The Inva­lid­i­ty of the Cru­ci­fix­ion of Jesus as an Atone­ment of Sin

Dr. JosephG

A Study of the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament)

Here is a par­tial list of rea­sons for why the death of Jesus on the cross could­n’t pos­si­bly have served as a valid sac­ri­fice — any one of these would ren­der a sac­ri­fice as unac­cept­able for the pur­pose of expi­a­tion of sins.

GIVEN that, at the time of Jesus’ death, the Sec­ond Tem­ple was still stand­ing in Jerusalem and the Hebrew Bible was the Scrip­ture in force, here are some of the rea­sons why the death of Jesus on the cross can­not be a valid sac­ri­fi­cial offering :

FIRST, the Hebrew Bible requires that the sac­ri­fi­cial rit­u­al be admin­is­tered by a Priest (see Leviti­cus Chap­ters 1 – 7) — accord­ing to the accounts in the New Tes­ta­ment, Jesus was cru­ci­fied by Roman sol­diers (Mt 27:35 ; Mk 15:24 ; Lk 23:33 ; Jn 19:18, 23).

SECOND, the Hebrew Bible requires that the blood of the (sin) sac­ri­fice had to be sprin­kled by the Priest on the veil of the sanc­tu­ary and on the altar in the Tem­ple (e.g., Lev 4:5 – 6) — there is no evi­dence in the New Tes­ta­ment that this was done.

THIRD, the Hebrew Bible requires that the (sin) sac­ri­fice be with­out any phys­i­cal defects or blem­ish­es (e.g., Lev 4:3) — accord­ing to the accounts in the New Tes­ta­ment, Jesus was beat­en, whipped, and dragged on the ground before being cru­ci­fied (Mt 26:67, 27:26, 30 – 31 ; Mk 14:65, 15:15 – 20 ; Lk 22:63 ; Jn 18:22, 19:1, 3). More­over, as a Jew by birth, Jesus was cir­cum­cised on the eighth day after being born, a rit­u­al that leaves a scar (“sign of the covenant”). Accord­ing to the NT, cir­cum­ci­sion is tan­ta­mount to muti­la­tion (Phil 3:2, Gal 5:12).

FOURTH, the Hebrew Bible requires that the Passover (sin) sac­ri­fice, a male-goat, be offered on an indi­vid­ual (per house­hold) basis (Num 28:22), not as a com­mu­nal offer­ing — accord­ing to the New Tes­ta­ment, Jesus’ death (termed a sin sac­ri­fice”) expi­at­ed the sins of mankind (Ro 6:10 ; He 9:12, 10:10, 10:18).

FIFTH, the Hebrew Bible directs that the Paschal Lamb was not to be offered for the removal of sins — it was a commemorative/​festive offer­ing (see also under Fourth” above and Sixth” below). A more appro­pri­ate time for a sin offer­ing would have been on Yom Kip­pur (the Day of Atone­ment ; Num 29:11 [indi­vid­ual sin-offer­ing — male goat]; Lev 16:15 [com­mu­nal sin-offer­ing — male goat]).

SIXTH, the Hebrew Bible requires that the sac­ri­ficed Paschal Lamb had to be roast­ed and eat­en, and it’s blood used to place mark­ings on the side-posts and lin­tel of the doors (Exod 12:7 – 8) ? there is no record in the New Tes­ta­ment that this was, in fact, done (lest it be sug­gest­ed that Chris­tian­i­ty pro­motes cannibalism).

SEVENTH, the Hebrew Bible states that the sac­ri­fi­cial sin offer­ing could only atone for unin­ten­tion­al sins, with few notable excep­tions as stat­ed in Lev 5:1 – 6, 20 – 26 [Lev 6:1 – 7 in Chris­t­ian Bibles] (e.g., Num 15:27 – 31).

EIGHTH, the Hebrew Bible teach­es that sac­ri­fices can atone only for sins com­mit­ted pri­or to the offer­ing of the sac­ri­fice ; no sac­ri­fice could ever atone for sins com­mit­ted after the sac­ri­fice was offered and, thus, no sac­ri­fice could ever atone for peo­ple born after the sac­ri­fice was offered (e.g., Leviti­cus 1 – 7). So, even if it were true that Jesus was some kind of super-sac­ri­fice that atoned for all sins of all mankind, then his death could only atone for the sins com­mit­ted before his death, not for any sins com­mit­ted after his death by peo­ple who were born after he died.

NINTH, the Hebrew Bible strict­ly for­bids (human) vic­ar­i­ous atone­ment (e.g., Exod 32:31 – 33 ; Num 35:33 ; Deut 24:16 ; II Kgs 14:6 ; Jer 31:29 [30 in Chris­t­ian Bibles]; Ezek 18:4,20 ; Ps 49:7).

TENTH, the Hebrew Bible strict­ly pro­hibits human sac­ri­fices (e.g., Lev 18:21, 24 – 25 ; Deut 18:10 ; Jer 7:31, 19:5 ; Ezek 23:37, 39).

It is sim­ply aston­ish­ing that so many peo­ple believe what their preach­ers feed” them, as well as how the New Tes­ta­ment writ­ings con­tra­dict the teach­ings of the Hebrew Bible. The Invalidity of the Crucifixion of Jesus as an Atonement of Sin 1Endmark

This arti­cle was repro­duced from an inter­net forum post­ing by Dr. JosephG, a retired physi­cist and prac­tis­ing Jew resid­ing in Amer­i­ca, who explains why Jesus’ death on the cross could not have been a valid sac­ri­fice from the Jew­ish point of view. Dr. JosephG is not asso­ci­at­ed with bis​mikaal​lahu​ma​.org







4 responses to “The Inva­lid­i­ty of the Cru­ci­fix­ion of Jesus as an Atone­ment of Sin”

  1. ipiphinizion Avatar

    Sad­ly Chris­tians have been extort­ed and bribed into a sys­tem that they will ulti­mate­ly pay for with their souls.…Jerimiah warned of this very thing — and if Chris­tians were not so ter­ri­fied of being denied access to the Father — (G‑d NOT Jesus) they would be able to read the Hebrew Bible and see the mul­ti­ple warn­ings and prophe­cies AGAINST Jesus specif­i­cal­ly. The Mes­si­ach ‑and the age that is to be trig­gered by his pres­ence is one of peace and har­mo­ny — of com­pas­sion and stew­ard­ship of this plan­et — yet in the Chris­t­ian dom­i­na­tion of this world war blood­shed and destruc­tion of the plan­et has reigned — just as Jesus explic­i­ty said he was here to do- the account­ing that will be made to G‑d will be very dif­fi­cult when He asks you as a Chris­t­ian — why did you wor­ship anoth­er BUT ME ? I said I ANDALONE!!! am your only G‑D ! I sent no oth­er — I AM WHOAM ! — not we not me and my son — JUST I- I urge Chris­tians to remove the scales from their eyes and read — care­ful­ly and open­ly and look for the TRUTH that is hid­den yet revealed- prophe­cies about Jesus are there all right — but is not what you have been mis­lead to believe — they are warn­ings against him — for all shall kneel before G‑d and He shall be named ONE!!!
    I fear for mankind and I fear for the mis­leads souls and I FEAR G‑d and love his laws and Word — may G‑d bless all who read this and may the TRUTH whis­per in your ear and may you turn to G‑d with your whole heart mind and soul .…AMN.….

  2. Jason Avatar

    Any­time that the Bible is read in a wood­en lit­er­al sense, you will find these kinds of prob­lems. What kind of God is God ? He is 100% holy, per­fect, and with­out fault. How can humans (who fell due to sin) ever even come close to being on par with God and restor­ing com­mu­nion with Him with what we have avail­able to us ? What God stip­u­lat­ed is a long series of reg­u­la­tions and require­ments in order to *only roll­back sin for one year!*

    The Old Tes­ta­ment Law is God’s way of say­ing to the Jews, You want to be my peo­ple ? Then here’s what I demand.” The Law clear­ly demon­strat­ed to every­one that there’s no way we can do this on our own. That’s why a per­fect, sin­less sac­ri­fice was sent by God on our behalf.

    The Law was ful­filled in every way by Christ’s life and death. One rea­son God for­bid human sac­ri­fice is because He knew that human nature was to kill for our own ben­e­fit (are you rad­i­cal Mus­lims read­ing this?) Jews would be killing their own off­spring if they thought it would please God (much like Islam­ic sui­cide bombers strap­ping pipe bombs to their six-year old daugh­ters and send­ing them towards the Amer­i­can sol­diers by the corner).

    That brings me to my final thought : Instead of cri­tiquing anoth­er reli­gion’s appar­ent con­tra­dic­tions”, per­haps you should address your own reli­gion’s hate­mon­ger­ing. Muham­mad start­ed out fine and respect­ed the Peo­ple of the Book” but end­ed his life wal­low­ing in blood. Quite a stark con­trast to how Christ end­ed his life. Which side adds up when you stand back and look at the two prin­ci­pal fig­ures” objec­tive­ly ? Muham­mad attacked car­a­vans, slaugh­tered entire tribes, and killed those that were crit­i­cal of him while Christ preached turn the oth­er cheek,” Oh Jeruslam…how often I want­ed to gath­er you under my wing like a hen gath­ers her chicks, but you were not will­ing,” and Blessed are the peace­mak­ers.” The most vio­lence Christ ever com­mit­ted was over­turn­ing the mon­ey­chang­ers’ tables in the Tem­ple. He cer­tain­ly nev­er asked Peter to go assas­si­nate some­one who was jeer­ing at Him from afar — unlike your Prophet.

    In the end, once again, it is Islam with more answer­ing to do.

  3. david misango Avatar

    It seems sur­pris­ing that the people/​nation through whom Jesus came (Jews) should find” most objec­tions to his vic­ar­i­ous sac­ri­fice on the cross.Indeed, the stone that the buil­dres reject­ed has become the cor­ner stone”, even by their own sub­mis­sion — mil­lions have been mis­led” into beleiv­ing this lie.

    Why, should a Jew accept vic­ar­i­ous sac­ri­fise from ani­mals and reject Chris­tian­i­ty as a teaching?Is it not obvi­ous that the old tes­ta­ment sac­ri­fices were a shad­ow of the real sac­ri­fice to come in Christ’s aton­ing death ? Why would a Holy God ask Abra­ham to sac­ri­fise his own son- as a test- if that was so wrong (accord­ing to the writer of the article)?

    Yom kip­pur vers­es peshach ; atone­ment vers­es the pass-over of the angel-of-death.A lamb died for the peo­ple of Moses to be freed from the angel-of-death’s sting, dur­ing the time of Pharaoh in Egypt.What is so wrong with Chris­tians apply­ing this to mean Jesus’ dying so that we may have eter­nal life ? Did the Yom Kip­pur goat (scape goat) suf­fer death ?

  4. shery Avatar

    A bib­li­cal sac­ri­fice requires that their be no cuts or bruis­es on the ani­mal that is being sac­ri­ficed. Jesus accord­ing to the bible its self was beat­en bad­ly before he was crucified.

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