the reader would unconsciously form imagery which is unworthy of being attributed to God Almighty.

We would like to ask the reader: would it be appropriate for a parent to rent a pornographic video and show it to his children below 8 years old, while all the time saying, “Do not commit fornication, it is an evil and a sin to do so”? Would anyone in their right mind do such a thing? This is what the missionary ignorantly expects us to believe.

Missionary Objections And The Response

He also expects us to swallow the idea that the so-called “strong imagery” of the following verse of the Qur’an is as objectionable as the erotic passage of Ezekiel 23:

“And do not spy, neither backbite one another; would any of you like to eat the flesh of his brother dead?” (Qur’an, 49:12)

The Qur’an in this verse does not give a detailed imagery of how one eats the flesh of another. Rather, it simply analogises backbiting to the act of cannibalism. It does not contain any objectionable language, it does not describe how cannibalism is attempted in detail and most certainly it does not emit erotic imagery not befitting of God Almighty.

In conclusion, the Muslim objection to Ezekiel 23 is a valid one. The Christian missionary should explain to his readers what benefit does the language of Ezekiel 23 offer, apart from inciting its readers to submit to their erotic feelings to commit rape and fornication?

Our Challenge To The Missionary

It is also amusing that the missionary decided to quote the Prophet(P) and then “conveniently” disparage the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, the doyen of Muslim responses to Christian missionary attacks, of blasphemy. Our response to his allegation is that we challenge this missionary to educate his own children on the evils of fornication by asking them to act out the event live in a play or school drama, word for word as per recorded in Ezekiel 23. I would be most happy to lend a hand in writing out such a script and will allow to let his own children to be the principal actors in such a play or school drama for Sunday school. Certainly, this is not an “outrageous” demand if the missionary himself does not consider this to be “blasphemy” or find any problems with the text of Ezekiel 23. This challenge is also open to his fellow missionaries.

Until the missionary or his cohorts have the courage to meet our above challenge, we as Muslims will continue to criticise the inappropriate and steamy language of Ezekiel 23, and object to its unnatural imagery. Such a passage is most certainly not “inspired” from God Almighty.

And only God knows best! Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language 4


The author would like to take this opportunity to thank Brother Shah Kirit bin Kakulal Govinji for his input on the Christian missionary response to the Muslim criticism of Ezekiel 23.Endmark






13 responses to “Ezekiel 23 And Its Disgusting Language”

  1. Zeik Avatar


    How about instead of attacking each other we do as brothers due and give logical reasoning for answers?

    Yes, Ezekiel 23 may seem very immoral in itself just by describing things in detail, that we may find improper but you have to remember we are reading it in English, not in Greek. It makes perfect sense that the way it’s translated may seem disgusting but it’s very possible to a Greek that the way it’s explained is fine. You have to also take into consideration the cultural differences. In certain cultures there are certain traditions that may seem very immoral, improper, and disgusting but to them it’s harmless. You have to remember, we are imperfect beings created by god who were given free will to do what we please. Just because god knows our future, doesn’t mean he’s the one who has chosen our fate, we are the fate wielders.

    Yes, I am a Christian, a Gentile if you like. I have Muslim friends, and I debate with them in a polite manner as anyone else should. My friend who is indeed a Muslim would even agree with me on this “historical” document that it’s not authentic but is a copy of many copies in which it could be mistranslated. Point is, whether it is or not, the passage Ezekiel 23 is trying to make has been made.

    Also, I’m not properly equipped with enough knowledge to debate with everyone here, I was just trying to explain from a logical point of view the issue.

  2. shadowofears Avatar

    Atleast Muslims will stop backbiting when they imagine of eating his own brother flesh but what about Christians when they read such passages would that stop them from involving in sex.

  3. kk_jaguar Avatar

    I wonder if God fell in love with these filthy girls knowing not how they would develop and act in future, after all god is all-knowing and all powerful…y couldnt he stop them. On the top of it, after what has happened with God, he is complaining like a child what they did to me. This must be some drama player god. God never does anything like that. y??????? coz He is God.

  4. shadowofears Avatar

    If Christians want respect for themselves they have to respect other religion.It doesn’t trouble me if Christian don’t believe in Peophet Muhammed but it does when they make fun of him.Do Christians think it is an insult to their religion when Muslims write Peace Be Upon Him after Jesus name.There is no need for Christians to trash other religions instead they should make more sense in ther docterines they worship.

  5. DingDong Avatar

    “Strong language is the sign of profound anger of God and utter corruption and idolatry of Israel at that time.”

    My God dont use that kind of language. COME’ON…. Ezekiel 23 is BANNED in South Africa…it is categorised as PORN.

    truth, if before you persist to argue any further, try to reading aloud this document (you consider as “Word of God”) to your:-

    1. Nieces/nephews, sons/daughters
    2. Girlfriend’s younger sister/brother..
    3. better still, her parents
    4. Business meetings… to bless the meeting, of course
    5. Dinner with your Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim friends (whom you are trying to convert)

    and, of course, with all of the above attending…

    6. your Church (please,please,please…. and videotape it, please,please,please)

    “truth”-or whatever you wish to call yrself.. choose a humbler name like mine.

  6. danny Avatar

    Hello Truth

    I am not suggesting that we need to be ashamed of our body parts, but only that it appears to me to be highly improper to indulge in penis size comparisons. God can pronounce His Judgement without comparing penises, no? Likewise, anger can be pronounced in other ways…but to talk about penises is going a little too far I think.

    I cannot get inside the mind of the author, but perhaps he was making use of some literary device? God knows best…but I wouldn’t want to recite this passage to others…

  7. Truth Avatar

    Adam and Eve were naked but they did not ashamed. Shame came after they broke the commandmend of God. God is creater of body organs why He has to be ashamed. I n Ezekiel God is not talking to children but He is pronouncing His judgement through His prophet. Strong language is the sign of profound anger of God and utter corruption and idolatry of Israel at that time.

  8. danny Avatar

    Hello cheayee.

    I do not have a problem in speaking in descriptive or harsh terms, but penis size and semen comparisons? What “point” does that bring out? I think none. It only conjures up am image in your mind which I won’t bother elaborating.

  9. cheayee Avatar


    No idea. But I think that using descriptive terms was probably the easiest way of bringing the point out (because that way we could understand it)?

  10. danny Avatar

    What really bothers me is that why would the author be so fasinated with the size of penises and compare them with those of donkey’s? Couldn’t he make his point without making such a graphic comparison, which really does not answer.

    I have seen Christians in the past claiming that the author wanted to bring out the sins of the people in the strongest possible terms. Fine, but was the penis comparison so necessary?

    Now we cannot get inside God’s head to know what he can or cannot say, yet I can’t help but wonder if God would speak to humanity in such a lowly manner…

  11. Sunny Avatar

    I remember seven years back, I was talking with my christian neighbour whether he had read his bible. He said he read only those chapters from the bible which his mother allowed him to read. I said why is this, why didn’t his mother allowed him to read whole Bible. He said his mother said him that when he would grow older only then she would allow him to read as those chapters are for adults.

    I am damn sure his mother had not allowed her son to read Ezekiel 23 because this chapter is for adults only.

  12. cheayee Avatar


    This is the first time I have read this chapter….

    Why do you care whether it uses language not fit for the Christian God? (unless you are Christian, then it should bother you mah). I read the passage and I do not find anything alarming.

    If not, don’t bother lor. Only creating trouble for yourself. True or not?

    Sure, the language sounds disgusting. The question is, do you understand what it is saying?

    The general idea of the passage states
    the people of Samaria and Jerusalem

    (are like prostitutes who have turned away from their lovers because they have worshipped other gods but not God himself).

    God is the jealous God who punishes His people (in this case, the Jews) who turned from Him to other gods, in this case, the gods worshipped by the Assyrians, Chaldeans,Pekoa, Shoa and Koa.

    Until the people turn away and repent from their false gods, Jehovah will not save them, because HE wants them to come to Him with willing hearts.

    You should read the Book of Hosea in the Old Testament and compare it to this.

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