When the Evan­ge­list becomes a Shaikh, the angels become poly­the­ists, wor­ship­ping Adam instead of Allah. When the Evan­ge­list becomes a Shaikh, the Nasikh becomes Man­sukh, the Mut­laq becomes Muqayyad and the Aamm becomes Makhsus, and vice-ver­sa. Not that it is not hilar­i­ous to read for Evan­ge­lists-turned-Shaikhs. It is at the dis­cov­ery of the lev­el of hor­rif­ic con­fu­sion and plain errors con­tained in the fatawa” of the many Evangelists/​Shaikhs who sprung up in recent years that inten­si­fies one’s amaze­ment and baf­fle­ment, espe­cial­ly not­ing the lev­el of pub­lic­i­ty the writ­ings of the new Shaikhs receive in the west­ern media.