Evaluation of Common Missionary Allegations About The Personality of Muhammad (P)

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Recently a South African Christian missionary by the name of “Gary” had been posting polemical snippets of untruth on his “website” about the character of the Prophet Muhammad(P), with total disregard for the answers from the Muslim side. Most of his material is dependent the missionary website Answering Islam, of which he wholly cuts and pastes. Obviously this bankrupt missionary is unable to think for himself apart from relying on the obtuse material from his rabid co-religionists.

We list out the allegations that this missionary has written, and we will respond to each and every statement that he has made, in defence of the Prophet Muhammad(P) and the religion of Islam. This page will also be collecting links answering the most common allegations hurled by the missionaries and their allies.

What was Muhammad?

According to the missionary:

  • Muhammad massacred his prisoners of war indiscriminately. He was a criminal and a mass murderer. [Response]
  • Muhammad sent his men to kill his opponents in the middle of the night using deceit and lies. He was an assassin. [Response]
  • Muhammad raided merchant caravans and stole their goods. He was a highway robber. [Response]
  • Muhammad captured human beings and sold them or asked for a payment of a ransom to release them. He was a slave merchant and a terrorist. [Response]
  • Muhammad, at the age of 53, became aroused by a 9-year-old child. He was a paedophile. [Response]
  • Muhammad forced himself on a captured woman on the same day that he killed her father, husband and many of her relatives. He was a rapist. [Response]

Comparing Muhammad to Jesus?

If one were to objectively study the missions of both Muhammad and Jesus side-by-side, it would immediately be concluded that Muhammad is Jesus doing the work of reconciliation in the seventh-century Arabia of warring tribes while Jesus is Muhammad doing the same work in the first-century Palestine occupied by an overwhelmingly powerful Rome. See:

Also look at:

    Contrasting the Prophet Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad: A Muslim Viewpoint

Violence Is Not A Point For Character Assasination

The missionary in question has also fondly pointed out that the Muhammad(P) had waged wars in his lifetime. We have never denied that. But what about explaining his obvious double standards? The reader is adviced to follow the articles chronogically in order to grasp the demonstration of our point. See:

A Re-Evaluation Of Muhammad

It is unfortunate that most of the criticisms directed towards the Prophet(P) even until today shows that many of his critics are still living in the past. This is evident when we read:

Exoneration of the Prophet from the allegations of his critics can be seen in:

This article attempts to give an objective view of the personality of the Prophet(P) and at the same time discusses the varying notions of the Prophet Muhammad’s(P) character as viewed by the Orientalists.


It can be seen from our responses to these allegations about the Prophet Muhammad(P) that the missionaries certainly have no excuse to attack the character of Muhammad. Even his contemporary mortal enemies were acknowledging him as al-Amin, “The Trustworthy”. To see these hostile bigotry coming from missionaries who are still smarting from their defeat at the Crusades is hence laughable.

And certainly, only God knows best! Evaluation of Common Missionary Allegations About The Personality of Muhammad (P) 1Endmark

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7 responses to “Evaluation of Common Missionary Allegations About The Personality of Muhammad (P)”

  1. Ali Avatar

    All you got to prove about your saviour is an empty grave – or in reality a number of empty graves which no one can agree upon

    [ to be exact there are 3 different empty graves all alleged to be the resting plave of YOUR saviour mr rObeRt – I guess all three apparitions of him were supposed to have ressurrected as well ] and a huge washout of a story written by people who were neither eye witnesses to the alleged ressurection [remember the forsook him and fled thing ]

    documenting only post crucifiction and pre crucifiction accounts –

    sooooo in that case we can safely deduce that there really are smoking caterpillars and wide grinning cheshire cats in the moon because of documented evidence that a girl named Alice did follow a rabbit into a little hole and have tea with a mad hatter only to risk getting decapitated by a fleeting barrage of playing cards AS WELL as the avilability of rabbit holes around!

  2. shery Avatar

    A Christian Missionary’s “Thinking Questions”
    Article based on Gary Miller’s Speech on Islam and Christianity

    Missionary: Does the Koran say that Jesus was sinless?
    Muslim: Yes. Jesus was perfect man. Never sinned.
    Missionary: Does the Koran tell Mohammad to repent?
    Muslim: Yes. Quran tells Mohammad to repent.

    That’s all. The missionary doesn’t say anything else. He hopes now that the Muslim would start thinking: “Now, wait a minute, Jesus never sinned, but Mohammad was supposed to repent. Maybe Jesus is better!”

    Missionary wants the Muslim to start thinking that a sinless man is better than a “repentant sinner”. Missionary is hoping, but he dare not say it. Because if the Missionary says that, he goes exactly against the teachings of Jesus.

    If the Missionary is foolish enough to say that a sinless man is better than a repentant sinner, he’s going against the teachings of Jesus.

    The reason why the Missionary is going against the teachings of Jesus is this: Story of a lost sheep. Mathew Chapter 18, verse 12: Jesus said, “If a man has a 100 sheep and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the 99 on the hills, and go on the search of the one that went astray. And if he finds it, truely I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the 99 that never went astray.”

    Jesus was trying to hammer that point home to his disciples: Don’t you dare say, for example, because you’ve been a faithful follower for many years that you’re better than this one who just became a believer just yesterday. The perfect man has no precedence over the repentant sinner.

    Moments later….

    Missionary: Was Jesus the Messiah ?
    Muslim: Yes.

    Missionary: Was Mohammad the Messiah?
    Muslim: No

    Now, the Missionary stops there, and hopes that the Muslim would start thinking, “Now, wait a minute, Jesus is the Messiah, and Mohammad is not the Messiah. Maybe Jesus is better!”

    What the Muslim should ask the Missionary is about this word Messiah: Jesus was the Messiah, but were there any other Messiahs besides Jesus?

    Now you find out how well he knows his Bible. Because there were many Messiahs: David, Solomon, and even Cyrus, the Persian were called Messiahs in the Bible. It’s hard to find it in the Bible because the translators cover it over. Messiah means “annointed”.

    A Messiah is someone who has been picked to do a job. Every king of ancient Israel was called Messiah. Now the word doesn’t sound so special anymore. It is a title, but it doesn’t particularly elevate one to divine status.

    Moments later….

    Missionary: Where’s the body of Jesus ?
    Muslim: God took it.

    Missionary: Where’s the body of Mohammad?
    Muslim: Its in Medina. It’s burried in the ground.

    Now the Missionary hopes that the Muslim would go away thinking, “Now that’s interesting! The body of Jesus is gone; Mohammad is in the grave. Maybe Jesus is the true Messenger, Mohammad is false!”

    The Missionary is hoping the thought would cross the Muslim’s mind, but he dare not say it.

    What the Muslim should ask the Missionary is this: “Do you mean that a dead and buried Prophet is a false prophet? Is that what you mean?”

    If that is so, what does Missionary say about Abraham, for example?

    Abraham is buried. Jews and Muslims to this day, still go to the place where Abraham is buried, to visit his grave.

    Is Abraham a false prophet because he’s dead and buried in the ground? The Bible also states body of Moses was taken up by God. God sent an angel to take the body away. Does this mean Jesus and Moses are equal in their “divine status”? What has the Missionary’s question proven?

  3. Diogenes the cynic Avatar
    Diogenes the cynic

    Even if someone HAD known of a tomb. there would have been no way for those early converts in Asia Minor or in Rome to go and see it for themselves. Jerusalem had been destroyed, and anyway, what would they have even seen? A tomb with a body in it? A bone box? What possible means could they have used to identify the remains?

  4. danny Avatar

    Dancz, the issue of the alleged resurrection is irrelevant to the article in question. Therefore, your comment makes little sense.

    Plus, according to scholars such as Crossan, Jesus’ body was eaten up by the dogs and he was not burried in the tomb. According to many others, the empty tomb story is a later development and we in fact do not know what was done to Jesus’ body.

    As a Muslim of course, I believe he was not killed on the cross in the first place but saved by God :)

  5. Doug Avatar

    ..i’ll show you my saviors empty tomb.

    Why isn’t it possible that the deciples stole the body of your saviour?Only according to matthew the tomb was guarded.no one else knws anything of a guard, anand their stories strongly suggest none was there.and the guard was not placed until a DAY LATER–the THEFT could already have taken place by then, especially if another body was wrapped in its place, or the tomb was a multiple -niche tomb complex , as it must have been by law for the burial of crimminals.

  6. aian jaafar Avatar
    aian jaafar

    an empty tomb, mr. dancz?

    hmmmmm………. maybe no one was there in the very first place?

    if you will insist that prophet jesus was placed there, prove the reliability of your corrupt bible first.

    oh, and by the way, which bible do you use when you use when you testify to prophet jesus christ’s alleged death and resurrection? can you please tell me why you trust that particular bible version?

    by the way, according to your apostle paul’s teachings, prophet jesus had to die first before he can intercede for our sins in the presence of God. funny thing, the Beloved Prophet Muhammad was taken to heaven WHILE HE WAS STILL ALIVE. and he was brought back to earth. i was just wondering why the christ had to die before he can enter God’s presence, while Prophets Muhammad, Elijah and Enoch were allowed to step into heaven without dying?

    is God a cruel God to Jesus?

  7. Robert Dancz Avatar
    Robert Dancz

    Just a comment about the comparison between muhammed and Jesus. Im sure that there ministrys may have resembled each other but only one of them died and came back to life. Show me muhammads resting place and ill show you my saviors empty tomb.

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