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  • Hans Küng On ​“Is Muham­mad A Prophet”?

    Hans Küng On Is Muham­mad A Prophet”?

    The following is an excerpt taken from "Christianity and World Religions: Dialogue with Islam", in Leonard Swidler (ed.), Muslims in Dialogue: The Evolution of A Dialogue, vol. 3 (The Edwin Mellen Press, 1992) by the Christian philosopher Hans Kung who conveys a Christian opinion on Prophet Muhammad (P). We do not neccessarily agree with everything…

  • Answer­ing Islam : Preach­ing What They Do Not Practise ?

    In one of their pages, Answering Islam had made the following claim with the clear intention of "poisoning the well" where Muslim sites are concerned. The rest of the page goes on to either debase or discredit Muslim websites for their dependency on "atheist" material and preaching about the lack of "conscience" on the part…

  • Peo­ple of The Book” and The Muslims

    Emin Ergin discusses the historical relations between Muslims and the "People of the Book", and provides evidence on how they are to be treated.