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  • A Rational Approach to the Prophethood of Muhammad

    A Rational Approach to the Prophethood of Muhammad

    It is generally well-known that a person who claims Prophethood is either someone of the best or the worst of mankind, and these two extremes can never be confused. This is true indeed, due to the fact that he is either a truthful Prophet of God, thus it is accepted that he should be one of the best and most perfect person, an example par excellence. Or, if he is a liar against God — and this is the most terrible of lies — there he is one of the worst and most wicked person to ever walk the earth. This big difference is too great to be missed by any lay person, let alone smart and intelligent individuals. It is truly a very huge difference, indeed!

  • Modern Science Finds God

    There was a time when science seemed to be the enemy of religious belief — that time is no more!These are only some of the simplified conclusions of a major work in progress, but we felt they are of such great significance that we had an obligation to offer them to the ummah (the human […]

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