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  • The Three Dif­fer­ent Jesuses

    (I) JESUS IN JUDAISM * LIFE : - Estab­lish­ing the time of the ​“Jew­ish Jesus”: The ref­er­ence to Jesus in the Tal­mud is by the title : ​“Yeshu Ha-Notzri,” but accord­ing to Jew­ish chronol­o­gy, he lived at the time when Joshua Ben Per­akhyah led the San­hedrincir­ca 150 BCE ; see, for instance, San­hedrin 107b and, there­fore, pre­dat­ed Jesus accord­ing…

  • The Event of Wor­ship to the Gold­en Calf

    The Israelites repented about worshipping the golden calf BEFORE Moses returned from the mountain [7:149], yet they refused to repent but rather continued to worship the calf until Moses came back [20:91]. Does Aaron share in their guilt? No [20:85-90], yes [20:92, 7:151].