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  • Split­ting Hairs, The Jochen Katz” Way

    Answering Islam has posted an early reaction in objection to our publishing of Han Kung on the Prophet Muhammad (P). There are several issues in this reaction by Jochen Katz, the de facto dictator of Answering Islam, that needs to be corrected. We shall briefly respond to each of the allegations.

  • Answer­ing Islam : Preach­ing What They Do Not Practise ?

    In one of their pages, Answering Islam had made the following claim with the clear intention of "poisoning the well" where Muslim sites are concerned. The rest of the page goes on to either debase or discredit Muslim websites for their dependency on "atheist" material and preaching about the lack of "conscience" on the part…

  • Waraqa ibn Naw­fal : Prob­ing Chris­t­ian Polemics

    Waraqa ibn Naw­fal : Prob­ing Chris­t­ian Polemics

    Discover more about the intriguing relationship between Waraqa ibn Nawfal and Prophet Muhammad(P). Dive into the exploration of historical context, narrative accuracy, and understand why Jochen Katz's claims may be disputed by scholars. Can we truly validate the extent of Waraqa's influence? Let's delve deeper.