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  • Refutation of P.N. Oak’s Claims Against The Ka’bah

    Refutation of P.N. Oak’s Claims Against The Ka’bah

    Some “researcher” known as P. N. Oak has come up with some ludicrous, puerile and absurd comments regarding Islam. His theory postulating the “impact of the Vedic religion on Islam” is laughable. Those acquainted with history will smile at the silliness of the assertions made by Oak. Among the fallacious claims made by Oak is […]

  • Were Men Really 60 Cubits Tall?

    The Christian missionaries have recently turned their attention to a hadith which states that the height of Adam(P) was 60 cubits (= 90 feet) tall and have charged this hadith as a “scientific error”. The hadith in question is from Sahih al-Bukhari and is recorded as follows: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Allah created […]

  • Paul’s Dependency on Talmudic Writings: Evidence of New Testament Borrowing

    While Christians would prefer to allude to the notion that Paul, the self-acclaimed “apostle” of Jesus, was “inspired” when he wrote his epistles, the evidences we have researched states otherwise. We have seen how Paul had cited a verse from the “apocryphal books of Elijah” but claimed that he was citing from the book of Isaiah. Apparantly this citing of quotations from apocryphal or Rabbinic writings was not alien to Paul, for in the epistles of Paul, there are abundant signs that he was extremely familiar with Rabbanic material and constantly refers to them. This is not surprising since Paul himself had admitted to familiarity with Jewish traditions under the tutelage of Gamaliel (Acts 22:3).

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