The following is the reproduction of the translation of Qur’an 43:63-64 with the accompanying footnotes to the amazing consistency and parallelism with the Message which Jesus (P) had consistently preached as found in the current gospels.

    “When Jesus came with Clear Signs, he said:
    ‘Now I have come to you with Wisdom4663,
    and in order to make clear to you some of the (points)
    on which you disputec.f. Mark 6:2:
    therefore fear God and obey mec.f. John 5:24.
    For God, He is my Lord4664 and your Lordc.f. John 20:17;
    so worship ye Himc.f. Matthew 6:9: this is a Straight Way.”

A. Yusuf Ali in his footnotesA. Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur’an Text, Translation and Commentary, p. 1337 comments on the above verses with the following explanations:

4663 True wisdom consists in understanding the unity of the Divine purpose and the Unity of the Divin Personality. The man Jesus came to reconcile the jarring sects in Israel, and his true teaching was just the same as that which was expounded in a wider form by Islam. He did not claim to be God: why should not Christians follow the doctrine of Unity rather than what has become their ancestral and traditional custom?

4664 In verses 26-38 an appeal is made to the pagan Arabs, that Islam is their own religion, the religion of Abraham their ancestor; in verses 46-54, an appeal is made to the Jews that Islam is the same religion as was taught by Moses, and that they should not allow their leaders to make fools of them; in verses 57-65 an appeal is made to the Christians that Islam is the same religion as was taught by Jesus, and that they should give up their sectarian attitude and follow the universal religion, which shows the Straight Way.

It is often the classic missionary argument is that since the Qur’an is often found to “contradict” the Bible, it therefore follows that the Qur’an is wrong. As they try to claim:

    …if the New Testament confirms the Old Testament while maintaining the unity in doctrines and of records, how does the Qur’an confirm the Old and the New Testaments? By contradicting it?

This kind of circular argument rests on the assumption that the Bible has passed the test for its authenticity, which we know is far from the truth. So now that we have determined the consistency of the message of Jesus(P) with the Qur’an as depicted in the verse above, we wonder what the missionary excuse would be to escape from the grave they had dug for themselves.

And only God knows best. 






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