Schism — A Mus­lim Answer To Fitna

This short movie was made in less than twen­ty four hours in response to Geert Wilder­s’s anti-Islam polem­i­cal movie, enti­tled Fit­na”. The six-minute video called Schism” by 33-year-old Sau­di blog­ger Raid Al-Saeed takes vio­lent Bib­li­cal texts and inter­spers­es them with fiery rants by a Chris­t­ian fun­da­men­tal­ist youth leader in Texas. Kudos goes to the Mus­lim broth­er who direct­ed the video. This is the kind of response” that is need­ed from Mus­lims, an intel­lec­tu­al response and not one which is based on emotion.