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  • Missionary VS Terrorist: An Examination of a Missionary’s Mental Imbalance and Behaviourial Problem

    The recent barrage of missionary dementia gives us a marvelous opportunity to expose the character of the missionary Sam Shamoun, his mental disorder and the extremes he is willing to undertake in order to unleash his abuses and prejudice towards Muslims. Indeed, he convincingly demonstrates that he is a confirmed Islamophobe. The discussion is concerning the use of the term “missionary”. The missionary claims that we should not refer to him as a missionary because even though he is a missionary, many Muslims nevertheless have alleged “negative” views concerning the title “missionary” according to his opinion. Hence he argues that we are making an ad hominem attack against him every time we rightfully call him a missionary. He claims that his arguments will be allegedly dismissed beforehand by Muslims when they find out that he is a missionary.

  • Do Muslims Really Worship Allah The Moon God?

    Do Muslims Really Worship Allah The Moon God?

    Christians who try to claim that the word Allah (Arabic: الله) is the name of the moon god are influenced by the writings of Dr. Robert Morey, who wrote this alleging that a statue at Hazor represents Allah.

  • A Medieval Christian Patriarch on Prophet Muhammad

    A Medieval Christian Patriarch on Prophet Muhammad

    The following is an extract from the allocution of Patriarch Timothy I before the Caliph al-Mahdi on how he viewed the Prophet Muhammad(P). I guess Christians back then were not as intolerant of other faiths as how it might appear from their polemical websites such as “Answering Islam”. It is entitled: Timothy’s Apology for Christianity, […]

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