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  • Can There Be A Son Without A Mother Or Father? Responding To Banal Missionary “Logic”

    Unfortunately for the missionary, an understanding can be reached if a little more thought can be put into their argument. The missionary has taken the understanding of these verses out of its intended context and is confusing Mary’s nature (since she is only human, and hence procreates) as a creation of the Almighty, with God Himself who is the Uncreated. Certainly, God Almighty could have taken a “wife” and have “children” or have “children” without any consort whatsoever (nau’zubillahi min zaalik).

  • The Concept of Tawhid in Islam

    The Concept of Tawhid in Islam

    [toc] Meaning of Tawhid The word Tawhid comes from the verb wahhad which literally means to unite. In Islamic terminology, it means to realize and maintain the unity of Allah in one’s actions (inwardly and outwardly). The actual word tawhid does not occur in the Qur’an or Sunnah though the present tense of the verb […]

  • Sectarianism In Islam

    1. It is important to realize that, unfortunate as it may be, it is a division that has already been made and accepted by the Muslims and by the adherents of these sections. It would, under the circumstances, be unrealistic to refute the existence of these sects. These sections do exist, even if their existence […]

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