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Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017): Some Thoughts On His Death

Nabeel Qureshi died at the age of 34 years old from a “rare and deadly form of stomach cancer”1 on 16th September 2017. The online communities of Muslims and Christians, especially those who were involved in apologetics on the World Wide Web, came to receive the news of Nabeel Qureshi‘s death with mixed reactions, as his funeral was streamed live on YouTube.

  1. CBN News, Nabeel Qureshi’s Plea: ‘Please Pray For Me! Please Pray That God Will Heal My Whole Body’, 22 August 2017 []
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Christian Missionaries Sweeping the Islamic World

From a tape lecture of the same title, Lesson 66. Edited by Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

Let us first discuss some of the new ways that Christian missionaries are using in the Islamic world, these new methods have been applied because the old methods did not prove as effective as the Christian missionaries thought they were. Some of the problems were the great gap between Islam and Christianity such as the principle of Trinity and escalation of Jesus(P). Some of these new ways are:

1) Misguiding, making similar, lying (tadleel, khida’, labs al-‘aqaiq): Many books have been written for Muslims, keeping the belief of Muslims, their ideas and general princeples in mind. The book “Shahadat Al-Qur’an” which was distributed all around the Islamic world, even in Saudi Arabia. This book was taken from the book “The Lord is One” by Zakariya Boutros. This book talks about the similarities between Islam and Christian faith. They, for example, quote the verse that refers to prophet Jesus pbuh as a prophet, a word and a spirit. They say that is originaly the same Trinity! Of course this is a false interpretation, a lie. Allah said he blew in Adam of his own spirit, Allah gave his word to Moses(P), David(P), Ibraham(P), Adam(P), Muhammad(P) and not only to Jesus(P). The missionaries base this whole theory on the fact that there are three nouns, ie just because of the number. One of their other arguments that they say that “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful” means three gods! Not one! that is a worst lie than the one before, they ignore that Allah has 99 names that we know, and many more that Allah promised to tell His prophet at the Day of Judgment.

2) Building churches that look similar to mosques: Muslims were turned off from entering churches because they looked different, that also made them feel very uncomfortable with them. They also changed the internal structure of the church to look similar to a mosque, the people sit on the floor and in lines. They have circles (‘alaqat) for teaching and that sort of stuff. They started using a new way for reciting the Bible that is similar to the tarteel of Quran. The also try to compare Christ in Islam to Christ in “Christianity”. They misquoted Tafseer Al-Jalaleen, and make it sound like the Tafseer says Jesus pbuh knows the time of Domesday (ya’lamu assa’a), when you refer to Al-Jalaleen you find that the time of Domesday is known to be very soon when Jesus comes (to’lamu benozolihi assa’a). In other words they lie in a shamefuly. This is used to fool the muslim who is not educated about his religion. Another book is “Al-Saleeb Fi Al-Injeel wal Qur’an”, where they claim that Sheikh Al-Fakhr Al-Razi believes that Jesus(P) was killed on the cross, when you check al-Tafseer Al-Kabeer you find that this is a big lie. Al-Fakhr Al-Razi quoted a question from a Christian guy then took pages to answer it, so they quoted the question of the Christian guy! This is one of many examples.

3) Names: they started using Islamic names, for examples one of their radio stations that has a person that is responsible for answering the questions of the listeners is called “Sheikh Abdallah”, his program is called “Allahu Akbar”, other radio stations are called “Sawt Al-haq”, “Noor ‘ala Noor”. They can use different names but they use these only to confuse Muslims with their misguided preaching.

4) They started a new way not to tell Muslims things as they are, for example not to tell them that Christians believe that Jesus(P) is the Son of Allah (a’ooth billah), since Jesus himself didn’t use that expression, so they use other words like “the Spirit of Allah” since it is closer to the understanding of a Muslim. They also use titles that are common between the two religions such as “Assalah”, “Assawm”, “Assadaqa” which include Christian propaganda but a title that is used to hunt muslim readers.

5) The use of Islamic expressions such as “Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Raheem”, “Jesus Alaihi assalam”, “Allah subhanah”, “Allah tabarak wa ta’ala” … calling their churches “bayt Allah” (Houses of God). They sometimes even claim to accept Islam as a religion from God, but they say that Christianity was not canceled by Islam! (ghayr-nasekh). There is a book called “Deen Al-Maseehi lam Yonsakh” by Iskandar Jadid (Christian), he also misquoted Al-Jalaleen claiming that he said that Muslims must ask the people of the book “Is’alo ahlal-thikr” when in fact Al-Jalaleen were explaining that Allah was asking the kufaar to check with Ahl al-Kitab that Allah always sent male messengers only, like Jesus, Moses, David…etc, peace be upon them. And to ask them only about that, not anything else.

6) Making concessions to win Muslims: for example, making Qudas (Christian ceremony) on Fridays not on Sundays to confuse Muslims, this was done in Kuwait for example.

7) Accepting the principle of polygamy: A funny thing to mention, in England there was a conference in 1409 AD for priests (assaaqifat al-Injeel) and a big discussion took place about polygamy, many of them totally rejected that issue and said that this is one thing they use against Islam, but they faced the problem that if they didn’t allow polygamy they will lose their campaigns in Africa, after realizing that, they allowed it. There are Catholic priest in Africa with 40 wives or more.

8) They say that many Muslims have changed to Christianity and they publish books and cassettes about that. For example the book “Limatha Sirtu Maseehiyan” by a writer “Sultan Muhammad Bolous”, a weird mix of Christian and Muslim names. They claim in this book that this person was a Muslim from Afghanistan who was the son of a scholar and went to Mecca to do Hajj, asked Allah for one thing which was to give him the true guidance, then the book says they he accepted Christianity, the rest of the book is attacks on Islam that appear to be written by someone who has done a whole lot of research and is very deep into Islamic issues. It is very obvious that this book is false and forged, this is a way that is used quite a lot by Christians and even Shi’a and the other misguided, lost sects who claim that Ahlul Sunna Wal Jama’at do the same thing (go to Hajj and ask for true guidance and accept their sect…). Another book “Sudan Rushes to God”, giving a lot of stories about many people who came back to Christianity, many of them are actually originally Christians who strengthen their bond with the (adden al-mansookh, deen al-kaneesah) unrighteous way. Some other cases they to be originally Muslims. We say in answer, “in tastaftiho faqad ja’akom al-fathu”, Sudan is rushing to Allah because Islamic law is being applied more and more day by day, The Christian military state in the south loses more and more and now it is a little insignificant group that has no place to stay, the kaafir tribes in the south are coming into the religion of Allah. Like Allah said in His Book, when the victory of Allah comes, and you see the people coming into Islam in big groups then do “tasbeeh” for Allah and thank him a lot, ask him for forgiveness because he is At-tawab (Sura’ al-Fath).

9) Taking the children from their parents and raising them according to their belief: For example in England they started special hotels for children where they stay there with no connection with their parents, the workers there speak many languages, funny how most of them are Muslim-spoken languages (e.g. Arabic). Another example is Bosnian children who were taken from Bosnia in Italy and France where they are raised according to Christian belief, children who are 3 months to 3 years old who know nothing about their original religion. Even if these children discover what happened to them they will still have doubts from what was taught to them for all their lives.

10) Education curriculums: In Egypt the Christians there protested and asked to remove the verses of Qur’an and the hadeeths from curriculums, they write several articles in the newspapers. And how fast do you think did the Government answer? In a very short while the curriculums were changed and the verses and Ahadeth were dropped, the government used the excuse “the material was too hard for the children”, compare that to how they teach muslims to forget Allah and accept kufr such as Jesus(P) is the son of God.

11) The use of natural disasters: Such as wars, floods, etc, for example in Sudan they had such things when Sudan had its starvation, Muslims had to choose either take food + kufr, or stay a Muslim, but a hungry Muslim. It is also sad that the aids that Muslims send were distributed by Christians such as the Red Cross and others, these funds were sent by Muslims in the Gulf and the rest of the world for the muslims in Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. It is also sad that all the aid that goes to Bosnia is given by German institutions, what do we expect from these people? They use their funds and resources to spread their religion and to spread hatred of one Muslim towards the other (“the cross comes with food for you, your Muslim brothers forgot you”).

12) Making conditions easy for new converts from Islam to Christianity: These converts are treated by other Muslims as a traitor and something shameful, and that is the truth. They also saw that new converts feel left and abandoned, they also do not find full satisfaction with Christianity. Something I want to mention, a book I looked at “Al-Masihi Al-Mubashir Bayna Al-Muslimeen” (The Christian Missionary Among Muslims). This book was printed in Lagos in Nigeria and was given to all the missionaries in that area, this books explains how the missionary can get the best results of his preaching. It says:

“… the Christian missionary must offer a great love for new converts, as well as regular Muslims, be nice to him. Learn about Islam not only to destroy Muslims’ belief, but also to understand the similarities between Islam and Christianity so that you start with these points. Talk to them about Jesus, tell them that he loves them and that he is their Saviour. Do not argue the faith, give them a general idea, a fast answer, even try to make it as a joke. Especially the Trinity, or the idea that Jesus is god, logical conclusions and discussions then we will fail, therefore we must ignore the subject or even make it a joke, also use similar things, for example Ibn-Assabell, say that Jesus is Ibn Assabel…”

and that is a great lie because these missionaries say that Jesus is the “son of God” not “Ibn Assabel”. Some of the advices that are used in that book:

“avoid discussing the prophet Muhammad and tell them that God will evaluate Mohammad, you don’t evaluate him. Also use the point of freedom of religion, use the verse from Quran that says that. It is known to Muslims that if a Muslim changes religion his punishment is to be killed, the prophet said “if a Muslim changes religion then kill him.” Also the book says “Do not try to change the religion of the Muslim right away, try to first make them accept Jesus as their lover and Saviour, then you must encourage them to get baptized and declare their new religion.”

The book also says “Muslim converts must not marry Christians, it has been proven that he may marry another Muslim women” but the truth is that in many cases converts into Christianity change back into Islam and their Christian wives change with them too. Christian girls must marry Christian youth.

Now we discuss missionary acitvity itself…

First of all, the importance of the Islamic world, the Islamic world is the land that is full of milk and honey, the way “Butrous Al-Nasik” described it when he called for the European Crusades, today the Islamic world floods with oil too, which is the most important one because the western civilization and economy is based on the consumption of this oil, of which 70% is in the Islamic world, and much more is discovered day by day.

Second, the great number of Muslims, which grows faster than any other nations, for example in Palestine, the growth rates of Muslim are much higher than Israelis, which indicates that if things go as they are Muslims will outnumber the Israelis and take over, so what you notice now is that they try to completely terminate the Islamic existence, we can see that very clearly in Bosnia where they kill a Muslim even if he knew nothing about his religion. This is one issue, the other is birth control and limiting it among Muslims. A funny example is Indonesia, Indonesia is a densely populated Muslim land, one of the doctors who I know that lived in Australia before told me that the average Australian believes that one day those Indonesians will invade Australia, he said that this belief is very strong in the heart of Australians to the degree that he thought it originated from some sort of a previous prediction or so, after investigation we discovered that there is no such thing and it is only from the fact that Indonesia in densely populated and Australia is not, and so when this Muslim country is over-populated Muslims will invade Australia, that is what Australians fear.

The third reason, and the most important, the Islamic threat, the one they call “fundamantalist threat”, which they fear today, and which is coming now. It appears to me that this threat is coming very soon, so they fear Islam today. I talked about this in details in a previous lecture titled “Why do they fear Islam?” but concerning their fear today, I will add something new to it.

Islam in central Asia and previous USSR republics: It has become a danger to them, they decided not to allow any Saudi Muslim to get a visa to go there, it appears that this is a cooperation between Russian and American intelligence because of their fear of Islam is spreading or getting stronger. Another example is Afghanistan, there are great threats to destroy the Islamic government in Afghanistan and to establish a state in northern Afghanistan that doesn’t apply Islamic law so that it stands between the control of what they call the “fundemantalist government” in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan. Another example is Bosnia, Iread yesterday about a report from the British intelligence which warns against the great Islamic danger from the Balkan states, it also says that there is a part of Serbia called Kosovo which is populated by a Muslims majority, and that these Muslims are uniting and they assigned for themselves a Muslim leader and they are gathering weapons. It says that they intend to ask for separation from Serbia and recognition from the world, and if not given that they will start a new Balkan war against the Serbs and the Balkans will fall into a Muslim-Christian war that no one can predict how and when it will end. In addition to many Muslim groups who store guns in Albania and Montenegro. So they expect a war between Islam, or what they call fundamentalism, versus Christianity. We too expect that war and maybe even faster than they expect, that is why they give a great deal to the Muslim lands.

It is enough evidence for you that the Council of International Churches in its 7th gathering in Australia concentrated on the Middle East and decided to assign the Pope Shenouda to be the head for its missionary campaigns in the Islamic world, with the center being Cairo in Egypt. Shenouda was given great authority to do his mission. This is why notice that Shenouda has that great attention in the media and on TV, especially in the Egyptian TV and newspapers. We notice the same attention in western newspapers and TV channels, where he is portrayed as the leader of Christians in the Middle East.

Many of the young Muslims today are not afraid of this missionary campaign, they think that it does not affect anything. I say that this is wrong, it was proven by study that this is not true, and that many Muslims are affected by this missionary activity, and that many Muslims leave Islam and enter into Christianity! Add to that the ones who are slightly affected by Christianity they for example leave Islam without entering into Christianity, or accept some of the Christian belief, or help Christians in their activities, or accept that their relatives become Christians then that is a huge number of people! So the missionary activity is doing what it is supposed to do.

It is wrong to think that every Muslim has an impunity against these missionaries, the missionary efforts are very huge, they are starting to give results even it is was a partial success. The need for food, shelter, medicine, education and clothes are one of the reasons that Muslims may accept christianity. Ignorance is also another reason, there are many Muslims who do not know much about Islam. The ignorant Muslim is called to Christianity in cunning ways and so he enters into it. The fact that there is no Islamic preaching to stand in the face of Christian missionary with similar preaching is also another factor, there is not such activity to teach those ignorant Muslims about their religion and warning them about the danger of the missionaries is a reason that made christianity acceptable among Muslims.

I will give some examples about this, just some examples of the many I have, Wallah if I wanted to discuss all the documents I have we would spend all night, but this is a few just to give you some ideas:

1) Africa: In the newspaper “Adda ‘awa”, Issue number 1324, they asked a question “Did the Pope’s plan to make Africa a Christian continent by the year 2000 succeeded?”, it appears that there is a huge campaign to make Africa a Christian continant, many missionary activities are taking the forms of medical and educational aid, it is based on a huge number of missionaries and a well designed plan to convert the continent. For example, in Zambia the president announced that it is a Christian country even though the Christians are only 25% of the population, the church is running with a dictatorship methodology in Africa by oppressing and controlling, trashing their false theories of the freedom of religion. The international organizations are keeping their eyes away from the act of forcing people to convert into Christianity, why don’t they protect Muslims from this injustice? The Muslims in Zambia, 50% of them send their children to Christian schools. Two ministers in Zambia are official priests, in addition to the minister of information who is another official priest. The Council of the Muslims of Africa says that in Malawi the percentage of Muslims has dropped from 66% to 17% in half a century. In Mali one single priest built 200 churches, 20 hospitals, 50 schools and 600 wells.

The Pope made seven visits to Africa! Allahu Akhbar! The head of Christianity gives that much attention and time to Africa! The Muslim scholars do not even think about these African states not just not visit them. 300,000 Muslims were converted into christianity in the last two years. In Senegal the Pope met the Sufi sheikhs, and he even met the Muslim youths which made the media in that country make fun of Muslims, their belief and their scholars. In Somalia, the only country that is 100% pure Muslim land with no minority, that is why it was divided into three states, churches were built everywhere, great efforts were put to build radio stations, spread books, etc and in the time of the war of Aghadeer the Christians used that war to build their sites and churches even though Somalia had not a single Christian before the war. The Christians have reached powerful positions in the country and there are radio stations for the sole purpose of converting Muslims in Somalia and to Africa in general.

In Spain they have the biggest center of missionaries to Africa, they are trained really well and their efforts lead many Morrocans to convert, in Morocco missionaries are given many privileges from the government to do their activity and travel freely. Missionary work in Africa towards Muslims in Europe is a great activity, the fact that they are in a Christian society makes it easy. David Pareet says in the Christian encyclopedia, and this is dangerous survey, the number of Christians in Africa was 9 million only in 1900 AD, or they were 9% of the whole population. In the year 1980 they became 200 million! Imagine! They jumped from 9 to 200 million in 80 years, he expected them to reach 390 million in the year 2000 or 48% of the whole population of Africa! That is if they grow on the same ratio, of course they want to speed up the process.

Concerning Algeria, I read a report in the magazine “Al-‘Alam Al-Islami”, issue 1229, it says that French occupation came to Algeria originally to convert Algeria into a Christian country, the Marshal Vego used to say “the days of Islam are few”, subhan Allah! I wish he could see what happened to Algeria and how it became a great Islamic strength that the West thinks a 1000 times about. A French leader used to say “Qur’an is stronger than France”, the second French guy was right and the first was wrong, the good thing that relieves me a bit is that in the 132 years of occupation not a single Muslim child converted into Christianity in Algeria! And this shows the strength and decency of the great people of Algeria against the missionary activities.

Egypt is considered a center, a great center for the Muslim world, it is known to have a Christian minority (Coptic). The West supports the Egyptian government on the bases of its support for that minority. The Egyptian government gives its reports of obedience to that minority and other reports of the crushing of Muslim youth to get its support from the West. In the year 1986 six of the Muslims in Egypt converted into Christianity, the Al-Azhar didn’t do anything. Then Mother Teresa, a very well-known missionary came to Egypt and was able to change 50 young girls from Islam into Christianity.

In a secret, dangerous meeting in Oxford, which some results were exposed to the public later, it was concerning missionary activity in Egypt and the new methods of missionaries. The Pope Shenouda built hundreds of schools in Egypt, add to that many foreign schools like the University of Singoor in Alexandria. A secret report was exposed showing that there is a council called Al-Jam’iya Al-Sihiya Al-Masehiya with support from the American imbacy there and that it main purpose is missionary activity. The Protestant churches in Egypt started an intensive missionary activity from Qasr Ad-Deborah which is also close from the American imbacy and is also a head quarters for missionary activity. Other institutions were built in universities and schools to capture young Muslim girls and arrange for them (da’arah) immoral activities and then photograph them and blackmail them with those pictures. There are also Christian gangs and terrorist groups such as Al-Jihad Al-Nasrani, and the weird thing is that the government lets it work without harassment, and the so-called Pope Shenouda completely denies its existence while the scholars of Al-Azhar confirm its existence and its harassment to Muslims. The government is only concerned with limiting the activities of the Muslim youth.

2) Indonesia: The biggest Muslim gathering in the world, more than 180 million Muslims of which 80% of are Muslims. This country is very poor, for example one Saudi Riyal is 2000 Rupiah there, they are ready to accept anything, if Muslims intend to spread Islam it would be a great land for it. I saw that with my eyes when I visited it and I told my companions that Indonesia is for those who come first. From the poorness of Indonesia, they have something called “rice missionary”, the use of rice to spread Christianity and also “medical missionary”, it is enough to know that more than 30% have an income less than 500$ per year. Many of them have converted. Above all that 65% of the companies are in the hands of Christians, the best schools are Christian schools and they are always the center for the children of influential, rich and powerful people. On the political side, most of the politicians are Christians, 65% of the high military officers are Christians! Even there is an attempt to put a Christian president from them, a guy called Beni Murdani, a Catholic who holds the Ministry of Defense and is supported by the West. It is enough to know that this man is supported by Jam’iyat Nahdat Al-‘Ulama, a Muslim group! The number of foreign missionaries 27,324, almost 30 thousand missionaries and that doesn’t include the Indonesian missionaries! On the other hand the number of Muslim preachers are less than 80! There is 20 American missionary institutions, 44 European…the budget for missionaries in Indonesia is 100 million dollars per year. Their methods are many: reaching power positions, educational institutions, publications! Also there are empty islands where the government moves some Muslims and some pagans there so the missionaries hurry to build there and meet these people as they come and convert them! Many Muslims were converted this way. Mixed marriages between Muslims and Christians is another way. There are also several airline companies that dedicate all their revenue to the missionary effort as mentioned the the magazine Al-Yamamah, issue 1410.

There is also an Island called Samarang which has the High Institution For Missionary which was able to convert 6000 Muslim students in 9 years who become missionaries too. There is also another area called Riyam, this area is uncivilized and the people there still live in primitive lifestyle. There is a great effort to convert these people, even by seducing them by European girls who live among them…there are some Muslim effort but they do not compare to the Christian effort.

3) Malaysia: Father “Than” there calls for political activity to build what he calls “the Kingdom of God” in Malaysia to stop the corruption in the government. Malaysia is also threatened by the change of the kind of population from the immigration by Chinese people who changes the ratios and percentages of Muslims there in all its states.

4) The ex-Communist republics: The magazine Al-Mujtama’a in the issue 996 said that Istanbul witnessed a huge meeting, which is the first of its kind since a 1000 years, which was attended by the highest priests of Eastern Orthodox churches and 14 Orthodox churches from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe were represented in that meeting. The goal of that meeting was reconciliation with the other churches to face the so called “challenges”. These challenges are us the Muslims, meaning that the Christians are uniting and gathering to face and fight what they call the “Islamic fundamentalism” which is prefered to as “challenges”. The meeting also issued a statement saying that the eastern church has faced a lot of oppression on the hands of Muslims and that the lands of central Asia and Russia was a Christian land and it must return a Christian land as it was before! Therefore the meeting assigned a great deal of funds and methods like tapes, publications, sending missionaries, building schools to bring Christians back to their religion and and to convert Muslims. For that an American institution made a great campaign called “Uniting For the Sake of Jesus” which was aimed to at the Christians of Russia, it sent 1,000,000 copies of the Bible to Russia, other activites included publishing Christian leaflets everywhere, broadcasting movies such as one called “Jesus” which I saw here in this city, which talks to these people and asks them to take Jesus into their life after leaving Communism. They also built many Christian schools all around Russia and training missionaries there. In Albania which is a state that left Communism, there are massive missionary efforts, it even reached that Christians are staring to get a good grip on the economy there even though that there is a lot of poorness and hunger there … the Christians are also trying only to provide work for Christians, they even built a huge factory and the only condition to work there was to wear a cross on your chest. One of the local sheikhs, Tawfiq Islam, exposed in an interview with the press the missionary and Christians plots, he also said the Christians have built centres in most cities and villages there. Of course this is just some of what they did, I have several other documents but I’ll save them for the lack of time.

I have an article titled “The Future Of Islam in Africa”, it was published in the magazine Al-Ummah in Jumada the first 1406 Hijri, it talks about the plans to convert the tribe Fulani, one the biggest tribes in Nigeria which was the tribe that supported Shiekh Othman Fudio who established a Khilafa in Nigeria the beginning of the 19th century. This concludes the material on this lecture, next lecture we will continue about missionaries.

Wa Assalatu Wa Assalamu Ala Sayyidina Muhammad.

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Missionary Activity in Kosovo and the Causes of Muslim Conversions

“Let us bring the Muslim children to our countries, where we can breed them with our culture and only then return them to their homelands.” (Nixon) 1

After the last war in Kosovo, the overall economic situation of the country has deteriorated in a drastic way. As is well-known, the end of war meant that Kosovo became a target for many Christian organizations, a phenomenon which seems to accompany every war-emerging country nowadays. The same happened to post-communist Albania, as well as Bosnia, Rwanda and several other countries in the world involved in different conflicts. Needless to mention, great poverty is a gate to disbelief, as man is continuously in search for the provision granted to him by the Almighty and frustration seems to cause all kinds of incongruent decisions. In order to elucidate the bitter reality in Kosovo, we are presenting the case of the conversion of an entire Muslim family to Christianity.

The latest case known to us concerns a Muslim family from the Dobreva village of Fushkosova. Their young daughter had been wounded in the head severely in an accident, and the only solution seemed to be an expensive operation, which they could not afford. They immediately sought the help and assistance of all Islamic organizations operating in Kosovo, but to no avail, as no one was ready to support them whatsoever. This family therefore, was forced to seek help from the local churches, which showed readiness to assist, however, with the cost of converting the entire family to Christianity.2

There is no doubt in our mind that, in order to receive something from the Christians or the followers of other religions, the poor Kosovars will be put certain conditions by them. In the case under discussion, it is very probable that this child’s father was frustrated by lack of response or any kind of support by the Muslim organizations and has hoped for solution to his problem through non-Muslims. It is therefore rather sorrowful and distressing to see that the reason for such conversions is exclusively due to poverty or afflictions and the number of such cases is considerable, as well as the number of those who have converted for similar financial reasons, like scholarships, citizenships, employment and other economically attractive offers to foreign, mainly Western countries.

We are also certain that such cases are spread throughout Kosovo, as for example with the building of building houses for families struck by heavy losses from the war, orphanages, social help centres and the like, which represents a serious danger for our fellow Kosovars struggling with the new realities that have emerged in all aspects there.

Let us consider the above-mentioned example more closely. Is it the case that the Kosovars themselves cannot help such fellow countrymen? Or is it perhaps that they simply do not wish to help for such cases? It’s a common fact that Kosovo is not deprived of rich people, but the ultimate responsibility and burden lies with us, the religious leaders, preachers and scholars, who barely work or make any substantial efforts in this respect. It is our duty to invite those people to Islam, because such individuals bring a special strength and prosperity for the community as well as religion in general. Did not the Prophet (P) prayed for ‘Umar to embrace Islam? He was a man whom everyone stood in awe. Among the companions of the Prophet (P) there were affluent personalities, who used to help the religion of God continuously.

One might object that this is not the ultimate, true goal of Islam – namely, to invite people and benefit from their well-being. But this is not the case, really. Allah (T) has decreed that the call should not be extended only to those who regularly pray in the mosque, because they have already understood their obligations vis-a-vis Islam, and there shouldn’t be any major preoccupation about their level of dedication and practice.

Rather, the framework of the da’wah should include more dimensions and widen up, we should not confine ourselves within the precincts of the mosque, but should visit and approach the families who have no access to even the most basic facts about Islam. We should not be satisfied with the Friday sermon, but to concentrate our efforts harder and insha’Allah, more fruitful work. We as preachers of this faith should not excuse ourselves with their wealthy funding, while at the same time we lack everyday necessities. I say this because in Kosovo too, there was a lot of money spent from Muslims from abroad, but which were bitterly ill-managed with the consequence of being left only with a handful active Muslim organizations. One should compare this with the exceedingly higher number of Christian organizations of different sects and denominations.

Is there a danger for the Kosovars from the (Protestant) Christian organisations operating there?

Another feature of the situation of beliefs among the Kosovars of today is that Albanians do not talk of religion that often, let alone make it a main subject of their day to day conversations. We have personally heard many Muslims say that there is no danger at all from such organizations, because, as they see it, those organizations are few in number and their followers negligible.
But we are arguing quite the opposite here, the dangers being many. Based on what we consider convincing evidence and extensive facts, it turns out that many of those organizations teach the children unfounded and fictitious ideas on matters of belief and religion. And there is not many among us paying attention to such activities, because the parents in the first place possess virtually no information on matters of Islamic belief. They are often tricked to believing that all their children do in those organizations’ centres is learn English well, achieve a good mastery of the computer, participate in numerous competitions and excursions to interesting places, and they’re proud of it.

But this is not how missionaries act and deal with our children. While it is true that they have no truth to call to, they do have sophisticated methods of propaganda, a professional approach to dealing with common people, a hard work and dedication to their cause, which have enabled them to approach our Muslim youth and introduce them to their beliefs, which is not little. Let us not forget that their activities never stop and their motivation are not perceptible on the surface.

As an illustration, we will mention a conversation we had with a colleague in the capitol of Kosova, Prishtina, concerning the different problems and difficulties faced by the Muslims recently, as well as the extent to which the imams were concentrating on da’wah. During our conversation, he told us that a number of Kosovars had already accepted Buddhism, Hinduism etc. One should ask, how did this come along? Doubtless, the international presence is not there just for administrative work; they become happy at the locals impression with or attraction to their religion(s) as well.

Another example is the one concerning the so called House of God’s People. God is a witness to the level of influence they had exerted on the minds of Kosovo’s youth. When we asked a neighbour of ours for the reasons why she was participating the preaching at this organization, she replied: “They explain to us their religion well, teach us English, computer skills; we have our projection room where we watch movies on Jesus Christ and different subjects on religion. We are being regularly taken for excursions to different places in Kosovo, where we are not being separated from each other and we have fun, drink and receive gifts frequently.”

This is the witness of a girl coming from a Muslim family, who’s been driven away from our pure faith and has been exposed then to certain Christian doctrines, followed by amusements, partying and a general decline in morals. Are these the fruits of the so called ‘plans without plan’, as the British would put it, at a time when they are inviting our sisters and brothers to Christianity and other religions? Does the fact that they possess no written (or declared) plan for telling us that we have no religion, make their intention for going there any less that driving our people away from our tradition and religion, away from Islam?

How can one invite to a false teaching? How can one claim to be innocent when they spread messages which are very much against the established tradition of that place? We will quote a message from the head of the missionaries of the Christian organization Samuel the Room-mate. Look at the words of Mr. Samuel:

“Your principal duty and aim is to take a Muslim out of Islam, a creature with no bond to his Allah, and thereby no bond to (Muslim) ethics (akhlaq). Through this action of yours, you will be precursors of colonialism in Muslim countries, for you have prepared their minds to accept the road you’ve laid for them, and that is abandoning Islam. You have educated a youth which knows not its bond with Allah and is not desirous to. Thus, a generation has been created, which is exactly as colonialism wants it to be, uninterested as it is in lofty matters. It is a generation which likes comfort and sluggishness and which strives for fulfillment of its passions, thereby making the base desires their lives’ goal. If they study, this is for satisfying their passions, if they amass wealth, it is for pleasures, and if they built centres it is play. This generation sacrifices anything for the sake of realizing its desires.” 3

How do the Christian missionaries act in different parts of the world?

The well-known scholar Ahmad Deedat [may Allah have mercy on his soul] has spoken frequently about the methods that such missionaries follow, especially Jehovah’s witnesses. Expounding on the history and development of this sect, he wrote:

“The Jehovah’s Witnesses are on of the Christian factions, founded in the U.S. some hundred years ago. With their tireless efforts they have been successful in spreading their teachings abroad. It has already become the second largest group in Nigeria, a Muslim dominated country.”4

He continues by elucidating on the missionary activity in Indonesia, the country with the greatest number of Muslims in the world, where, he writes:

“…we see a large number of missionaries inviting to their religions, and Christian missionaries alone amount to six hundred thousand full time working personnel. And what amazes is that these are not clerics, priests or pastors, they are true callers to their faith, doing their utmost to convert people… they even possess special airports for their planes. And the number of these jets exceeds that of the Indonesian government. They also have boats, in order to access the far away islands, because Indonesia has more than 2000 islands, some of whom are difficult to reach…”5

These were but a few data on the success and determination of the Christian missionaries, who have taken the trouble to go to far-away Muslim lands, not to speak of our own country, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. We cannot even compare to countries like Nigeria or Indonesia, where the number of universities and religious scholars is exceedingly larger than those in our country. But the common denominator is the presence of very poor people in all these places, which has made them attractive for conversion work of missionaries. A colleague of ours from Indonesia says:

“There is a lot of disunity among the Muslims of Indonesia. We have two Islamic Communities, which means that for Ramadan, some start fast earlier and some later, and some celebrate the Eid earlier and some later. There are but two classes of people: very rich and too poor; missionaries address the poor, because the rich do not need shelter or housing. The missionaries never complain of hard work conditions; they build hospitals, houses, treat the sick, educate the Muslim children offering scholarships to them, whereas the Muslim leaders occupy themselves with trivialities.”6

Returning to the situation in Kosova, many of these missionaries have continued working unbothered and even promoted and advanced further, thus strengthening their position with more experience and larger presence in public life. They have studied the mentality of people and the illnesses they suffer from. These elements are the basics for a successful caller. And these missionaries do not study and get degrees for an office, a good wage, as often happens with some of our imams, who seem to think that Islam ought to be studied in order to survive economically. But shouldn’t we live for Islam instead of living from Islam? It is question we must remember well before we meet Allah in the Day of Resurrection.

What has been done for the rebuilding of religious facilities in Kosova?

Based on the data provided by the Islamic Community of Kosova, more than 200 mosques have been destroyed during the last war, not sparing even the Council of Islamic Community, it’s rich archives and precious library. Also much of the waqf property has been demolished or permanently damaged. In the meantime, there has been a major building project of churches in the after-war Kosovo. So, while we face a great need to accommodate the worshiping and faith-practising needs of the Muslims there, the opposite tendency has been observed, in the building of disproportionately more churches and non-Islamic objects of cult like statues and huge crosses, as well as a campaign of modernization to strip Kosovo of it’s Islamic identity. In our post-war homeland plagued by corruption, a great number of statues has been erected, like the one of Skanderbeg, in the location where a famous mosque was supposed to be rebuilt, after having been demolished by the communists. It will thereafter be very difficult to build any mosque nearby, asi it is claimed it cannot and should not compete with the staute of the “national hero”.

Below is a picture of that mosque taken more than 60 years ago.

    The Yunus Efendi Mosque, known as the mosque of Llokaçi, built in 1551 and demolished by the communists in 1954.

Is this not an offense to the past, present and future generations of Muslims in Kosova? To bring an object which has never existed there and posture it as something of national value and an obstacle for religious practice, is truly unjust and irritating for many.

One should mention here that we witness a waste of public funds for erecting statues of the so called Mother Teresa, which is being paraded as a national figure and getting shoved to Albanians everywhere, lately even in ID cards. Also, the building of the cathedral in the centre of Prishtina, for which they have demolished an old, prestigious gymnasium is a further example of this trend. We wonder what would have happened had the case been for building a huge mosque instead? How would the politicians and public have reacted?

After the war in Kosovo, there has been much complaint against the rebuilding of the mosques, with the pretension of pressing on the priorities, like hospitals and schools. But those same voices never make a sound for the cathedral being erected in front of them, which clearly speaks of double standards and spiritual blindness.

And here, the question of the government contributing for the Islamic objects of worship or any other expenditure related to Islam directly or indirectly is really out of question. We should ask instead who stands behind all of this, what do we need statues, churches and cathedrals for? Does not this speak of influence from missionaries in the leaders circles of this country? Entire teams of missionaries, who study the culture, situation, economy and history of our people are included in this campaign of calling and inviting to their beliefs.

The author is a Kosovar student currently doing his Masters at the University of Brunei Darussalam with the Comparative Religions department.
Cite this article as: Bismika Allahuma Team, "Missionary Activity in Kosovo and the Causes of Muslim Conversions," in Bismika Allahuma, November 1, 2007, last accessed September 25, 2022,


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Christian Deception Polemical Rebuttals

Dealing With Anti-Islamic Websites

One of the downsides of the Internet is that it has given our critics and enemies an opportunity to publicly defame the religion of Islam. I guess this is the price of having freedom of speech. Sometimes you have to read and hear things which are just plain detestable. The fact of the matter is that Islam has been defamed from the very beginning by its enemies and this is not about to change any time soon. What’s more, since Muslims are in a very weak position these days, the amount of anti-Islamic propaganda is on the rise from many quarters. I am sure we have all encountered numerous websites which have slandered the Prophet(P), twisted the meaning of the Qur’an, attacked the Companions of the Prophet (P), etc. The more disturbing thing is the ease with which millions of people now have access to this information as a result of the growth of the Internet.

Our first reaction is to get angry and get all fired up with a zeal to do something about it when we find these offensive sites. It is indeed a good sign of strong faith if we get angry when our faith is under attack, and may Allah always keep our faith in Islam strong. One must keep in mind that, for the most part, these people are interested in nothing more than to arouse feelings of hatred and fury against Muslims and generating poisonous feelings in the hearts of the readers. Some websites are much more subtle, however, and criticize Islam in a more “civilized” manner. Actually, this second kind of approach may be more dangerous as they tend to leave the impression that they are honestly seeking the truth, when in fact they are not.

Here I want to offer a few suggestions on dealing with these anti-Islamic websites so we can more effectively counter this continuing and mounting menace:

1) Keep your cool: As I said before, it is good to be angry when you see Islam attacked, but keep your cool and act with a level head. When we are overly angry we cannot act rationally and thus we undermine our goals. We will do and say things which later on we will regret. For example, we may be tempted to attack the person’s religion in a bad way which is not permissible in Islam.

2) Don’t write the webmaster back unless you are ready: For the most part these people thrive on confrontation. They would love for you to respond and are ready for a quick answer. Remember, many of these people know a lot about Islam so if you are not ready for them they will soundly defeat you in any argument. Also, if you answer back but don’t have the proper knowledge you will end up making Islam and Muslims look worse. Some webmasters actually post all responses on the website for all to read. The more silly the response, the more likely it will be placed on the site. Please note, just because someone wins a particular argument does not mean they are right. The loser may just not have all the information on hand at the time of the argument.

3) Don’t try to have the page removed from the Internet: Many Muslims try to have the website removed from the Internet altogether by writing the company which hosts the site and complaining. In my opinion this is a waste of time. Even if the host removed the site, they can open up in a few days under another host so our time is wasted on such efforts.

4) Don’t publicize the site to others: One of the biggest mistakes we commit is to tell others about the offensive website. All this does is give the site owner free publicity which is what he/she wants. If you see an offensive site don’t spread it all over the place as you are actually helping the site owner when you are doing this.

5) Best defense is a good offense: Finally, the best defense against anti-Islamic websites is to develop your own excellent website which presents Islam in a beautiful and accurate manner. Many people are out there searching for answers and more and more are turning to the Internet to find these answers. Possibly they could visit your website and as a result become Muslim. Also, other Muslims could use your site to get information they need for da`wah or research and Allah will reward you for providing this service. Even if you cannot start a website, you can at least submit articles to existing websites which they can use so that all can get the benefit. Remember, you can play a valuable role in improving the Islamic content on the Internet. Don’t wait for someone else to do it.

I hope this advice helps. May Allah help us to be more effective in defending Islam.

Taken from Lexington Area Muslim Network and edited accordingly.

Cite this article as: Bismika Allahuma Team, "Dealing With Anti-Islamic Websites," in Bismika Allahuma, October 15, 2005, last accessed September 25, 2022,
Christian Deception Christianity History

Proof of the Christians’ Covert Crusade in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum to all fellow Muslim readers. Peace be to the rest.

I have been in the Islamic information services since 1990. I have met thousands of good people from the West who came seeking the truth about Islam at our Islamic centre at the Kapitan Keling Mosque in the city of Georgetown, Penang, which is my home state. In Islam, we do not compel anyone to come into the faith. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink! A classic proverb that explains it all so perfectly.

I used to have the Christian visitors sit with me and my friends in the marbled walkways of the mosque’s inner sections. We used to answer their numerous questions about Islam. What the principles of Islam are and why Islam makes sense. Some of those visitors had actually been on a soul-searching trip to our mosque for which they had been saving up for some time. Word of mouth by those who had benefitted from our information services at IPCI (Malaysia) gets around and these people really meant to come seek the truth for what it is.

Many a time we came across individuals who, after being with us for a couple of days, studying, researching and asking countless questions, eventually come to embrace Islam and Alhamdulillah, some took the Shahadah from me and my friends. Eventually, these new Muslim brothers and sisters from the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, etc., return home to their countries and passed on the message.

I have had people ask for us by name and they spend time with us in the mosque, learning about their birthright to be Muslims and being smart and intelligent, they end up taking Shahadah with us and in turn, go out to preach the truth about Islam, Allah’s Code of Life for all of mankind.

Today, we see Muslims being propositioned by Christian evangelical groups and missionaries relentlessly with a zeal that astounds us. Day by day, they seek out the weak, the poor, the sick, the destitutes amongst the Muslims of Asia and work their way in. Many of these missionaries work under guise of charities and relief effort workers.

By doing a bit of research, what do I find? Countless projects by the Christian Global Missionaries out with a purpose…to convert the Muslims to their creed.

Christian Deception Polemical Rebuttals

Arabic Bible “Calligraphy”: Expression of Art or Evidence for Deception?

The Christian missionaries are well-known for their deception in order to spread their so-called “God-given” purpose to spread the Gospel to the world. This approach is not alien to the missionary agenda, for it is founded upon the very words of Paul, who laid down deception as the missionary approach:

Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law.1

It is with this “mission” in mind that they have started to infiltrate countries where the majority of Muslims do not habitually read or speak Arabic. The missionaries have begun selling images which mirrors the calligraphy often found in Qur’anic verses, but instead of the usual Qur’anic verses, they cite verses from the Arabic Bible instead. This truly displays the deception of the missionaries in order to dupe gullible Muslims to their cause.

“Calligraphic” Look-Alike With Qur’anic Calligraphy

We reproduce below two examples of such images which deploys calligraphy for the Arabic Bible. Please especially note the calligraphy used in the following images.

Image 1:

Below is a citation from the Arabic Bible verse of Matthew 5: 44-45.

The translation of this verse is:

But I say to you, Love your enemy and pray for your persecutors, so that you may be sons of your heavenly Father[.]2

Image 2:

Below is another citation from the Arabic Bible verse of Matthew 11: 28-30.

The translation of this verse is:

Come to me all you who labour and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls; for my yoke is easy and my burden is the light.3


It is clear that the missionaries are selling these kind of images for the sole purpose of duping Muslims from non-Arabic speaking background. These Biblical images have also clearly been purposely portrayed with the style of calligraphy to mirror that of the usual Qur’anic calligraphy familiar to these Muslims who will hence find it difficult to distinguish the two. For those who object in saying that calligraphy is not exclusively an Islamic art, perhaps one should wonder whether they will accept it if Muslims were to translate the Qur’an into Greek, bound them into books which mimics the Bible, and start distributing copies of it to Christian homes!

One only wonders whether such dubious methods are “inspired” from the Holy Spirit, the third member of the Trinity, or from the unholy Devil himself!

And only God knows best.

Cite this article as: Bismika Allahuma Team, "Arabic Bible “Calligraphy”: Expression of Art or Evidence for Deception?," in Bismika Allahuma, October 15, 2005, last accessed September 25, 2022,
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