Category: External Errors

  • Mary, the Sis­ter of Aaron ?

    Mary, the Sis­ter of Aaron ?

    Is it wisdom or folly? Has the Qur'an committed an anachronism or does it reflect comprehensive understanding?

  • What was Israel’s Response to the Covenant ?

    In one of his recent articles, Sam Shamoun contends that because the Qur'an cites the response of the Israelites to Yahweh's covenant as "We hear and we disobey" (2:93; 4:46) whereas the Bible quotes the same as "We will do everything the LORD has said; we will obey" (Exodus 24:7) and "We will serve the…

  • Talk­ing Ants in the Qur’an ?

    Basically, the gist of the missionary claim is: Why does the Qur'an say that ants talk (27:18-19)? Everyone knows that ants communicate by chemicals detected by scent and never sound! Is this not a scientific error in the Qur'an? This style of argument is quite sophomoric in that it is entirely based on someone who…