Ara­bic Bible Cal­lig­ra­phy”: Expres­sion of Art or Evi­dence for Deception ?

The Chris­t­ian mis­sion­ar­ies are well-known for their decep­tion in order to spread their so-called God-giv­en” pur­pose to spread the Gospel to the world. This approach is not alien to the mis­sion­ary agen­da, for it is found­ed upon the very words of Paul, who laid down decep­tion as the mis­sion­ary approach. It is with this mis­sion” in mind that they have start­ed to infil­trate coun­tries where the major­i­ty of Mus­lims do not habit­u­al­ly read or speak Ara­bic. The mis­sion­ar­ies have begun sell­ing images which mir­rors the cal­lig­ra­phy often found in Qur’an­ic vers­es, but instead of the usu­al Qur’an­ic vers­es, they cite vers­es from the Ara­bic Bible instead. This tru­ly dis­plays the decep­tion of the mis­sion­ar­ies in order to dupe gullible Mus­lims to their cause.

Mis­sion­ary VS Ter­ror­ist : An Exam­i­na­tion of a Mis­sion­ary’s Men­tal Imbal­ance and Behav­iour­ial Problem

The recent bar­rage of mis­sion­ary demen­tia gives us a mar­velous oppor­tu­ni­ty to expose the char­ac­ter of the mis­sion­ary Sam Shamoun, his men­tal dis­or­der and the extremes he is will­ing to under­take in order to unleash his abus­es and prej­u­dice towards Mus­lims. Indeed, he con­vinc­ing­ly demon­strates that he is a con­firmed Islam­o­phobe. The dis­cus­sion is con­cern­ing the use of the term mis­sion­ary”. The mis­sion­ary claims that we should not refer to him as a mis­sion­ary because even though he is a mis­sion­ary, many Mus­lims nev­er­the­less have alleged neg­a­tive” views con­cern­ing the title mis­sion­ary” accord­ing to his opin­ion. Hence he argues that we are mak­ing an ad hominem attack against him every time we right­ful­ly call him a mis­sion­ary. He claims that his argu­ments will be alleged­ly dis­missed before­hand by Mus­lims when they find out that he is a missionary.