david wood the cross-dresser

Chop­ping Down Mis­con­cep­tions : David Wood’s Islam Super­high­way Explo­sive Twist

From the begin­ning of Ori­en­tal­ism, the Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies have been assum­ing that Islam is head­less” enough to be attacked and scru­ti­nised with a feroc­i­ty that one can only con­clude bor­ders on fanati­cism. These mis­sion­ar­ies proved then that they don’t have the brains to acknowl­edge their own headless­ness. One such exam­ple is David Wood, a recent zeal­ous recruit by the ever-intol­erent Answer­ing Islam, whose only amaz­ing abil­i­ty is his extreme bel­liger­ence, and what can only be described as fanat­i­cal intol­er­ence, towards a faith dif­fer­ent from his. This is a review of one such arti­cle.